Compiled by Roger Gross

This is a listing of 392 known cemeteries located in the current Morgan County, KY. If you are looking for cemeteries prior to the creation of Morgan County in 1822 look in Bath and Floyd Counties as Morgan was created from them. In the early 1900’s Morgan County was broken up and the following counties where created from Morgan County - Elliott, Johnson, Magoffin, Menifee, Rowan and Wolfe. So depending on the time frame the cemetery you are looking for may be in one of those counties. This listing is only for the current boundaries of Morgan County.

With so many cemeteries dotting the landscape of Morgan County and no accurate record kept of who is buried where, you may have to visit the graveyard yourself to see who all is there. Then there are so many graves that are unmarked or the grave stone is no longer readable that you may never be able to know who is buried where.

If you have any additions, corrections or directions to any cemetery listed here, and you want to share it, you may send it to me by email at or by snail mail at 2830 Stop 8 Road, Dayton, OH 45414 and I will add it to my next update.

Last Updated: 7-6-2001

I hope that this information will help with the location of your ancestors from Morgan County and therefore it is provided free of charge to the John F Kennedy Memorial Library at West Liberty, Kentucky for display in their genealogy section. Information in this listing may not be copied for commercial use or for use in publishing other documents without written consent.

This information is compiled from old family records and information sent to me by the great people of Morgan County Kentucky when they learned that I was doing a listing of the county graveyards. To the many people of Morgan County who have sent me information over the many years for this listing, you have my gratitude and heartfelt thanks. Morgan County was my birth place and home for many years and will always be my home in my heart.

My family line is the Isaac & Catherine Gross family from VA, and the Eastley & Elizabeth (Durham) Johnston family from VA. They all came to Morgan County and settled there. If anyone has any information they are willing to share on these two families it would be greatly appreciated.


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