Boyle County Marriages - "S"

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Records are sorted by the groom's last name. Use the edit/find function of your browser or the site search to search by bride's last name. The letters below link to the first letter of the groom's surname.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Boyle County, KY.

S Surnames

SALLEE, John to America Rodes on 18 Mar 1875.

SALLEE, William to Mary Curry on 14 Mar 1859.

SALTER, Rober L. to Angelina Wood on 5 Jul 1858.

SALVADOR, Francois L. to Mrs. S. A. McIntosh on 7 aug 1852.

SAMUEL, Henry E. to Mary T. Warren on 31 May 1862.

SANDERS, Gabriel to Mary E. Moore on 31 Dec 1875.

SANDERS, W. W. to Lucie J. Crow on 22 Aug 1861.

SANDIDGE, J. T. to Sally Yeager on 8 May 1872.

SANDIFFER, George to Margaret ANn McGinnis on 4 Jun 1855.

SATER, Joseph to Nancy Searcy on 10 Jan 1857.

SAUNDERS, H. C. to Mary Ellen James on 26 Nov 1867.

SCEAREY, John to Cynthia Goode on 8 Oct 1853.

SCOMP, Henry A. to Maggie E. Weeden on 19 Jul 1869.

SCOTT, Matthew T. to Julia E. Green on 12 May 1859.

SCOTT, Morton to Sarah Stevens on 24 Nov 1866.

SCOTT, Thoe. to Bell Jones on 22 Dec 1875.

SCROGGINS, Henry to Diadema Akers on 11 Oct 1859.

SEA, Andrew M. to Sophia J. Fox on 27 Nov 1867.

SEALE, Fielding R. to Sarah M. Minton on 11 Jun 1858.

SEARCY, James to Martha Jane Emmett (or Eurmett) on 28 Jul 1859.

SEARCY, John to Sarah E. Duncan on 9 Jun 1858.

SEARCY, John to Isa Phaney Montgomery on 13 Sep 1873.

SEBASTIAN, John Tilford to Ann Wells on 21 May 1853.

SELPH, Henry to Emily Johnson on 16 Jan 1868.

SEVERS, Ernest T. to Rebecca Baker on 11 Jan 1868.

SEVIER, John to Julia Rains on 8 Jun 1860.

SEVIER, William H. to Cordelia Fletcher on 1 Jan 1867.

SHAKLEFORD, William H. to Lettie R. Hughes on 6 Dec 1866.

SHANNON, David to Elizabeth Sanderfur on 23 Jul 1853.

SHANNON, G. W. to Elizabeth Holley on 6 Apr 1866.

SHANNON, Joseph to Julius R. Minor on 5 Sep 1864.

SHARP, George Jr. to Ann F. Young on 16 Jun 1864.

SHAW, Henry

SHEARIN, F. T. to Sallie J. Conder on 23 Jun 1874.

SHEARS, Andrew to Matilda Jane Hopps on 22 Feb 1871.

SHEEHAN, David to Annie M. Harris on 16 Sep 1871.

SHEEN, John F. to Ellen Myers on 12 Apr 1858.

SHELBY, Alex to Winnie Dillehay on 2 Sep 1870.

SHELBY, Alex to Melinda McFerran on 18 Jan 1869.

SHELBY, Harrison to Harriet McManis on 24 Aug 1868.

SHELTON, Green to Amanda Reed on 20 Feb 1868.

SHELTON, James T. to Lucinda F. Yager on 19 May 1856.

SHELTON, Jno. to Mariah Cowan on 4 Mar 1875.

SHELTON, Samuel to Elizabeth F. Yeager on 14 May 1855.

SHEPERSON, William B. to Elizabeth M. Ellis on 13 Dec 1859.

SHEPPERSON, John D. to Cynthia E. Shannon on 4 Apr 1859.

SHEPPERSON, William B. to Amanda E. Wisher on 7 Apr 1864.

SHERRAN, Obediah to Harriet F. Laws on 21 Jul 1856.

SHERREAR, George W. to Eliza Blankenship on 20 Feb 1867.

SHERRON, Edmund to Malinda Gee on 23 Feb 1860.

SHIELDS, Frank to Sarah Wallace on 18 Oct 1872.

SHIELDS, William N. to Rachel Jane Latimer on 22 Nov 1853.

SHINDELBLOWER, G. W. to Mollie Dowling on 11 Aug 1860.

SHINDELBOWER, Charles E. to Parmelia Garrett on 1 Oct 1864.

SHINDLEBOWER, John L. to Belle S. Garrett on 20 Nov 1858.

SHINDLEBOWER, William M. to Mary Adams on 10 Mar 1868.

SHIPLEY, William to Martha A. Nash on 22 Dec 1856.

SHORT, Henry P. to ROckie Webb on 17 Oct 1864.

SHRIB, Franklan to Lucy Vaughn on 9 Jul 1867.

SHRIEVE, Albert to Eastha Davis on 11 Sep 1868.

SHUMAKE, Dennis C. to Martha Ellen Edwards on 29 Dec 1860.

SILCOX, John B. to Pauline E. Ternune on 20 Mary 1859.

SIMPSON, George W. to Polly F. Gray on 30 Aug 1866.

SIMPSON, Josiah to Malevia Cook on 5 Nov 1854.

SIMPSON, Monroe to Margaret J. Burton on 26 Dec 1867.

SIMPSON, Obediah to Mary Ellen Steele on 22 Feb 1864.

SIMPSON, Price to Emily Bowman on 25 Dec 1869.

SIMPSON, Thomas to Belle Segar on 27 Apr 1871.

SINDHORN, Andrew to Jemima A. Cozatt on 25 Jul 1866.

SINKHORN, E. M. to Nannie Hunt on 28 Oct 1869.

SINKHORN, Nimrod A. to Manerva Pendegraft on 9 Feb 1854.

SINKHORN, Warner D. to Narcisey Edwards on 16 Jan 1860.

SINKHORN, Whitley to Mary Lucinda Conder on 14 Sep 1859.

SINKHORN, Wilson to Mary E. Whitehouse on 21 May 1860.

SKIDDY, James to Catherine Whaland to 31 Aug 1864.

SKIMMERHORN, Elijah to Delila Pendergraft on 26 Mar 1866.

SLAUGHTER, David S. to Nannie Davis on 21 Dec 1869.

SLAUGHTER, Isaac to Mary Jane Thomas on 7 Nov 1867.

SLAUGHTER, James H. to Ellen Green on 5 Apr 1872.

SLEET, George to Belle Briscoe on 30 Oct 1872.

SLEET, Preston to Emma Walker on 8 Dec 1869.

SMALL, Edmund to Cora Guest on 10 Jul 1873.

SMILEY, William W. to Emaline Sinkhorn on 17 Jan 1852.

SMITH, A. R. to Minerva Calvert on 21 Nov 1853.

SMITH, Carey to Sarah E. Roy on 24 Oct 1874.

SMITH, David to Martha Jane Vaughn on 14 Jan 1871.

SMITH, Frank to Lizzie Hughes on 7 Oct 1875.

SMITH, G. P. to Eugenia Dillehay on 16 Oct 1867.

SMITH, G. W. to Melissa Rogers on 6 May 1875.

SMITH, George to Malinda Sneed on 6 Nov 1866.

SMITH, H. C. to Mary C. Simpson on 2 Dec 1865.

SMITH, Isaac c. to Elizabeth A. C. Wade on 18 Dec 1860.

SMITH, Jac T. to Mandie Jane Tucker on 26 Dec 1874.

SMITH, James M. to Pamelia J. Caldwell on 6 Jan 1874.

SMITH, Jerry B. to Mary Bell Baughman on 3 Mar 1868.

SMITH, John to Ellen Meaux on 13 Oct 1859.

SMITH, John E. to Josephine E. Neet on 10 Nov 1869.

SMITH, Jordan to Harriet Baughman on 7 May 1967.

SMITH, Joseph B. to Sarah J. Nash on 16 Jul 1853.

SMITH, Joseph M. to Mary Spoonamore on 6 Nov 1873.

SMITH, Lot to Frances Kincaid on 2 Dec 1868.

SMITH, Richard to Alzenia Slaughter on 1 Jan 1874.

SMITH, Samuel C. to Mollie Hayden on 8 Oct 1869.

SMITH, Thomas to Lucy A. Gabbert on 9 Aug 1861.

SMITH, Thomas C. to Margaret E. Foagne on 4 Sep 1855.

SMITH, Wilford to Lucy Lewis on 5 Feb 1875.

SMOCK, Isaac to Catherine Melton on 1 Aug 1857.

SMOCK, Isaac to Hester Merrit on 2 Nov 1863.

SNEED, Alex H. to Mildred M. Gill on 11 Nov 1851.

SNOW, John James to Elizabeth J. Murphy on 16 Aug 1886.

SNOW, William to Elizabeth Jones on 15 Dec 1860.

SOUTHER, William to Eliza Harris on 29 Jan 1873.

SOUTHERLAND, John to Sarah J. Carpenter on 29 Nov 1853.

SOUTHERLAND, William to Nancy Jane Bottom on 18 Nov 1848.

SPARROW, Mason to Christine Martin on 17 Feb 1852.

SPARROW, Thomas to Sarah Purdom on 4 Jan 1854.

SPAULDING, Gabriel to Fanny Breckenridge on 30 May 1872.

SPEARS, James J. to Mary J. Faulconer on 20 Mar 1865.

SPEARS, John L. to Martha F. Moore on 3 Mar 1859.

SPEARS, William to Patsy Green on 24 Jun 1870.

SPEECE, John to Mary F. Leffew on 23 May 1865.

SPELLMAN, Mike to Margaret Ann Cahill on 19 May 1868.

SPRAGGINS, George to Mary Elizabeth Morton on 15 Jan 1857.

STAGG, Abram C. to Catherine McCann on 18 Feb 1856.

STANWOOD, Henry B. to Martha Frances Crow on 31 Aug 1864.

STCLAIR, W. P. to Lucy P. Shelton on 14 Mar 1856.

STEALEY, John E. to Mary L. Temple on 21 Dec 1874.

STEEL, John V. to Polly E. Jones on 17 Apr 1860.

STEELE, Henry Clay to Nannie Walker on 22 Mar 1875.

STEENBERGEN, A. J. to Mrs. Sallie Phillips on 10 Mar 1870.

STEENBERGER, B. F. to M. A. Eberly on 19 Sep 1854.

STELL, James H. to Mamie Bottom on 5 July 1892.

STEP, Thomas to Martha J. Hood on 24 Apr 1867.

STEPHENS, Joshua to Elizabeth H. Goodknight on 17 Nov 1855.

STEPHENS, Thomas M. to Margaret E. B. Moorman on 21 Nov 1860.

STEPHENS, Thursten (or Therterr)to A. Slaughter on 4 Jun 1867.

STETSON, E. T. to Mrs. M. A. Meeker on 5 Jun 1858.

STEVENS, W. M. to Mary Ann Hughes on 9 Jul 1866.

STEWART, Alfred S. to Nannie Lucas on 28 Nov 1865.

STEWART, George A. to Hattie E. Webb on 20 Oct 1875.

STEWART, Samuel to Myram Penman on 14 Jan 1875.

STILLMAN, William H. to Julia a. Cline on 13 Jun 1861.

STODGHILL, John to Nancy A. Smith on 9 Feb 1853.

STONE, Gabriel to ELiza Jane Fry on 13 Aug 1867.

STONE, Samuel T. to Mary P. Shelton on 8 Oct 1866.

STONER, Peter B. to Sallie Ball on 4 May 1857.

STONER, Peter T. to Martha F. Ball on 15 Nov 1857.

STOUT, H. J. to Margaret Morgan on 13 Oct 1866.

STREET, Lewis to Margaret A. Cahill on 18 Oct 1859.

STREVIL, Cal to Nanny Johnson on 24 Dec 1900.

STUCK, William H. to Margaret Milbern on 31 Aug 1869.

STURGESS, William F. to Mary C. Street on 7 Dec 1853.

SULLIVAN, Eugene to Hannah Connor on 13 Jul 1867.

SULLIVAN, William to Belle Williams on 17 Jan 1868.

SUMRALL, Joseph K. to Bettie B. Moore on 27 Feb 1866.

SURBER, Alfred to Mary E. Stigall on 17 Sep 1866.

SURVANT, James to Catherine Pipes on 16 Sep 1851.

SURVANT, John B. to Susan Hyett on 3 Oct 1853.

SURVANT, William H. to Lucinda C. Montgomery on 24 Jan 1874.

SUTHERLAND, J. W. to Bettie Bennett on 14 Sep 1870.

SUTHERLAND, Robert S. to Lucy Edwards on 21 Nov 1871.

SUTHERN, Clay to Jane Caldwell on 30 Deac 1874.

SUTHERN, Sam to Laura Harris on 30 Dec 1874.

SUTTON, Edmund to Margaret E. West on 15 Feb 1853.

SWAN, Richard to Martha A. Stuck on 9 Apr 1856.

SWANSON, C. W. to E. H. Thomas on 19 Dec 1867.

SWEARINGEN, David to Amanda E. Clemons on 27 Oct 1852.

SWEARINGEN, Richard to AManda J. Duncan on 23 Nov 1872.

SWEARINGEN, Solomon to Sarah Ann McAnelly on 21 Dec 1857.

SWEARINGEN, Van to Rebecca Ann Clemons on 12 Jan 1865.

SWEENY, Daniel to Nancy Benton on 27 Jun 1868.

SWOPE, William M. to Nannie S. Cook on 15 Dec 1873.

SYMINGTON, W. P. to Mina Rout on 27 Jan 1859.

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