Boyle County Marriages - "W"

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NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Boyle County, KY.

W Surnames

WADE, Jordan to Lucy Lee on 3 Dec 1867.

WADE, Robert C. to Nancy A. Montgomery on 15 Feb 1856.

WADE, William to Elizabeth Survant on 25 Sep 1856.

WAGGENER, Samuel to Harriet Woods on 27 Jun 1866.

WALDEN, A. P. to Mary E. Stuart on 21 Jan 1867.

WALKER, Brock to Sarah B. Kensey on 8 Sep 1874.

WALKER, Carter to Mary W. Hart on 9 Nov 1870.

WALKER, Gabriel H. to M. G. Roberts on 3 Jan 1855.

WALKER, Jonn S. to Sophie E. Williams on 21 May 1867.

WALKER, Robert to Susan R. Marksbury on 1 Mar 1875.

WALKER, Thomas to Sarah Ann Pope on 18 Feb 1869.

WALKER, Thomas to Margaret Johnson on 11 Jun 1873.

WALKER, Thomas S. to Jane M. Knox on 3 Apr 1856.

WALLACE, Anderson to Lucinda Grimes on 26 May 1873.

WALLACE, Jordan to Clara Rochester on 26 Jun 1873.

WALLACE, Jordan to Lydia Pigg on 25 Jul 1868.

WALLACE, Thomas to Lizzie Taylor on 8 Oct 1868.

WALLS, R. A. to Margaret M. Anderson on 1 Oct 1851.

WALSTON, Peter H. to Sarah E. Beswick on 12 May 1856.

WALTER, N. H. to Maggie P. Stephens on 19 Nov 1860.

WALTON, James B. to Tillie M. Farrand on 7 Jul 1874.

WALWORTH, Ernest to Mollie D. Yeiser on 14 Sep 1872.

WARD, Edward to Sarah Whitehouse on 17 Sep 1851.

WARD, William H. to Elizabeth Kincaid on 19 Oct 1874.

WARFIELD, William to Hanah Owsley on 11 Feb 1869.

WARNER, Benjamin to Sarah Rumsey on 9 Jun 1856.

WARNER, John to Sarah Jane Nash on 2 Dec 1862.

WARNER, Marcus D. L. to Nancy Jane K. Holand on 16 Nov 1857.

WARNICUTT, (or Warnaicutt) George to Sarah A. Johnson on 2 Jun 1860.

WARREN, Henry to Lucinda McFerran on 4 Apr 1867.

WARREN, Jerry to Maria Hackley on 9 Jul 1870.

WARREN, Wallace to Amanda Tribble on 23 Sep 1873.

WARREN, Wallace to Harriet Rout to 24 Dec 1867.

WARREN, Willis to Eliza Jane Green on 12 Oct 1866.

WASHINGTON, George to Ann Right on 6 Dec 1867.

WASHINGTON, Henry to Vincy Washington on 1 Jan 1875.

WASHINGTON, Sam to Martha Gaines on 25 Feb 1875.

WATERS, W. E. to Elizabeth Bennington on 18 Feb 1861.

WATKINS, Charles W. to Maria Alice Moore on 16 May 1868.

WATKINS, James to Lucinda E. Gowin on 31 Dec 1872.

WATKINS, James P. to Margaret M. Pond on 24 Sep 1855.

WATKINS, Martin to Keziah Cox on 26 Sep 1872.

WATKINS, Overton to Ida Tadlock on 7 Sep 1875.

WATKINS, R. H. to Rachel J. Pitman on 26 Dec 1855.

WATKINS, Robert to Pearl Bottom on 16 Feb 1897.

WATSON, Alex to Sarah F. Paul on 28 Jan 1861.

WATSON, Alexander to Sarah Jane Laws on 13 Nov 1855.

WATSON, Lindsey to Mary C. Bower on 25 Apr 1866.

WATSON, Robert to Elizabet C. Rowsey on 17 Jan 1853.

WATSON, William to Eliza Montgomery on 22 Jan 1870.

WAYNE, Anthony A. to Ophelia G. McGinnis on 19 Jul 1871.

WAYNE, Joel to Fannie Johnson on 21 Dec 1868.

WEATHERFORD, F. M. to Rachel A. Gabehart on 1 Sep 1855.

WEATHERFORD, James to Nancy Givens on 20 Mar 1869.

WEBB, B. F. to Martha C. Webb on 17 Jan 1853.

WEBB, George W. to Amanda W. Dennis on 13 Jun 1861.,/p>

WEBB, J. L. to Mary J. Bell on 17 Aug 1858.

WEBB, James L. to Nancy Walker on 23 Sep 1854.

WEBB, James L. to Mrs. Catherine Crain on 24 May 1859.

WEBB, John to Mary Christerson on 2 Jul 1868.

WEBB, Jno. H. to Ellen Tinsley on 13 Dec 1875.

WEBB, P. F. to Sarah Agnes Edwards on 21 Jan 1862.

WEBB, T. Lewis to Letitia Blackstone on 10 Dec 1853.

WEBB, William W. to Sally A. Prewitt on 27 Oct 1857.

WEBSTER, Jeremiah to Cecelia Durham on 18 Sep 1851.

WEISIGER, George to Frances Craig on 18 Nov 1869.

WEISIGER, Henderson to Lizzie Beddow on 8 Jan 1874.

WELCH, John M. to Bettie Thayer on 21 Sep 1868.

WELCH, T. Lawson to Lucy M. McFerron on 22 Jul 1875.

WELLS, George to Mary F. Sharp on 11 Aug 1871.

WELSH, Frank to George Ann Hocker on 15 Jun 1875.

WELSH, James to America Lee on 31 Oct 1868.

WELSH, Reed to Dicie Ann Able on 29 May 1873.

WELTY, H. D. to Carrie S. Coleman on 17 Aug 1858.

WEST, James to Mary A. Rains on 3 Oct 1855.

WEST, Moses Q. to Mattie A. Brinton on 8 May 1860.

WEST, Onfesby to Nancy Jane CHristeson on 8 Sep 1855.

WEST, Richard P. to Eliza Alexander on 9 Mar 1865.

WEST, Thomas E. to Laura P. Gray on 5 Feb 1868.

WESTERFIELD, David to Ann Coovert on 8 Sep 1866.

WHARTON, L. R. to L. A. Caldwell on 3 May 1854.

WHEAT, Richard to Catherine BArker on 12 Oct 1875.

WHEELER, R. V. to Mary L. Chinn on 6 Jun 1866.

WHITAKER, John W. to Susan Jones on 25 Jan 1858.

WHITAKER, William M. to Lucy M. Sturgess on 25 Jan 1871.

WHITE, E. T. to M. E. Vanarsdal on 7 Mar 1871.

WHITE, Edwin to Sarah Bottom on 18 Oct 1848.

WHITE, Frank to Polly Ann Lay on 12 Nov 1869.

WHITE, J. W. to Pokahutas Burton on 4 Jul 1869.

WHITE, John to Nancy W. McGraw on 20 Dec 1870.

WHITE, John H. to Ellen Woolridge on 17 Mar 1875.

WHITE, William C. to Ruam Warner on 29 Nov 1858.

WHITE, William Lee to Jane Tompkins on 14 Apr 1852.

WHITEHOUSE, Anderson to Charlotte Campbell on 7 May 1851.

WHITEHOUSE, Ben H. to Cornelia E. Minor on 29 Dec 1865.

WHITEHOUSE, H. L. to Martha J. Terry on 29 Nov 1855.

WHITEHOUSE, H. L. to ELizabeth E. Williams on 5 Jun 1873.

WHITEHOUSE, James Jackson to Eliza J. Whitehouse on 12 Jun 1871.

WHITEHOUSE, John A. to Mary F. Bottom to 24 Apr 1866.

WHITEHOUSE, John S. to Francis Montgomery on 27 Jun 1870.

WHITENACK, Abraham to Nancy Jane Minor on 12 Feb 1866.

WHITLEY, John to Mary McCallister on 10 Feb 1868.

WHITNEY, George T. to Mrs. Martha Humble on 3 Mar 1857.

WITHERS, Lewis to Eliza Russells on 19 Mar 1868.

WOOD, Thomas E. to Sarah J. Pope on 18 Jun 1860.

WICKERSHAM, John C. to R. M. Kimberlin on 4 Jul 1870.

WIGHAM, Joseph to Ellen Jane Ludwick on 11 May 1866.

WIGHAM, W. S. to Mary F. McGinnis on 20 Dec 1875.

WILCOX, William H. to Nancy Ann Moss on 9 Apr 1853.

WILHAM, William Perry to Margaret Jane Fletcher on 29 Dec 1856.

WILKINSON, L. P. to Jennie Gooch on 18 Jan 1875.

WILLHAM, Isaac to Martha Ann Sweeney on 22 Apr 1852.

WILLIAMS, Abram to Bettie Campbell on 30 Sep 1873.

WILLIAMS, Charles W. to Amelia W. Towson on 9 Dec 1868.

WILLIAMS, David to Juda Marksburry on 2 Nov 1868.

WILLIAMS, George to Lucy Thurman on 10 Dec 1874.

WILLIAMS, H. C. to Susan M. Walker on 7 May 1870.

WILLIAMS, J. B. to Nannie A. Harmon on 17 Feb 1873.

WILLIAMS, Joel P. to Mary A. Wigham on 4 Sep 1865.

WILLIAMS, John T. to Sarah E. Montgomery on 3 Feb 1869.

WILLIAMS, Leslie B. to Sallie W. Ayres on 16 Feb 1871.

WILLIAMS, Newlon to Mollie Shumate on 29 Nov 1869.

WILLIAMS, Washington to Rachel Farley on 21 Jul 1866.

WILLIAMS, Willis to Ella Rice on 8 Oct 1869.

WILLIAMSON, J. H. to Elizabeth M. Blunt on 9 Mar 1853.

WILLIS, Marshall to Barbara Atkins on 21 Nov 1872.

WILSON, A. B. to Para Lee S. Board on 4 Dec 1873.

WILSON, Daniel to Clarissa Board on 3 Sep 1869.

WILSON, Inskep to Martha Able on 18 Feb 1869.

WILSON, James to Mary Jane Coomer on 10 Feb 1873.

WILSON, John to Ellen Penick on 8 Feb 1871.

WILSON, Jonathan to Susan Leonard on 31 Dec 1859.

WILSON, Peter G. to Susan Walters on 21 Dec 1875.

WILSON, William to Juday Shelby on 14 Dec 1867.

WINGATE, Fred R. to Mary Elizabeth Hudson on 26 Feb 1861.

WINGATE, J. C. to Emily Beldon on 20 Apr 1873.

WINGATE, James T. to Susie Moore on 11 Sep 1869.

WISEMAN, G. E. to Addie Welsh on 26 Jun 1860.

WITHERS, Lewis to Eliza Russells (or Runnels) on 19 Mar 1868.

WITHROW, Charles Henry to Fanny Crawford on 26 Nov 1873.

WOFOLD, W. C. to Mary C. Martin on 28 May 1872.

WOLFORD, George Y. to Hannah Jane Johnson on 29 Jul 1856.

WOOD, Samuel to Ann Fry on 4 Mar 1868.

WOOD, (or Woods) Thomas E. to Sarah J. Pope on 18 Jun 1860.

WOODS, Andrew to Fanny Alcorn on 10 Aug 1871.

WOODS, N. D. to Susan Doneghy on 25 Dec 1854.

WOODS, Robert J. to Mary Peter on 31 Jul 1872.

WOODSON, George B. to Talitha Taylor on 14 Dec 1852.

WOODSON, James W. to Ellen T. Guthrie on 15 Feb 1856.

WOODY, John to Nancy Gunn on 4 Aug 1867.

WREN, Thomas to Margaret J. McGinnis on 1 Dec 1865.

WRIGHT, Aaron to Martha Forman on 4 Apr 1868.

WRIGHT, C. W. to Mary M. Cozatt on 2 Mar 1870.

WRIGHT, Jno. to Harriet Wren on 17 Sep 1874.

WRIGHT, Simeon P. to Mary E. Broyles on 10 Nov 1863.

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