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County Memorabilia Found

 This page is placed here for benefit of those miscellaneous items I've found or have been sent to me by contributors.  They represent older items or treasures regarding our early history.   Some are nostalgic and some show us the mentality under which we often lived in earlier times.   Take a look when you have a moment to see if you recognize any of these old items.  Please email your coordinator if you have a photo or old letter that you might have in your possession, or if you would like to provide some history regarding any one of these already found.


Science Hill Report Card (Mary Jane Todd) Report Card   Addressed Letter Warren Payne, Louisville
Matchbook Cover of Maple Grove Dairy Matchbook   Dairy Logo Donald Murphy, Shelbyville
Excerpt from the Philadelphia Record Front Page   Shelby Article Jailors Edward Thompson, Ernest Hornback
More to be added as I receive them. - Last updated 8 Apr 2013
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Volunteers are always needed to contribute information of any kind. All data remains the property of the contributor and you will be credited as such.