The William Barker and (1809 -1861)
Elizabeth Mumbauer (1811-1885)

 Family Photographs


Photos courtesy of Gary Barker

Elizabeth Mumbauer Barker

 We think this is Henry M. Barker's mother Elizabeth Mumbauer
(1811-1885), wife of William Barker who was killed in the Battle of Ivy
Mountain. She lived at Elk Fork until her death. she is buried in the
Fannin Cemetery in Crockett. It is possible however that this is instead
Angeline Gevedon's mother, Mary Ann Leach Gevedon (1819-1867). Can
anyone settle this identity issue?


 John Calhoon Barker

  Henry M. Barker's brother John Calhoun Barker (b. 1834) and wife
Catherine Lemaster. John was also a Civil War vet.


Mary Francis Barker Lemaster

   Henry M. Barker's sister Mary Francis Barker Lemaster (1838-1900) and
husband Isaac Lemaster (1839-1898). This marriage combined with
marriages of her brother John and her sisters Sarah Jane and Verlina to
Lemasters made four unions between these two sets of siblings.


William Barker Lou Ann Gevedon

 William Lyken or Likens Barker (b. 1844)
 and his wife Lou Ann Gevedon  (b. 1847).
William was Henry M. Barker's brother and Loun Ann was Angeline
Gevedon's sister.
William and Lou Ann lived on Elk Fork North of West Liberty


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