Civil War Vets
Boyle County
Roster Company C


First Middle Last Rank Co Notes
John T Aikin Capt C Cashiered from Milledgeville, Ky.
James M Gooch Capt C hometown on AG report South Danville 1880 BOYLE CO CEN 365B SHELBY CITY
Jesse P Aikin 1st Lt C  
Samuel   Butcher 2nd Lt C Died of wounds-mustered out 28 March 65
Thomas P Young 2nd Lt C  
Marshall   Hughes 1st. Sgt C  
Morgan   Eden Sgt C  
George A Daugherty Sgt C  
G W Vernasdall Sgt C  
G W Horine Sgt C  
William   Foster Corp C  
Isham   Cockrum Corp C  
G W Cockrum Corp C  
Talbatt   Edwards Corp C  
William B Braxdol Corp C  
William   Goode Corp C  
John   Todd Corp C  
Robert N Hughs Corp C  
Thomas L Aikin Pvt C  
Elias   Allen Pvt C  
William   Allen Pvt C  
Edmund   Allgood Pvt C  
Granville   Brooks Pvt C  
William L Brooks Pvt C  
Calvin   Brooks Pvt C  
Alexander   Brooks Pvt C  
James H Balldock Pvt C  
Edmund   Bell Pvt C  
James   Butcher Pvt C  
Joseph   Cloyd Pvt C  
John R Davis Pvt C  
Abner   Davidson Pvt C  
John T Durringer Pvt C  
James K.P. Dixon Pvt C  
G W Edwards Pvt C  
Philip   Edwards Pvt C  
J B Edwards Pvt C  
Alexander   Goode Pvt C  
David R Garland Pvt C  
Andrew   Hancock Pvt C  
David   Haley Pvt C  
Frederick   Haley Pvt C  
Allen   Hodge Pvt C  
George T Hancock Pvt C  
Benjamin F Jones Pvt C  
Ancil   Lanham Pvt C  
Samuel   Lane Pvt C  
Edmund   Lane Pvt C  
John   Lane Pvt C  
William   Montgomery Pvt C  
William D.J. Mason Pvt C 1890 LINC CO V.C. HOME 23 S.D. 6. E.D. 84
William H Moss Pvt C  
Richard   More Pvt C  
Joshua   Mullins Pvt C  
Jacob M Meece Pvt C  
Owen   Orr Pvt C 1890 LINC CO V.C. HOME 16 S.D. 6. E.D. 84
Charles   Pemberton Pvt C  
James L Patterson Pvt C  
W H Patterson Pvt C  
Jackson   Russell Pvt C  
James H Robinson Pvt C  
H K Slone Pvt C  
John W Short Pvt C  
John   Turpen Pvt C  
Henry   Turpen Pvt C  
Levi   Turpen Pvt C  
David   Thompson Pvt C  
Henry C Taylor Pvt C  
William H Thompson Pvt C  
W W Wyrick Pvt C  
Alexander   Wheeler Pvt C  
James H Williams Pvt C  
George   Wilds Pvt C  
Joseph   Wilcher Pvt C  
Riley M Medlin Pvt C Died. 17 Mar 65 Milledgeville, Ky.
Reuben   Austin Pvt C KIA 28 March 65, Chaplintown, Ky
Samuel   Lee Pvt C KIA 28 March 65, Chaplintown, Ky
G R Abriel Pvt C Deserted 25 May 65 Camp Palmer, Ky.
William R Davenport Pvt C Deserted 28 May 65 Camp Palmer, Ky.
James S Hudson Pvt C Deserted 23 June 65 Camp Palmer, Ky.
John   Lucas Pvt C Deserted 22 June 65 Camp Palmer, Ky.
John   Wilson Pvt C Deserted 10 April Milledgeville, Ky.

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