BANTA, MONTFORT, DEMAREST, and Cook, Wilcoxson, and Boone

BANTA, MONTFORT, DEMAREST [and Cook, Wilcoxson, Boone].....arrived in the 1780's with the Low Dutch Colony led by Hendrick Banta 3rd.  I am descended from Hendrick through each of his two wives.....from 1st wife, Rachel Banta and their youngest child, a daughter, Geertje/Charity who married Frances Montfort Sr.   From second wife Antie Demarest and their son, John Banta who with his wife, Polly Riker Banta joined the Shakers in 1805.  Charity Banta Montfort joined the Shakers in 1805 with her youngest daughter, Sallie, followed in the next 5 years by her son Francis Montfort Jr and his wife, Polly Banta Montfort and their 3 children,in 1806 [she is the daughter of John and Polly Riker Banta]; son Jacob and first wife, Margaret Banta and their children in 1809 and daughter Rachel Montfort Vories and her husband and children in 1810.  I have researched the Montfort family extensively and am willing to share information with anyone interested in the family as well as information on the Shakers of Kentucky.   I have a website on the Montfort family, a narrative, at 
Hendrick Banta 3rd had 6 children by his first wife, Rachel Brower Banta and by his second wife, Antie Demarest he would have 13 more.  Hendrick and Antie would also raise 9 grandchildren of a deceased son and daughter in law. 
Francis and Charity Banta Montfort had 9 children:  Rachel [John Voris], Katherine [Francis Vories], Henry [married a Montfort cousin from Ohio and moved there himself], Francis Jr [married to a half first cousin, Polly Banta], Maria [married Stephen Terhune, a cousin], Jacob [married a cousin Margaret/Peggy Banta, divorced her after being expelled from the Shakers and married second to Nancy Lineback], Sallie [never married, joined the Shakers with her mother], John Calvin [married to Nancy Agnes Mitchell and then to Ruth Gess], and Charity [married to Cornelius Lyster].
David W. Montfort, youngest child of Francis and Polly Banta Montfort, would be born in 1806 eight and a half months after his parents joined the Shakers and would live as a Shaker till he left in 1827.  He would marry in 1832, Mary Cook, daughter of Seth and Frances Wilcoxson Cook of Shelby County.  Frances is the daughter of Lt Daniel and Sallie Faulkner Wilcoxson and a granddaughter of Sarah Boone Wilcoxson [John].  Squire and Daniel Boone were younger brothers of Sarah Boone Wilcoxson.
Siblings of David were brother John, born in 1803, married to Susan Minn [?] and has descendants living...and sister, Charity born in 1805 who would marry Isaac B. Fallis and have one son before her death in the early 1830's.
Lt Wilcoxson is a Revolutionary War veteran buried in Shelby County.  Francis Montfort Sr's service in the Revolutionary War has been recently proven for membership in DAR, if anyone is interested.
I hope this is acceptable for inclusion on the First Families part of the Shelby County Genweb...any questions, feel free to contact me at this address.  Thanks.

Barbara Whiteside


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