Stricklin Family Photo

This is a photo that was in my grandmothers Bible.  She was Mary Belle
Sizemore.  The notes, verbatim, on the reverse of the photo, is:

"1916 at the old Davis farm at Adele, Ky P.O. Insko, Morgan Co. KY

Laura and Nath Hallon Johns sister
Brit and Annie
Ida Arthur Little my sister
Mr. Strickland & Mother
John & Mary Strickland
Pete John brother

The children are Wick, Otto, Zona, Flossie
Mary & John Children Clayton, Lena, Orville, Bedford, Ed in Mary arms.
The rest are Laura Children and Idas."

There are Stricklin/lands, Sizemores, Wages, Littles and Hollons in the photo
from what I can read.  The photo was taken at the Davis farm and I do not
know who they were since I do not see them in my line. Lodusky "Duss" Sizemore, I
beleive, is the lady just to the left of the right porch post standing next
to, I beleive, James M. Stricklin.  To their left would be Mary Belle Sizemore
Stricklin holding Ed.  To her left would be John H. Stricklin.  I am not sure
which names to attach to the others on the porch.  There are 10 names listed
but 11 people standing.

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