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Feel free to send an email to your coordinator if you have any other records pertaining to the history of Shelby County.  Listed below are the few online links with limited information regarding this county.  Otherwise, you'd have to obtain a copy of Geo. Willis' "History of Shelby County" (1929), "The New History of Shelby County, Kentucky" (2003) by the Historical Society, or the Kentucky Encyclopedia. has the first publication online for those with a subscription.

A Start

"At any rate, it was a Boone who began the settlement of Shelby County Territory; for most accredited historians agree that the first of Shelby's peculiarly large number of Stations was that of the 'Painted Stone', established in 1779, by Squire Boone, a younger brother of Daniel and that his and his associates' lives are those which etched in Shelby soil the first tragic traces of its start toward civilization." - excerpted from George L. Willis' "History of Shelby County".

"Among the other frontier land seekers who visited Shelby County was Daniel's brother, Squire Boone.  He deposed that: 'In the summer in the year 1775 I this deponant came to the place where Boone's Station on clear creek was since built I then made a small Improvement about one quarter of a mile North of where the old mill at said Boone's Station now stands in the spring of 1776, I came again to the same place and took a stone out of the creek and with a mill pick picked my name in full and the date of the year thereon, and with red paint I painted the letters & Figures all red from which stone this Tract of Land Took the name of the painted Stone tract, the said stone is about one Inch thick and eighteen Inches Long & wide.'" - excerpted from "The New History of Shelby County, Kentucky" published by the Shelby County Historical Society.

Sketch of Painted Stone Fort

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Science Hill School 1825

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