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Students at Science Hill School in Shelbyville in 1825

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A Listing of Students
For many years, Science Hill School at Shelbyville was a highly-regarded "finishing school" for girls.  In its first years after its founding in 1825, it was mainly local girls.  But it soon became widely-known and drew patronage from most of the states of the Union.   By the 1920's it was unable to accommodate all the students desiring to enter.   Many graduates went to Science Hill to colleges and universities around the country.

A victim of changing patterns in education, the school closed in the 1930's.  The buildings are now occupied by a dining room, a large antique establishment and a dress shop.    

 In 1932, the Shelby News published a list of the students enrolled in 1825, who were mostly from the Shelbyville area.

Those enrolled in the first session in March 1825 were:  Elizabeth Hall, Maria Rouse, Agnes Bradshaw, Harriet Ann Tennison, America Pomeroy, Lucinda Johnson, Margaret Smith, Margaret Waters, Priscilla Logan, Mary Hardin, Louisa Adams, Amanda McGaughey, Lucinda Shelburn, Susan Taylor, Sarah Ann Davis, Jane A. Logan, Sarah Crawford, Anna Craig, Martha Jane Edwards, Miss Fields.

Pupils enrolled in the second session were:  Priscilla Jane Logan, Margaret Lynch, Margaret Waters, Margaret Hall, Juliet Crawford, Matilda Smith, Lucinda Johnson, Margaret Gorley, Susan Taylor, Mary Hardin, Louisa Adams, Maria Rouse, Agnes Bradshaw, Lucinda Fullenwider, Elizabeth Fullenwider, America Greathouse, Susan Ashby, Eliza Dalton, Carolina Rankin, Pamelia Cheek, Martha I. Hanna, Maria Good, Joany Bean, Camilla Brashear, Lydia A. E. Wickliffe, Elizabeth Anderson, Margaret Sproole.

This listing excerpted from the "Bluegrass Roots", a Kentucky Historical Society publication in it's 1981 Spring Edition.

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