1/2 mile below mouth of Mordecai-near Pomp, KY.

Go west from West Liberty on 519, turn right on 7,
take 1st blacktop road right and go approximately 3 miles.
Go past the houses and trailer homes. As you go around a gentle curve
there will be the old McKinzie home and barn. Almost directly behind
is the McKinzie Cemetery.

Submitted by Norma Snell
Transcribed in October 1999
The Cemetery is overgrown. There may be other stones buried beneath the growth.

No Last NameMaryNovember 19, 1848-June 6, 1911

No Last NameFrankApril 27, 1844-Mary 29, 1933One stone for both and then separate stones.
FanninMary1873-1956On small metal plate
McKenzieW.A.July 12, 1868-June 27, 1898

LewisEliza A.March 26, 1840-Feb. 14, 1912Rest Mother in Quiet Sleep while ___ is ___ over Heaven. Wife of O.J. McKenzie.
CaskeyFrancis Ann McKenzieJuly 5, 1866 or 1867 - July 10, 19001st marriage to E.F.Lemaster, 2nd marriage to Tom Caskey. Stone is broken in half.
McKenzieO.J.July 30, 1840-June 30, 1822
McKenzieInfantAugust 1903Son of Mr. & Mrs. Clay McKenzie
McKenzieMaggie____ 01, 1872-July 13, 1909Wife of O.W. McKenzie; Small stone on the ground
McKenzieO.J.No DatesMarker

Deanna Levito

Ann Lemaster-Applegate