Boyle County Marriages - "R"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry

Records are sorted by the groom's last name. Use the edit/find function of your browser or the site search to search by bride's last name. The letters below link to the first letter of the groom's surname.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Boyle County, KY.

R Surnames

RAINES, Wiley to Esther McRoberts on 2 Jan 1868.

RAINES, William Jr. to R. A. Minor on 18 Dec 1854.

RAINEY, Daniel to Betsey Cox on 14 May 1859.

RAINEY, Joseph to Martha Sweeney on 21 Jul 1855.

RAINS, Benjamin to Hannah Bell Walker to 13 Jan 1869.

RAINS, Joshua to Joanna C. Davenport on 25 Jun 1860.

RAINS, Rilliam to Mary B. Tadlock on 16 Sep 1871.

RANKIN, N. A. to Jennie Harm on 12 Oct 1869.

RAWLINGS, William M. to Matilda McBride (or McBridge) on 31 Aug 1853.

RAY, Friend W. to Margaret Ann Scott on 28 Nov 1866.

READ, Joel to Ann Eliza Fisher on 27 Jun 1865.

READ, William T. to Susan J. Jackson on 1 Jun 1864.

REDFORD, Samuel W. to Mary Jane Moore on 31 Dec 1855.

REDGRAVE, W. H. to Amelia F. Craig on 29 Jun 1870.

REDIN, William H. to Mrs. Margaret Caldwell on 28 Mar 1857.

REDMAN, WIlliam to Catherine Wilson on 11 Aug 1866.

REED, Erasimus to Sarah Bruce on 7 Jan 1872.

REED, Eramus (or Erasmus) to Eliza Coffee on 5 Nov 1868.

REED, John to Clarecy Meaux on 5 Aug 1852.

RENFRO, Edward to Lucinda Marshall on 1 May 1873.

RENOLD, William Jackson to Marinda M. Russell on 5 Aug 1864.

REUBEN, Adkins to Judy Pittman on 2 Aug 1873.

REYNERSON, Benjamin to Mrs. Martha Rains on 14 Oct 1861.

REYNOLD, William Jackso to Marinda M. Russell on 5 Aug 1864.

REYNOLDS, James T. to Catherine Hall on 5 Jan 1853.

RHODY, Dennis to Elizabeth Brennan on 7 May 1864.

RIALL, William H. to Nancy Skimmerhorn on 2 Mar 1861.

RICE, Anderson to Nannie E. Rice on 27 Feb 1867.

RICE, Andrew J. to Mary E. Mock on 7 May 1864.

RICE, B. H. to Mattie Yates on 9 Sep 1874.

RICE, B. H. to Lucinda J. Vaught on 16 Sep 1874.

RICE, Benjamin C. to Ann E. Stout on 12 Jan 1856.

RICE, D. B. to Laura Gaines on 22 Sep 1873.

RICE, Samuel to Harriet Floyd on 24 Oct 1868.

RICHARD, Griffin to Frances Garrett on 27 Feb 1875.

RICHARDSON, William to Lydia Payne on 29 Sep 1866.

RICHARDSON, William to Elizabeth Craig on 1 Jan 1873.

RIDGE, Meredith to Nancy Johnson on 27 Dec 1860.

RILEY, H. M. to Mrs. Christina Hogsett on 8 Jan 1851.

RINEHART, William to Amanda F. Logan on 24 Sep 1873.

RIPPERSON, James to Frances Meaux on 29 Oct 1856.

ROBARDS, W. O. to Augusta C. Burton on 5 May 1855.

ROBBINS, James to C. A. Vanarsdale on 27 Jul 1854.

ROBERT, Hermann to Eliza Baker on 24 Jan 1867.

ROBERTS, Marcellus C. to Mary E. Bolling on 4 May 1868.

ROBERTSON, Austin to Elizabeth J. Bottom on 3 Feb 1849.

ROBERTSON, James H. to Mary E. Linney on 19 Dec 1874.

ROBERTSON, Moses to Maggie Ball on 24 Dec 1873.

ROBERTSON, Samuel to Lucy Caldwell on 23 Nov 1867.

ROBINSON, Dudley B. to Matilda B. McGinnis on 22 Aug 1871.

ROBINSON, F. G. to Fannie Lillard on 22 Dec 1870.

ROBINSON, George to Priscilla Baughman on 29 May 1873.

ROBINSON, Homer to Rachel E. Garrett on 16 Mar 1872.

ROBINSON, Jerry to Harriet Lewis on 27 Feb 1868.

ROBINSON, John S. to Mary C. Proctor on 22 Oct 1873.

ROBINSON, Joshua to Nancy R. West on 11 Mar 1861.

ROBINSON, William to Sarah Baker on 5 Jan 1875.

ROBINSON, W. R. to Margaret S. Jackson on 11 Nov 1868.

ROCHESTER, Allen to Nancy Thomas on 10 Oct 1867.

ROCHESTER, Jordan to Sarah Givens (or Goins) on 10 Aug 1867.

ROCHESTER, Samuel to Catharine Johnson on 2 Feb 1867.

ROCHESTER, Thomas to Narcissa Mitchell on 12 Jul 1871.

RODES, Green to Daphne Hawkins on 25 Dec 1867.

ROE, Smith P. to Martha A. Doram on 6 Jul 1865.

ROGERS, Andrew to Bettie Able on 26 Feb 1874.

ROGERS, Charles B. to Mrs. Mary J. Webb on 19 Oct 1863.

ROGERS, John A. to Katie Wright on 20 Jan 1874.

ROGERS, John H. to Mary G. Dunlap on 8 Oct 1873.

ROGERS, Jno. A. to Katie Wright on 9 Jul 1873.

ROGERS, Nelson to Mrs. Nancy Pullum on 8 Oct 1863.

ROGERS, Nelson to Sarah Jane Cowan on 26 Jul 1873.

ROOTS, James to Isabella Rowe on 23 Dec 1869.

RORCH, Morris to Johannah Mahoney on 4 May 1855.

ROSE, B. M. to Mary E. Williams on 18 Nov 1871.

ROSS, James to Margaret Wilson on 29 Oct 1874.

ROSSEL, Robert S. to Elizabeth Stith on 20 Oct 1868.

ROUSEY, Camlin to Nancy Jane Vaught on 15 Jul 1864.

ROUSEY, Hubert Thomas to Leila Mae Duggar on 15 May 1943.

ROUSEY, Jordan Jr. to Nancy Ellen Goode on 1 Feb 1864.

ROUSEY, Jordan Jr. to Elizabeth Pendegraft on 28 Feb 1866.

ROUSEY, Jordan Sr. to Nancy Curry on 14 Apr 1845.

ROUSEY, Rod Patrick Camden "Cam" to Nancy Jane Vaught on 15 Jul 1864.

ROUT, Gelon H. to Mary B. Young on 23 Apr 1857.

ROUT, John to Alice Cowan on 5 Nov 1872.

ROWE, Brent to Martha Hocker on 2 Nov 1867.

ROWE, Henry D. to A. H. Chandler on 23 Dec 1869.

ROWE, John to Maria Bundy on 7 May 1868.

ROWE, John L. to Mary Alice Chandler on 7 Mar 1865.

ROWE, Paul to Mary Bryant on 5 Oct 1868.

ROWE, Smith P. to Martha A. Doram on 6 Jul 1865.

ROWLAND, James A. to Ada A. Anderson on 23 Apr 1858.

ROWSEY, Jordan to Nancy Ellen Goode on 1 Feb 1864.

ROY, Asa to Sally Bowman on 18 Dec 1867.

ROYALTY, D. B. to Elizabeth Pankey on 26 Jan 1860.

ROYSTON, John W. to Harriet E. Byers on 3 Sep 1866.

RULE, F. S. to Jane S. Phillips on 12 Nov 1853.

RUM, Nasa to Ailsey Goins on 6 Jul 1864.

RUPELY, Samuel to Rachel Ann Hope on 29 Jun 1863.

RUPLEY, William W. to Margaret Ann Williams on 8 Dec 1863.

RUSSEL, George to Juliann (or July Ann) Young on 11 Nov 1854.

RUSSEL, James to Martha Ann Kirkland on 13 Jan 1873.

RUSSEL, John T. to Sarah Bottom on 2 Feb 1853.

RUSSEL, Robert B. F. to Sarah A. Carpenter on 20 May 1875.

RUSSEL, Robert S. to Elizabeth Ann Stith on 20 Oct 1868.

RUSSEL, Walter C. to Louisa A. Barker on 17 Oct 1871.

RUSSELL, George to Elizabeth A. Johnson on 28 May 1861.

RUSSELL, Geo. W. to Louisa F. Carpenter on 30 Jan 1879.

RUSSELL, J. T. to Minerva Harman on 26 Feb 1857.

RUSSELL, John W. to Martha E. Roberson on 15 Sep 1874.

RUSSELL, John W. to Mary Oldham on 24 Nov 1846.

RUSSELL, Richard to Elizabeth Williams on 13 Apr 1842.

RUSSELL, Warren to Anna T. Raines on 23 Jan 1896.

RUSSELL, Wilbert to Eliza Crane on 4 Oct 1894.

RUSSELL, William to Amanda Reynolds on 23 Aug 1860.

RUTHERFORD, E. H. to Jane R. Young on 16 Dec 1858.

RYALL, A. to Annie Wright on 20 Jul 1874.

RYALL, Aurelius to Almira Duncan on 20 Jun 1861.

RYALL, William H. to Nancy Skimmerhorn on 2 Mar 1861.

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