This is a picture of my great grandparents and their children . . . one being my grandfather Philip Henry Amyx . I don't know when this was taken but feel it was taken before some of them left in 1906 for Oklahoma . . others stayed in KY.
Front Row Left to Right Chester A. Amyx, Philip Henry Amyx, James Milton Amyx, Polly (Sergent/Sargent) Amyx
Back Row Left to Right Peter H. Amyx, Isaac Sargent Amyx, Lydia M. (Amyx) Donahew, Damie Elizabeth (Amyx) Cox, Hanna F. (Amyx) Donahew, Amanda J. (Amyx) Fannin Not shown in picture is Nancy (Amyx) Fannin
Picture is courtesy of Peggy (Amyx) Walker.

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