Henry M. Barker (1832-1910)
and wife
 Angeline Gevedon

Photos courtesy of Gary Barker

Henry Barker Angeline Gevedon

 Henry M. Barker (1832-1910) and wife Angeline Gevedon
(1840-1928)  circa 1900. They lived on Salem Fork of Grassy Creek. Henry
was a Civil War Veteran. He taught school througout Morgan County and
preached at the Grassy Lick Church

 Henry Barker

 Henry M. Barker as a younger man, circa 1875.
Henry was the oldest son of William Barker and (1809 -1861) and
Elizabeth Mumbauer (1811-1885) who lived near Malone.
Both Henry and his father were in the Confederate Army and Henry held
his father in his arms until he died at the Battle of Ivy Mountain (Oct.
8, 1861).

Angeline Genedon

   Angeline Gevedon shortly before her death, circa 1925

Angeline and family

 Angeline Gevedon Barker with, from left to right:
William Leach Gevedon (preaching the gospel), Willis Green Gevedon (who was
with William and Henry Barker at the battle of Ivy Mt.), Raney Chastain
Gevedon (husband of "Aunt Jeston"), Barry C. and John Tom Gevedon circa

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