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Death of Kate Whellan marks the probably Danville's oldest resident - had been servant in many of city's honest homes

One of the tragedies of the war between the states saw the closing of its final chapter
here yesterday afternoon as a funeral cortage (sic) slowly winded its way through Danville's street,
bearing a mortal that remained of KATE WHELAN, former slave and servant to many of the city's families.

Kate for many years had lived in an old frame dwelling adjoining the First Christian church on West Main Street.
There she steadily resisted the encroachment of Danville's prosperity,
and today her house presents a curious contrast to the types of other homes and building in the neighborhood.

By living in a modest manner and practicing frugality, Kate has left an estate estimated as high as $30,000.
The late GEORGE WELCH former president of the Farmer's National Bank & Trust Company, was her executor.
After his death and JERRY CALDWELL was elected head of the bank, MR. CALDWELL became her executor.
Kath was born in slavery and before the Civil War was a part of the estate of the late M. WHELLAN,
who owned, what is now known as the Lilliard home on South 2nd Street.
After the war KATE and her sister BELLE, worked as servants for many years in Danville homes.
Some years ago her sister died and KATE inherited the total estate.
During the last few years she lived in a recluse in her property on West Main Street.

(Published in the Kentucky Advocate Newspaper, 11 November, 1925.)

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