Abandoned Railroads in Morgan County

Morgan County Railroads

Source: Hammond 1948 Railroad Map of Kentucky

Morehead and North Fork Railroad  (1905 - 1933)
Morehead in Rowan County to Blair Mills, Leisure, Wrigley and Redwine in Morgan County

Ohio and Kentucky Railroad  (1899 - 1933)
Jackson in Breathitt County to Adele, Cannel City, Caney, Lewis, Stacy Fork, Wells, Malone, Index and Licking River in Morgan County

Lenox Railroad (1915 - 1927)
Redwine, Lenox and Rush Br. in Morgan County
The Lenox Railroad (Lenox Saw Mill Co.) was a narrow gauge (36") logging railroad that connected to the Morehead and North Fork Railroad at Redwine. It had been owned and operated earlier by Roper-Reese Lumber Co. from 1908 - 1915.

Compiled by Marvin Allen 2015