1863 P O W Release Letter

Original document circa 1880.

From the 'file box' of Mrs Rebecca Thomas Henry, West Liberty, KY

Headquarters Department of Richmond Richmond, Va Mar 11th 1863

Special Orders

In obedience to instructions from the Secretary of War, the following named men (paroled prisoners) are granted leave of indulgence 30 Days, (unless sooner exchanged); at the expiration of which time, those belonging to commands serving north of the Southern boundary line of North Carolina, and in East Tennessee, will report immediately to them, if exchanged; otherwise, they will report, to Camp of Paroled Prisoners, Richmond Va. All other paroled prisoners, except those whose commands are serving within the limits above mentioned, will also report at expiration of thir furloughs, to Camp of Pariled Prisoners, Richmond, Va.

E. G. Davis B, '10', Ky Cavlery Camp Lee March 13th/65 Issued two days rations

D G Meade

Capt & A C S (sic)

Paid 12 mos from june 30/63 (**149) **149 ((there is an unreadable black ink stamp)) ((across the left center of the above text))

W R Price Capt & aqm (sic)

((** unknown symbol, possibly $))

Quartermaster will furnish Transportation By order of Lt. Gen R. S. Ewell. /s/ M Ferguson Asst.Adjt.Genl.

Holder of original document

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Transcribed 1/7/97

Deanna Levito