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Shelby County Probate Records and Wills

I place this listing here as found on the internet strictly as an index listing.   I do so because there are those who probably would like to know in which Will Book their family might be mentioned of if there was any record at all.   There is a person with a website who has offered to submit a copy of the page from the Will Book as derived from microfilm for a small fee.  I do not know this person, but the price is rather reasonable.  If this interests anyone, please check out this website to place your order:   Otherwise, these records can be found at the Shelby County Clerk's Office, 501 Washington Street, Shelbyville, Kentucky 40065.  As records are submitted by contributors, they will be linked here.
Shelby County Will Book 1:  1792-1804 : Roll: 259250: Kentucky State Library and Archives


 Last Name

 First Name

 Type of Record

 053  Anderson  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 134  Bell  Henry  Estate Sale
 003  Boling  William  Will
 054  Boyd  Mary  Allotment
 043  Boyd  William  Inventory/Appraisement
 044  Boyd  William  Estate Sale
 055  Boyd  William  Division Of Negroes
 067  Boyd  William  Settlement
 101  Boyd  William  Accounting
 038  Boyle  David  Accounting
 032  Boyles  David  Inventory/Appraisement
 114  Bozwell  George  Inventory/Appraisement
 116  Bozwell  George  Estate Sale
 039  Braden  Richard  Estate Sale
 129  Brice  James  Will
 064  Brown  James  Will
 068  Brown  James  Inventory/Appraisement
 069  Bruden  Richard  Inventory/Appraisement
 021  Buckannon  William  Will
 009  Burzan  Jesse  Inventory
 119  Butler  Elizabeth  Estate Sale
 037  Clark  John  Will
 051  Clarke  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 034  Connely  John  Will
 035  Connely  John  Will
 022  Daniel  Robert  Will
 033  Daniel  Robert  Inventory/Appraisement
 094  Dornan  Oliver  Inventory/Appraisement
 108  Dunn  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 088  Elam  Richard  Inventory/Appraisement
 016  Felty  John  Inventory
 017  Felty  John  Additional Inventory
 118  Ford  John  Will
 121  Ford  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 057  Garret  John  Will
 066  Garrett  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 091  Gazway  Richard  Will
 096  Gazway  Richard  Inventory/Appraisement
 110  Ghuck (Shuck??)  Andrew  Will
 113  Ghuck (Shuck??)  Andrew  Inventory/Appraisement
 117  Ghuck (Shuck??)  Andrew  Estate Sale
 120  Ghuck (Shuck??)  Andrew  Inventory/Appraisement
 040  Glover  Jonah  Appraisement
 041  Glover  Jonah  Estate Sale
 102  Glover  Jonah  Accounting
 107  Green  Catherine  Inventory/Appraisement
 045  Green  Jonathan  Inventory/Appraisement
 060  Green  Jonathan  List of Debts
 062  Green  Jonathan  Estate Sale
 013  Hancil  Phillip  Appraisement
 070  Hansbrough  Morias  Will
 075  Hansbrough  Morias  Inventory/Appraisement
 083  Hansbrough  Morias  Estate Sale
 109  Hartman  Anthony  Will
 112  Hartman  Anthony  Inventory/Appraisement
 052  Hill  Hardy  Will
 058  Hill  Hardy  Inventory/Appraisement
 020  Hogland  Richard  Inventory
 050  Jacob  Thomas  Settlement
 023  Jacobs  Thomas  Inventory
 046  Jacobs  Thomas  Memorandum of Sale
 031  Johnson  Phillip  Will
 132  Lane  Lambert  Inventory/Appraisement
 133  Lane  Lambert  Estate Sale
 137  Lane  Lambert  Settlement
 027  Lasley  Robert  Inventory/Appraisement
 028  Lasley  Robert  Estate Sale
 115  Lasley  Robert  Settlement
 042  Lasly  Alexandria  Settlement
 135  Laurence  David  Will
 005  Leatherman  John  Will
 018  Leatherman  John  Inventory
 014  Lemasters  Richard  Inventory
 122  Lewis  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 128  McCampbell  Samuel  Will
 136  McClain  John  Estate Sale
 090  McClain  Samuel  Inventory/Appraisement
 095  McClain  Samuel  Inventory/Appraisement
 024  McClure  James  Appraisement
 098  Meeke  Jesse  Will
 059  Metcalf  James  Inventory/Appraisement
 079  Newland  Jacob  Nuncupative Will
 082  Newland  Jacob  Inventory/Appraisement
 086  Newland  Jacob  Inventory/Appraisement
 097  Owen  Brackett  Will
 100  Owen  Brackett  Inventory/Appraisement
 007  Owens  George  Inventory
 092  Pennington  Isaac  Inventory/Appraisement
 093  Pennington  Isaac  Estate Sale
 008  Perkens  William  Inventory
 071  Potts  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 074  Potts  John  Estate Sale
 072  Potts  Margaret  Allotment
 105  Powell  William  Inventory/Appraisement
 106  Powell  William  Allotment to Widow
 030  Prewet  Michael, Sr.  Will
 036  Prewitt  Michael  Appraisement
 130  Redding  William  Inventory/Appraisement
 131  Redding  William  Estate Sale
 126  Reid  James  Inventory/Appraisement
 019  Robins  William  Inventory
 077  Shannon  Thomas  Will
 080  Shannon  Thomas  Inventory/Appraisement
 001  Shannon  William  Will
 010  Shannon  William  Inventory
 026  Shields  Patrick  Appraisement
 065  Sled  William  Inventory/Appraisement
 012  Smith  Jacob  Inventory
 124  Squires  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 061  Stout  James  Will
 025  Thompson  Thomas  Appraisement
 006  Tulenweder (Fullenwider?)  Henry  Inventory
 004  Tullinwider  (Fullenwider?)  Henry  Will
 089  Vancleave  Ralph  Estate Sale
 048  Vancleve  Ralph  Inventory/Appraisement
 123  Walker  James  Accounting
 076  Walker  Joseph  Inventory/Appraisement
 078  Walker  Joseph  Estate Sale
 073  Walker  William  Will
 011  Warford  David  Inventory
 104  Whitaker  Isaac  Settlement
 081  Whitaker  Jesse  Nuncupative Will
 029  Whitaker  John  Will
 047  Whitaker  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 056  Whitaker  John  Estate Sale
 063  Whitaker  John  Settlement
 085  Whitaker  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 099  Whitaker  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 111  Whitaker  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 127  Williams  Elizabeth  Will
 125  Williams  John  Inventory/Appraisement
 084  Williams  William  Will
 087  Williams  William  Inventory/Appraisement
 103  Williams  William  Settlement
 002  Wilson  Samuel  Will
 015  Wilson  Samuel  Inventory
 049  Young  Adam  Will

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