This small cabin was built from logs that were salvaged from the original

cabin built in 1812 by my maternal 6th great grandparents,

Benjamin S. and Susannah "Moonglow" Hurst Hamilton.

The cabin is located on Rt. 172 in Red Bush, Johnson County,

close to the Morgan-Johnson County line.


~Excerpt from the Licking Valley Courier News Article, Thursday, January 14,1999~

[Benjamin started a fur trapping venture with a man named Chandler. They

were doing good selling furs to traders from the East. Some Cherokees

evidently felt that the two white men were hurting their trading ventures.

Benjamin and Chandler were taken captive and taken before a Council of

Chieftains to be dealt with. The usual punishment was to run the gauntlet

(two parallel lines of brave stabbing and slashing with knives and lances.)

If the captive survived this, they were then burned at the stake. Benjamin

and Chandler were sentences to be burned at the right phase of the moon. An

Indian girl was assigned the task of providing food and water for the men.

Benjamin became friendly with her and gained her confidence. He promised to

marry her if she would help them escape. She secured their freedom and was

married to Benjamin. Her name was Moonglow but she later took the Christian

name of Susanne Hurst. ]

Benjamin and Moonglow had 10 children. Benjamin died on July 12, 1849 in

Moon, Morgan County. Susannah died in 1846 also in Moon. They are buried on

a small flat above the creek, shaded by large trees native to this area

behind the old Moon Post Office.

Benjamin served in the Revolutionary War from 1780-1782 as a Spy and a Ranger.

The local chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Sons of

the American Revolution from Paintsville, Johnson County, dedicated a

monument to Benjamin on October 22, 1995 in Moon, Morgan County.

Picture is submitted by Deanna Levito

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