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Bagdad Cemetery

This page will be an attempt at obtaining a photo transcription of the Bagdad Cemetery.  There has already been a book published listing the many burials.  Check out the The Kentucky Genealogical Society Publications site for The Bagdad Cemetery, transcriptions from over 2,800 stones in this Shelby County community cemetery.  The Shelby County Library also has a copy of the book.   Please email your coordinator, Donald Murphy (DLM) if you have any questions or additional photos for this cemetery.   Mark Stigers (MS) has started this page of photos with his family members buried in Bagdad.   New initials will be added as new photographs are donated.


  Birth Date

Death Date


 Bondurant, Elizabeth D.  06 Aug 1814  19 Nov 1873    MS
 Franklin, Edward Wallace Jr.  21 Sep 1932  16 Aug 1999  CPL US Army, Korea; husband of Betty  DLM
 Haydon, John F.  21 Mar 1924  27 May 1978  TEC 4 US Army, WW II  MS
 Haydon, Edith P.  04 Jul 1932  17 Aug 1972    MS
 Haydon, Walter F.  1899  1974    MS
 Haydon, Viola S.  1901  1988    MS
 Mitchell, Selbert  1892  1968    MS
 Mitchell, Bessie P.  1892  1965  wife of Selbert Mitchell  MS
 Mitchell, Garland    1941    MS
 Moore, Chancellor  1895  1967    MS
 Moore, Odelia S.  1896  1975    MS
 Perkins, Augustus H.  06 Jan 1895  24 Dec 1948  CPL 158 Depot Brig, WW I  MS
 Perkins, Minnie Lee  05 Dec 1887  14 Oct 1965  wife of Augustus H.  MS
 Perkins, Freer Bryson  1904  1961    MS 
 Perkins, Mary Booth  1903  1981    MS
 Perkins, G. Estill  17 Mar 1882  30 May 1856    MS
 Perkins, Pearlie Rogers  29 Nov 1895  23 Apr 1976    MS
 Perkins, Geo. B.  1861  1944  Father  MS
 Perkins, Nancy J.  1865  1923  Mother, wife of G. B.  MS
 Perkins, Geo. T.  1907  1973    MS
 Perkins, Harry H.   19 Mar 1902  04 Jan 1985    MS
 Perkins, Sylvia P.  01 Sep 1905  13 Jun 1998    MS
 Perkins, Frederick S.  1856  1943    MS
 Perkins, Olivia F.  1866  1943    MS
 Perkins, Jeptha Moses  1865  1943    MS
 Perkins, Minnie McMichael  1863  1940    MS
 Perkins, Leber P.  1884  1937    MS
 Perkins, Mary E.  1886  1853  wife of L. P. Perkins  MS
 Perkins, Leland Juett  28 Sep 1921  21 Jun 1986  Sgt. US Army, WW II  MS
 Perkins, Thelma Johnson  10 Aug 1923  Living    MS
 Perkins, Virgil B.  11 Jun 1890  21 Mar 1949    MS
 Pulliam, Robert J.  1897  1976    MS
 Pulliam, Della G.  1896  1982    MS
 Stigers, Edward      Father  MS
 Stigers, Sallie      Mother  MS
 Stigers, William B.  1878  1936    MS
 Stigers, Mary Young  1865  1931    MS
 Tharp, Israel C.  11 May 1837  21 Oct 1917    MS
 Tharp, Lulah C.  10 Nov 1869  26 Apr 1959    MS
 Whitehouse, Eric L.  13 May 1893  18 Dec 1955    MS
 Whitehouse, Genevra C.  24 Nov 1895  18 Sep 1985    MS

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