Henry Middleton Finney and Cecelia Blanche Veeneman Family

My grandfather was Henry Middleton Finney, born May 19, 1899 and died August 3, 1984.

Henry Middleton Finney, born May 19, 1899 in Chestnut Grove, Shelby County, Kentucky.  Henry attended grade school at Peytonia, Kentucky 6 months per year.  He attended high school at Waddy, Kentucky.  He moved to a home about 1 mile east of Peytonia about 1900.  He then moved to a new house at 1614 Deerwood Ave. in Louisville with his mother Addie and brother Everett in 1923. The farm at Peytonia was sold about 1925.  He worked for the L & N Railroad as an auditor for 50 years.
Henry married Cecelia Blanche Veeneman (my grandmother) on October 1, 1927 (married for 56 years).   I personally knew and remember him as a wonderful grandfather, loved visiting him whenever we did, he was a very caring person, loved his family and grandchildren, had a large vegetable garden in his back yard and he grew the best tasting tomatoes I every tasted. I always wondered where he got his middle name “Middleton” and now I believe I know, it was his great grandmother’s maiden name.

Henry and Blanche had 6 children:

1. John (Jack) Edward: born 1928 (my father)
2. Mary Ann: born: Oct. 29, 1930, died May 23, 1935 of spinal meningitis
3. Charles Henry: born  Jan. 12, 1933
4. James (Bud) Dennis: born: Nov. 4, 1935
5. Jane Marie: born: Sept. 11, 1937
6. Mary Agnes: born Feb. 27, 1941



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