Crockett Area Grade School Abt. 1910-1915
Standing left to right
Top Row: Bessie Roseberry and Hadie Ferguson
2nd Row: Walter Fannin, Pearl Roseberry, Chloe Ferguson
3rd Row: Orville Conley, Bessie Ferguson, Goldie Caskey, Minnie Caskey, Linnie Hutchinson, Andy Skaggs, Clarence Fannin, Stella Conley, Mance Ball and Lucy Ferguson
4th Row: Thurman Hutchinson, Cecil Fannin, Dolph Hutchinson, Everitt Hutchinson, Ralph Hutchinson
Bottom Row: Roscoe Cox, Jewell Lyons, Linnie Fannin, Bertha R???, Alice Barker, Lucy R???, Cora Fannin Annie Ferguson, Gracie Conley, Lissie Fannin, Nova Harrison and teacher-John D. Fannin.

This information and picture was provided by Sharon Sloas, Great-Great-Grandaughter to the teacher, John D. Fannin and Great-Granddaughter of Lissie Fannin (nicknamed for Melissa Evelyn Fannin) that is shown in the front row of the picture.
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