Transcribed and submitted by Ann Lemaster-Applegate

Source:  World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing    State of Kentucky     War Dept. June 1946

Abbreviation Key

KIA- Killed In Action
DNB- Died Non-Battle
DOW- Died Of Wounds
FOD- Finding Of Death

Adams, Robert E.   TEC 5 DOW
Barker, Cecil SGT KIA
Blankenship, Joe W. 2 LT KIA
Brooks, Lonnie P.  PFC KIA
Carter, Nicholas PFC DNB
Caskey, Carlen R. SGT   DOW
Conley, Edgar F. PVT  KIA
Crase, Sie PFC KIA
Engle, Elmer E. PVT DNB
Ferguson, Hubert CPL KIA
Fugett, Esta L PVT  KIA
Griffitts, Murl   TEC 5 KIA
Gullet, Oliver J. PVT KIA
Howard, Charley JR PFC DOW
Howard, Emory L.   PVT DNB
Kelly, Clyde   PVT KIA
Lacy, Elmer L.  PFC  KIA
Lawson, Orivel E.   PVT KIA
Lykins, Henry F.  PVT  DNB
McKenzie, Ora D.  PFC  KIA
Nickell, Charles E.   PFC KIA
Nickell, Herman V.  PFC  KIA
Nickell, Roy   TEC 4 KIA
Nickell, Walker H.   PFC KIA
Peyton, Glennon A.   PVT DNB
Potter, Ralph L.  PVT  KIA
Ratliff, Ova W.   PVT FOD
Riggsby, Billy D.   PFC KIA
Sergent, Lonnie  PVT  KIA
Sipes, Tressie D.   SGT KIA
Spencer, Ira J.   PFC DNB
Turner, Buford  PVT  DOW
Wages, Omer B.  CPL  DNB
Walsh, Rudolph   PVT FOD
Walter, Marshall W.  PFC  KIA
Walter, Maxton W.   CPL KIA
Webb, Charles E.   PVT KIA
Wells, Arthur P.  PVT  DNB
Whitt, Sherman  S SG  KIA
Williams, Ollie C.  PFC  KIA
Wilson, Robert  PVT  KIA
Wittenhagen W. O.  PFC  KIA
Wright, Clarence M.   PVT KIA

American WW II Orphans Network

Another veteran was not listed in the above source but should be noted:

Sgt. Walter Henry. 

 From the Licking Valley Courier, March 1944::   "Sgt. Walter Henry was killed in action February 13, 1944 at Casino, Italy.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Henry, of Mize."
[Information contributed by Ethelyn Henry Coffey whose father was Walter's half brother.]