1874 Deaths,Volume V, Morgan Co. KY
M-W (Mackelboy-Williams)

Courtesy of Richard Lyons
Transcribed by Deanna Levito

Date of Death
Residence/Birth Place/Place of Death
Cause of Death
-- June Mackelboy, Levi (black) 20m/M/S Mor/KY/Mor Inflammation of brain Mackelboy, Daniel & Hannah
01 October May, Celia 02/F/S KY/KY/KY Measles May, Thomas A. & Mary A.
27 May McGuire, Rhoda E. 03/F/S KY/KY/KY Fever McGuire, Jesse J. & Margaret
30 November McGuire, Sarah 42/F/M Mor/Ky/Mor Fever Pearce, Jacob & Barbery
16 July McKeis, James 71/M/M KY/PA/KY Suicide Not Listed
05 February Moore, ---- --/F/S Mor/KY/Mor Not Listed Moore, Henry T. & Perlina
05 March Motley, ---- 05d/F/S Mor/KY/Mor Not Listed Motley, Robert & Alis
15 July Murphy, Miles 06d/M/S Mor/KY/Mor Croup Murphy, Jonathan & Mary F.
11 August Neal, Emily C. 26/F/M Mor/KY/Mor Fever Prater, Urlham & Mary
24 November Nester, John A. 10m/M/S Mor/Mor/Mor Hives Nester, John & Owsley
10 February Nickell, James B. 32/M/S Mor/KY/Mor Scrofula Nickell, Milton & Nancy
01 December Nickell, Masalenie 07w/F/S KY/KY/KY Whooping Cough Nickell, Kelsey H. & Masalenie
14 March Oakley, George A. 04/F/S Mor/KY/Mor Inflammation of Brain Oakley, John B. & Sarah
25 October Oakley, Nancy J. 11m/F/S Mor/KY/Mor Inflammation of Brain Oakley, Johnson V. & Racheal A.
01 November Patrick, Richard 42/M/S Mor/KY/Mor Burned to Death Patrick, John & Martha
04 July Penix, ---- --/M/S KY/KY/KY Not Listed Penix, Gilbert & Edy
29 December Percell, Percisa J. 18/F/S Mor/KY/Mor Fever Percell, Narcissus & Not Listed
26 November Prater, Mary M. 04/F/S Mor/KY/Mor Measles Prater, James M. & Lucinda
-- August Quicksall, Susan 23/F/S KY/VA/KY Fever Quicksall, Thomas & Rebecca
20 July Richardson, ---- 30/M/M Mor/VA/Mor Shot Richardson, James & Mary
-- August Robins, ---- 06m/F/S Mor/KY/Mor Not Listed Robins, Isaac & Hannah
22 March Roseberry, Bob 18/M/S KY/VA/KY Consumption Roseberry, William & Margaret
-- February Roseberry, Pheba 28/F/M KY/KY/KY Consumption Lewis, John & Susan
03 October Samples, Rush F. 07/M/S Mor/KY/Mor Diptheria Samples, Stephen & Louisa
08 March Short, ---- --/F/S KY/KY/KY Not Listed Short, John & Nancy
-- April Smith, Amelia 04m/F/S KY/KY/KY Consumption Smith, John & Mary
16 March Smith, Mary 27/F/M KY/VA/KY Consumption Roseberry, William & Margaret
03 April Smith, Melissa 08m/F/S KY/KY/KY Not Listed Smith, John & Mary
06 September Steele, Nancy M. 28/F/S KY/VA/KY Consumption Steele, Jeremiah & Martha
-- January Taylor, Margaret 41/F/M Mor/TN/Mor Measles Jones, Not Listed & Elisabeth
03 September Wells, Cary A. 43/F/M Mor/KY/Mor Female Disease Day, Thomas & Nancy
29 March Wheeler, Jesse B. 07m/M/S Mor/Mor/Mor Consumption Wheeler, John R. & Missoum
18 December Whitt, Willis M. 18/M/S Mor/KY/Mor Consumption Whitt, William & Nancy
26 December Williams, Clayton 15m/M/S KY/KY/KY Fever Williams, Harvey M. & Clarinda

Deanna Levito