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NOTE:  The following is from a typed copy of a bible record found in the files of a noted Bourbon County, KY historian and professional researcher.  Location of the original bible is unknown.  This record submitted by Barbara O'Nan.

Ballard Bible

Ballard Bible sent to Mr. R. C. Ballard Thruston (on Feb 26, 1931) by Mrs. Jerome Robinson (nee: Nell Ballard), Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, granddaughter of William H. Ballard of Shelbyville, born 1812.


James Ballard & Amy Lemen were married December the 25th, 1788.
James Ballard and Susanna Cox were married August the 16th, 1803.
Nathaniel King & Lucy Lemen were married April the 24th, 1800.
Virgil Coleman and Lydia Lemen were married in the month of May, 1808.
Thomas Rennolds & Nancy Ballard were married December the 7th 1815.
Willis L. Ballard & Melitta Whitaker were married in the month of October 1820.
Preston Talbott and Amy Ballard were married December the 27th, 1821.
Robert Gregory and Elizabeth Ballard were married May the 9th 1822.
Benjamin C. Simpson and Paulina W. Ballard were married March the 29th, 1827.
John Ballard and Mahala Ann Head were married November the 22nd 1827.
James Ballard, Jr. and Elizabeth Fry were married December the 18th 1828.
Benjamin Ballard and Ellen Fry were married March the 12th 1829.
William H. Ballard and Sarah Jane Waters were married May the 18th 1837.
James Ballard, Jr. and Ellen Fry were married March the ? 1836.
Archibald Collings and Paulina W. Simpson were married December the ? 1841.
Benjamin Ballard & Catharine Jones were married December 1840.


James Ballard was born August the 15th 1763.
Susanna Ballard was born September the 27th, 1785.
Bland Ballard was born October 15th, 1789.
Elizabeth Ballard was born January 23rd, 1792.
Willis L. Ballard was born August 7th, 1794.
Nancy Ballard was born October 23d, 1796.
James Ballard was born May 12, 1799.
John Ballard was born August 8th 1801.
Amy Ballard was born May 14th 1803.
Elizabeth Ballard was born June 5th 1804.
Benjamin Ballard was born January 1st 1806.
Paulina Ballard was born June 19th 1807.
Thomas J. Ballard was born January 10th 1809.
Sarah P. Ballard was born May 12, 1810.
William H. Ballard was born October 29th 1812.
Andrew J. Ballard was born September 22nd 1815.
Barnett Williams Ballard was born Novr 26th, 1816.
Bland Ballard was born September 4th 1819.
Josephus Ballard was born October 19th 1823.
Lucy Lemen was born February 16th 1783.
John Lemen was born January 24th 1785.
Lydia Lemen was born May 21st 1787.
Laura Lumpkin died last August 1877, she was 20 months old.


Elizabeth Ballard died August 28th 1793.
Amy Ballard, wife of James Ballard Sr., died June 7th 1803.
Bland Ballard died December 8th 1812.
Josephus Ballard died February 19th 1824.
Nancy Rennolds died August 27th 1824.
Amy Talbott died February 28th 1828.
Barnett W. Ballard died April 27th 1834.
Elizabeth, wife of James Ballard Jr., died July 30th 1834.
Willis L. Ballard died September 9th 1834.
Sarah P. Ballard died October 10th 1834.
Mary Rennolds died March 14th 1836.
Robert Gregory died October 1st 1837.
Sarah Jane, wife of William H. Ballard, died May 23d, 1838.


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