Christian Hostetler Family

My name is Roberta Wright Liames and below is a brief history of some of my ancestors. 

Christian Hostetler was born about February 1743/44 in Upper Bern Twp, Berks Co., Pa.  He was the son of Jacob Hochstetler and Miss Lorentz who both were born in  the highlands of Switzerland along the Rhine.  While a young boy, he was captured by the Indians in a raid for his home.  His mother, a sister and brother were killed and Christian, his father and two brothers were taken captive.  His father escaped and returned to his home but the sons were held in captivity until "the end of the war" or "until peace" could be restored. 
His brothers were released before Christian.  Jacob remained in Pennsylvania until about 1795.  Shortly thereafter, he migrated to Shelby County, Kentucky with his family.  Christian was a preacher in the Tunker [correct spelling] which later was the Dunker Church and later the Christian Church. 
The arrival of the family in Shelby County was prior to 1797. 
Christian Hostetler removed from Shelby County, Kentucky because he felt that there were too many people who did not speak German.  He came to Montgomery County, Ohio where he died and is buried. 

The children of Christian Hostetler and Barbara Rupp Hostetler: 
1. Abraham Hostetler born Dec. 19, 1770 in Lancaster Co., Pa. died September 1, 1846 in Orange Co.,
    Indiana.  He married Agnes Hardman on April 1789. 
2. Adam Hostetler born May 1, 1775 in Lancaster Co., Pa. d. September 1, 1826 in Clark Co., Indiana.  He
    married on June 20, 1797 in Shelby Co., Kentucky to Hannah Hardman.  The marriage record for Adam
    spells his last name as "Houghstatler" and Hannah's name was spelled as "Hartman."  Adam was a 
    preacher in the Christian church as was his brother Abraham. 
3. Barbara Hostetler b. July 21, 1778 in Somerset Co., Pa. and d. Jan. 22, 1850 in Orange Co., Indiana. She
    married Christian Leatherman on August 4, 1798 in Shelby Co., Ky. 
4. Anna Hostetler born Feb. 9, 1787 and died in Spencer Co., Ky. She married Jonas Snider in June 1801. 
5. Christian Hostetler b. Sept. 18, 1788 in Somerset Co., Pa. died in Natchez, MS.  He married Elizabeth
    Hardman on August 31, 1806, in Shelby Co., Ky. 
6. Elizabeth Hostetler b. abt 1790, married Jacob Leatherman in Shelby Co., Ky. 
7. Jonas Hostetler m. Eulila Hoglan and Elizabeth Wilcoxen. 

Not only were some of my Hostetler family were in Shelby Co., Ky. but also Anthony Hardman born in 1719 in Germany.  The Hardman girls listed above were his descendants.  Anthony Hardman's will was probated in Shelby Co., Ky. Nov. 4, 1803.  The Anthony Hardman and some of his male descendants were preachers like the Hostetlers. 

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