The Caskey Cemetery in Lenox, Morgan County, Ky

Contributed by Diana Trimble Crace

To get to it, take rte 172 out of West Liberty about 6 miles (or less) turning right on Paradise Lane. Follow till road forks and turn right. Cemetery will be on left on a small hill. You can drive right up to it.

Henry McClain    1871--1955--(Henry was son of of Hannah Caskey from her first marriage)
Pruda B. McClain (first wife of Henry McClain)  21 Oct 1879--4 Feb 1908
John W. Pelfrey--5 Dec 1860--15 July 1945
Anna E Pelfrey (wife of John) 3 Dec 1863--24 July 1909
Johnny D. Stevens (infant son of John Stevens)    
6 Apr 1949--28 July 1949
Michael Lee Gibson  26 Nov 1962
John Stevens  19 Dec 1921--21 Jan 2003
Jennie  (Trimble) Caskey (wife of William H. Caskey)  1893--1977
William H. Caskey  1894--1954  (son of Ellis and Manda Caskey--listed below)
Dessis Marcella (Caskey) Dalton (daughter of Jennie and WH Caskey)  1 Oct 1918--22 Sep 1980
Maxie (Caskey) Ellis (daughter of Jennie and WH) 23 May 1921--18 June 1996
Ratricia Lea Kersey (granddaughter of Jennie and WH Caskey)  23 May 1945--8 July 1962  (She died in a motorcycle accident)
Estil N . Holbrook--11 May 1900--4 Nov 1985
Ethel (Doolin) Holbrook (wife of Estil) 28 June 1911--(no death date given)
Wick K. Caskey--1916--1919
Lillie V Caskey--1912--1912
Forest Caskey (Carved in field stone, unreadable)
M C Holbrook (infant child of Estil and Ethel Holbrook) 1930--1931
Amanda F Caskey (wife of Castle) 1864--19__ (death date not given)
Castle Caskey--1863--1951
James Ezra Caskey (son of Castle and Amanda)  Pvt US Army WWI  21 Mar 1889--23 Apr 1976
Roger Wayne Williams (son of Lillian and Avery William) 29 Sept 1946--29 Jan 2000
Avery Williams--20 Mar 1921--(still living)
Lillian Delayne Williams--17 Jan 1922--11 Nov 2001
Oliver Caskey--1878--1924
LBC--(no names or dates given)
Ella F. Adkins--1914--19__( rest of date not given)Lenville P. Adkins 1916--1947
Millard Adkins (son of Ella and Lenville) 25 Oct 1888--22 Dec 1916
Hannah A Caskey (wife of WT) 12 Sep 1853--6 Apr 1929  
W T Caskey  30 Mar 1860--14 Dec 1946 (W.T. full name was William Thomas)
Cecil Barker  Sgt. US Army WW II 7 Feb 1919--19 Dec 1944. Bronze SrT MDL Purple HRT OLC
Willie Junior Barker  16 July 1929--18 Jan 1947
Simon R Williams  24 Nov 1912--16 Jan 1999
Ida Mae Williams (wife of Simon) 20 Mar 1920--18 Aug 1982
(Simon and Winford were brothers)
Winford C. Williams  14 Mar 1904---(no death date)
Josie M Williams (wife of Winford) 23 Dec 1900--18 Aug 1982
Ellis Caskey  23 Dec 1872--19 Oct 1956
Manda L Caskey (wife of Ellis) 23 Aug 1877--11 June 1953
Dennie M Caskey -- 10 Sep 1886--16 Nov 1956 (son of WT and Hannah Caskey)
Josie (Buskirk) Caskey (wife of Dennie) 8 Sept 1889--19 Jan 1975
Darrel Gene Caskey (son of Donald H and Estella) 12 Jan 1939--20 Nov 1972
Donald Henry Caskey  6 Sep 1913--6 June 1999
Martha Estella Davis Caskey  20 Aug 1917--(Still living)
Castle Caskey, Tom (WT) Caskey, Ellis Caskey and Oliver Caskey were brother)

There are 2 graves at the foot of Estil and Ethel Holbrook's grave. These are unmarked, but are Ethel's parents, (John Frank Doolin--12 Aug 1876--26 July 1941, Matilda Alice (Rowland) Doolin--25 Mar 1882--11 June 1967.
    Also there are several graves in there that are marked only with field stones with no writing on them. I have no idea who any of them are.  There may also be unmarked graves in this cemetery, but not sure.

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