Compiled by Roger Gross

Cemetery name - location (town) - directions (if any available)


Absalom Haney-Stacy Fork - Haney Branch (just before you get to Hwy 844 on Hwy 191) on hill to the right.
Ace Cantrell-Ophir - Upper San Lick
Adams- Matthew - East side of mouth of Rockhouse Creek
Adams- Matthew - on Elmer Helton Farm (may be same cemetery as above)
Albert Day - Lenox - Upper Cow Branch
Allen -White Oak
Allen Day - Zag - Top of hill overlooking Hwy 519
Amyx Family - Dehart - Rubewoods Section of Mussel Shoals
Anderson - Adele - State Road Fork of Red River
Andy Ball - Elkfork - Old House Branch of Elkfork
Anthony Ison - Moon - point of Doc Ison Branch & Paint Creek
Arch Rudd - Ditony Ridge
Arnett (aka Uncle Bill Davis or Prater) - Adele - mouth of Lacy Branch
Arson Lowe (aka Frank Walsh) - Wrigley - East of Wrigley School
Arthur Lewis - Hickory Grove - Home Place off Hwy 519 near old Hickory Grove School.
Aunt Creace Lewis - Blaze - East of Post Office


Bach - Ezel
Bach - Wheelrim - mi from the mouth of Wheelrim
Bailey - Adele - 2 mi East at the head of Bailey Fork of Johnson Fork & Hwy 134
Bailey - Prater Ridge
Ball - Elkfork - Right hand fork of Laurel Fork
Barber (aka Kendall) - North Broadway, West Liberty
Barker - Prater Ridge
Bays - Malone
Bays - between Woodsbend & Licking River
Ben Murphy - Murphy Fork
Benjamin Blankenship - Matthew - head of hollow off Rockhouse Branch Road
Bentley - Stacy Fork
Bill Barnett - Zag - Barnett Ridge
Bill Elam (aka Spaws Creek) - West Liberty - U.S. 460 to Spaws Creek Road (just past Hwy 172). Cemetery sits on top of the hill as soon as you turn onto Spaws Creek Road. Turn at second opening in hill (1/10th of a mile on left from U.S. 460). I have pictures of ALL the gravestones in this cemetery (even the ones that you can no longer read if anyone wants a copy let me know of a particular gravestone let me know). A complete list of everyone buried here (with identifiable graves) is attached at the end of this listing.
Bishop - Dehart
Black Family - Cottle - War Creek
Blair - Blairs Mill
Blankenship - Hickory Grove
Bony Haney - Stacy Fork
Boone Brown - Matthew - near Magoffin County line across the Licking River from road
Bradley - Dingus - by the Union Church
Bradley - Mima - head of Smith Creek
Brooks - Toms Branch - junction of Prater Ford & Toms Branch Road
Brown - Matthew - 100 yards over the Magoffin County line overlooking the Licking River
Brown - Relief - junction of Lower Paint Rd & Hwy 172
Brown - White Oak - mi South of U.S. 460 on Main White Oak Creek
Bruce Perry - between Big Lick & Blaze
Brush Fork (aka Lykins) - Little Caney
Bryant - Ezel - Bryant Fork of Greasy Creek off U.S. 460
Bryant-Oldfield - Hwy 746 North of Flat Rock Cemetery
Burchett Flat - Relief - across from old Burchett Flat School at mouth of Dyer Branch
Burns-Hazarding - West Liberty - Riverside Drive sub-division
Burton - Cannel City - Poor Fork Branch
Burton - Cottle - West side of U.S. 460 between War Creek and Hwy 364


Canada Hughes - Blaze - near Polk Oakley Cemetery overlooking Yocum Falls
Canada Nickell - Matthew
Caney - Caney
Capt. Thomas Edmond Lewis - Wrigley - near Falls Branch of Devils Fork on county road between Wrigley and Blairs Mill
Carpenter - Grassy Creek - mouth of Lower Long Branch of Grassy Creek
Carpenter - Toms Branch
Carpenter-Muncie - Toms Branch
Carr - Lenox - Upper Cow Branch
Carter - Mize - U.S. 460 East of the Old Grassy Church Cemetery
Carter-Cecil - New Cummer
Carter-Day - Panama - Fork of Little Caney Creek
Caskey - Lenox
Caskey - Mize - Caskey & Nickell Forks
Caskey - Pomp - at mouth of Dyer Branch off Hwy 7 1 miles North of Pomp
Caskey - West Liberty - top of Water Tank Hill
Caskey Farm - West Liberty - 300 yds South of the airport
Cassidy - Blairs Mill
Castle - Malone
Cecil - Mize - Caskey Fork
Cecil - Morgan-Wolfe County line near Hazel Green - Caskey Fork
Cecil Day - Elkfork
Claypool (aka Ward) - Hwy 882
Coffee - West Liberty - on Long Branch
Coffey - Woodsbend - Grassy Creek near old McKinney Tabernacle 3 mi W of Woodsbend
Coldiron - Relief - East of mouth of Smith Creek
Coleman Lewis - Ditony Ridge
Collins - Blaze - between Ditony School & Little Lick
Combs - Little Caney - June Branch of Panama Creek
Conley - Cannel City/Adele area
Conley - Crockett
Conley - Yocum
Cottle - 3 mi East of West Liberty - West side of Licking River off U.S. 460
Cottle - Zag
Cox - Jeptha - Middle Fork of Elkfork near Fairview School
Cox - Kellacey
Cox - Zag - Will Al Ridge
Craft - Lower Whites Branch
Craig - Blaze
Craig Day - Elkfork - Hwy 589 mi East of junction of Hwy 172
Crase - Wheelrim
Crase-Keeton - 2 mi from mouth of Wheelrim
Crouch - Zag

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