Tarlton-Elizabeth Farrar Lee

My 4th great grandparents Tarlton-Elizabeth Farrar Lee donated the property, along with Martin Baskett, to build Buffalo Lick Baptist Church and are buried in the church burying ground.  Among the earliest members were another of my 4th great grandparents Thomas- Dicey Barnett Baskett. Thomas Baskett, Martin Baskett (1st cousins), Tarlton Lee, and a Lucy Baskett, who I have not identified, are all on the 1810 census.
  On the 1795 tax roles were a John and William Baskett, possibly brothers or cousins of my Thomas Baskett.  A son of Thomas Baskett, Alfred Baskett married Matilda Lee, the daughter of Tarlton Lee. (My 3rd great grand parents)
  Other Basketts moved into Shelby Co from Virginia.  Many were children of  Rev. William - Mary Pace Baskett who was pastor of Lyles Baptist Church, Palyma, Virginia from 1795-1815.

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