Tillman Joshua Finney

    My great grandfather was Tillman Joshua Finney, born October 9, 1840  in Irvine, Estill County, Kentucky and died May 13, 1902 in Shelby County, Kentucky.

  Tillmanís 1st wife was Bertha (Ruthy) Ann Benton.  They married July 31, 1867 in Miltonís Residence, Estill Co., KY.  Their children were: Nanny, Lulu B., Martha (Mattie), James W. (Jim),  Otis (Odie), Bessie, Albert. They moved to Chestnut Grove in Shelby Co. around 1887. Ruthy died December 13, 1889 of heart failure.
  His 2nd wife my great grandmother was Addie Button who married Tillman Joshua Finney and was 23 years older than her, on February 12, 1891.  Tillman died May 13, 1902 of stomach cancer and left Addie with 4 small children to raise alone.  Their newborn baby (Everett Joshua Finney, my grandfatherís brother) was only 4 months old when Tillman died.

  Tillman and Addie had six children:
Annie Marie: born Dec. 16, 1891 and died at the age of 7
Richard Tillman (RT): born April, 1893 died April 21, 1974
Pauline Finney: born July, 1894
E. Christine: died at 9 months old
Henry Middleton Finney; born May 19, 1899 and died Aug. 3, 1984 (my grandfather)
Everett: born Jan. 21, 1902 died Aug. 4, 1983

  Squire is buried in Smithfield Cemetery, Henry County, Kentucky along with his 2 young daughters.

  Have a picture of Tillman Joshua & Addie Button if anyone is interested.


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