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Links specializing in African-American Research 

There are numerous sites dedicated to African heritage, but most aren't aware of them.  The following links are listed in hopes it will help you with your African American Ancestry.   In your research, it is hoped that you will find others who also traveled the same paths and share similar history to help you relive, understand and appreciate how your ancestors lived, and how it came to be you exist today because of them.  These are here to hopefully assist others in their research.   Please email your coordinator if you have any questions or comments.  If you need more, just follow the links from each of these sites.

Kentucky African-American Griots
Africana Heritage
African Ancestry in Kentucky
Amistad Research Center
Ancestor Quest Links
Freedmen's Bureau
International Society of Sons & Daughters of Slave Ancestry
Kentucky African-American Timeline
Kentucky Persons of Color
Library of Congress Slave Narratives
U of L Genealogy Links
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