Boyle County Obituaries


Mrs. Juliette Maxwell Tarkington, wife of Col. William L. Tarkington, died at her home in this county this morning shortly after twelve o'clock, after a protracted illness.
The funeral will be held at the residence tomorrow at half past three o'clock. The deceased was in her 72d year, and was a native of Marion county.
She leaves five grown children, besides her husband to morn her loss. The children are Messrs. George and Joseph Tarkington, Mrs. L.G. Edlen, of this county,
Mrs. J.S. Shuttleworth, of Louisville, and Mrs. George McMillan, of Ackworth, Ga.
She was a woman who won the love of all--kind, motherly, sympathetic, tender hearted and hospitable.
Her life was a shining example to all. After a long life spent in usefulness, and after a married life marked by loving companionship, she has gone beyond the river to await the arrival of the aged husband,
with whom every heart sympathizes, and the children whom she sought to "teach the way".
(Published in the KENTUCKY ADVOCATE, AUGUST 27,1894.)


Colonel William L. Tarkington, one of Boyle's oldest and most beloved residents, died last night at eleven o'clock, at his home in this county.

The funeral will be held at the residence tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at two o'clock, conducted by Dr. E. M. Green, after which the remains will be buried in the family lot in Bellvue Cemetery, Danville.

Col. Tarkington had been an invalid for some years, having been afflicted with rheumatism and other diseases which were a constant discomfort. This fall, after returning from his customary journey North, he seemed stronger and brighter that for several years, but a few weeks ago he was forced to take his bed and after that his decline was rapid. All that loving friends and devoted children could do made his last moments pleasant, and the end was calm. To those by the bedside he gave the assurance that he was at peace with his Maker and had hope of a happy reunion with the wife who had gone before.

The deseased was born near Franklin, Tenn., in 1811, which made him eighty-six years of age. His wife, who died several years ago, was Julietta Maxwell, of Lebanon, Ky. They were married in 1839. Of their children, the following survive: Joseph and George Tarkington, of Boyle County; Mrs. G.L. Edelen, of Mercer; Mrs G. W. McMillan. of Ackworth, Ga., and Mrs. James A. Shuttleworth, of Louisville.

The news of Col. Tarkington's death will be received with profound sorrow by every man who ever had the pleasure of associating with him. To great personal integrity and a high sense of honor, he added the qualities of a most pleasing personality. Bright and witty in conversation, generous and charitable with everyone, and possessing a heart which responded to suffering and need wherever he encountered it, Col. Tarkington made strong friends and retained them. If he had an enemy, no one knew it. Such a man will not only be missed in this world,--he will find peace and rest in the next. (Published in the KENTUCKY ADVOCATE 10 January 1898.)

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