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Civil War Soldiers of Morgan County, Kentucky

This book, written by John David Preston, contains lists of Union and Confederate soldiers from Morgan County, Kentucky. The listing for each solder contains, where available, regiment, company, rank, dates and places of enrollment, enlistment and discharge, age, eye, hair and skin color, height, wounds, place of birth, date and place of death, census information, and such other information as was found in the military records. The book is paperback, is 6" by 9" and contains 79 pages. Price: $24.00

Annals of Floyd County, Kentucky, 1800-1926

This book contains a wealth of information on Floyd County, which contained at the time all or part of fifteen Eastern Kentucky counties, in its first quarter century. Included are marriage bonds from 1808 to 1818, deeds founds in the first two deed books, and information found in the first four county court order books. The order books contain a wide variety of material, including guardianships, settlement of estates, road reports, tavern rates, ferry permits, appointment of revenue commissioners, constables, surveyors, and town trustees, issuance of summons for witnesses, recommendation for justices of the peace, admission to practice law, listing of taxable property, apprenticeships, and other matters. 365 pages; well indexed. The price is $34.00, plus $4.00 postage. Price: $38.00

Morgan County Coordinator's comment: Moragn County was part of Floyd County from 1800 to 1822. Annals of Floyd County contains the earliest information about the settlers and area that became Morgan County in 1822.

W. Lynn Nickell, a former Morgan County historian,  was the author of over 20 books about Morgan County, Ky and its people.
Many of his books are available from various used book sellers.

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