Children of Henry M. Barker (1832-1910)
and wife Angeline Gevedon

Photos courtesy of Gary Barker

Henry Barker Angeline Gevedon

 Henry M. Barker (1832-1910) and wife Angeline Gevedon
(1840-1928)  circa 1900. Below are photos of some of their children.

John and Arzelia Barker

 Oldest son of Henry M. Barker and Angeline Gevedon, John C. Barker
(1859-1935) with his wife Arzelia Rose (1864-1938) on thir 40th wedding
anniversary in 1929. Taken at Stillwater, Ky in Wolfe County.


Allie Barker Linkous

 Henry M. Barker's daughter Alwilda Barker Linkous (1866-1893), with her
husband William Mize Linkous (b. 1867), circa 1890.


James Dudley Barker

 Henry M. Barker's son James Dudley Barker (1878-1910), circa 1905.


Thomas Barker

 Henry M. Barker's son Thomsa Barker (b. 1873), circa 1903. He married
Bessy Caudill


George W Barker

Henry M. Barker's son George W. Barker (b. 1871), circa 1890.


William Barker Ida Lee McGuire
Henry M. Barker's son William Benjamin Barker (1863-1949), circa 1895. He was a well known school teacher an superintendent in Morgan County. William married Ida Lee McGuire William Benjamin Barker's wife, Ida Lee McGuire (1879, 1946), circa1900.

William and Ida Barker Family

  William Benjamin Barker, Ida Lee McGuire and family circa 1910.


Ann Barker Hayes

Henry M. Barker's daughter Mary Ann Barker Hay (1859-1935).



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