1854 Deaths, Volume IV, Morgan Co. KY

S-W (Sexton-Wills)
Courtesy of Richard Lyons
Transcribed by Deanna Levito

Date of Death
Residence/Birth Place/Place of Death
Cause of Death
20 August Sexton, Mary A. 01/F/S Blk/Blk/Blk Flux & Fever Sexton, Obediah & Davis, Mary M.
05 April Simpkins, Fancy 01m/F/S Red/Red/Red ---- Simpkins, William & Mahala
27 February Smith, James 08/M/S Pnt/Pnt/Pnt ---- Smith, Henry & Elizabeth
15 August Smith, Mary Clementine OLD/F/S Nfk/Nfk/Mor Flux Smith, Robert & Elizabeth
15 July Spradlin, Teletha 09m/F/S Blk/Blk/Blk Cholera Infection Not Listed
12 March Stacey, Byrum 35/M/M Pry/---/Haz Bowels cut out by Eli Combs Not Listed
23 December Stacy, Alden 05/M/S Cny/Cny/Cny Flux Stacy, Hugh & Ann
18 December Stacy, ---- OLD/F/S Grc/Grc/Grc Premature Birth-07 months Stacy, J.C. & Dolly
22 November Stacy, Salathial 14/M/S Cny/Cny/Cny Flux Stacy, John & Margarett
01 July Stamper, William W. 02m/M/S Grc/Let/Let Liver Grouse Stamper, William D. & Jane
25 July Steel, Sarah A. 06/F/S Mor/Bth/Bth Flux Steel, B.F. & Nancy
26 April Stephens, Mary A. 16/F/S San/San/San ---- Stephens, Stephen & Phebe
01 April Sumons, Sussanna 02m/F/S Wlb/Wlb/Wlb Croup Sumons, William & Amy
17 August Swango, James 23/M/S Red/Red/Red Scarlett Fever Swango, Samuel & Eveline
01 April Swango, Lucinda 08m/F/S Stl/Stl/Stl Croup Swango, Andrew & Rhoda
01 August Thomas, James M. 06m/M/S Wlb/Wlb/Wlb Cold or Croup Thomas, James & Frances
04 November Turner, Rebecca 09/F/S Swc/Pry/Swc Flux Turner, James & Mary
10 August Utterback, Joseph 45/M/M Nfk/Nic/Nfk Flux Utterback, Joseph & Martha
24 April Wamin, Nancy 01/F/S Lik/Lik/Lik Not Listed Wamin, Allen & Lucille
17 August Wells, Samuel 12/M/S Blk/Bth/Blk Flux Wells, Richard & Smith, Sarah
04 September Wells, Sarah E. 07m/F/S Red/Red/Red Flux Wells, Richard M. & Elizabeth
14 October Wells, William F. 02/M/S Cny/Cny/Cny Cholera Infection Wells, William & Caley
18 September Weskman, James H. 05m/M/S Stl/Red/Cal Flux Weskman, John & Dorcus
24 May Whitt, Rebecca 38/F/M Wto/Gry/Wto Delivering Child Day, Joseph & -----
25 November Wilson, George 20/M/S Red/Red/Red Flux Wilson, Issac & Rebecca
28 June Williams, Susan 06m/F/S Jan/Jan/Jan Not Listed Williams, James H. & Mahala
22 November Wills, Shelton 32/M/M Blk/Pow/Blk Dropsey Wills, Thomas & Mariah

Deanna Levito