Boyle County Marriages - "P"

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NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Boyle County, KY.

P Surnames

PADGETT, Harvey to Susan E. Laws on 19 Nov 1855.

PADGETT, Littleton to Nancy J. Duncan on 5 Jun 1857.

PADGETT, Logan to Letitia Padgett on 14 Jun 1875.

PAINE, R. R. to George Ann Nash on 3 Feb 1853.

PALL, Lewis to Mary A. Hickman on 9 Sep 1871.

PARKS, John to Belle Purdom (or Purdon) on 12 Aug 1873.

PARKS, W. H. to Rebecca E. Karrick on 10 Oct 1866.

PARR, RIchard to Luisa Davis on 26 Dec 1866.

PARROTT, Thomas Y. to Maneva Walker on 6 Oct 1853.

PARSLEY, James M. to Mary E. Ellmore on 10 Aug 1875.

PATTERSON, D. to Laura D. White on 19 Aug 1875.

PATTERSON,, George M. to Martha A. Whitehouse on 20 Mar 1866.

PATTERSON, J. L. to Mary E. McNeil on 19 Jul 1867.

PATTERSON, Robert to Willie Cox on 17 Nov 1873.

PAUL, Jacob to Mrs. Lucy McGinnis on 25 Mar 1857.

PAUL, William to Margaret Jones to 9 Mar 1864.

PAUL, William to Letitia Boyles on 28 Feb 1866.

PAULSGROVE, Jacob E. to Cora A. Bottom on 16 Jul 1866.

PAXTON, David to Hester Jane Peyton on 20 Dec 1872.

PECK, J. B. to Mrs. Sarah Bolling on 10 Jan 1853.

PEEL, A. McKee to Emma Dunn on 4 Dec 1875.

PENDAGRAFT, Osborn to Rebecca Fuel (or Fewel) on 2 Jun 1870.

PENDEGRAFT, Jeremiah to Nancy M. Phillips on 1 Jul 1865.

PENDEGRAFT, Osborne to Elizabeth Watson on 1 Nov 1864.

PENDEGRAFT, (or Pendergraft) William to Parthenia Pendegraft on 8 Oct 1873.

PENDERGRAFT, George to Ardilla Searcy on 22 May 1858.

PENDERGRAFT, Henson to Mrs. Hettie Searcy on 23 Aug 1858.

PENDERGRAFT, Richard to Belinda Goode on 14 Jul 1858.

PENDLETON, Edward to Mary Ann Pope on 13 Mar 1856.

PENDLETON, Thomas J. S. to Eliza Ann Street on 11 Jan 1856.

PENDYGRAFT, Nelson to Rebecca Overstreet on 24 Mar 1860.

PENMAN, William to Edy Gevens on 3 Aug 1867.

PENNINGTON, John to Amanda Minor on 14 Mar 1870.

PENNMAN, Daniel to Sally Braxdale on 25 Dec 1851.

PENNY, James to Mary Ann Penny on 19 Feb 1866.

PETER, M. M. to Victoria Williams on 5 Sep 1870.

PETER, Warner to Laura Gentry on 30 Dec 1867.

PHELPS, W. C. to Eva Webb on 29 Sep 1875.

PHILIPS, James G. to Ensibid Q. Burton on 13 Apr 1863.

PHILIPS, John to Nancy E. Preston on 20 Feb 1853.

PHILLIPS, George W. to Celia Johnson on 25 Mar 1857.

PHILLIPS, Harrison to Mary Pipes on 16 May 1872.

PHILLIPS, J. Sidney to Sallie P. Banford on 14 Nov 1864.

PHILLIPS, J. T. to Francis Batterton on 14 May 1857.

PHILLIPS, James A. to Josephine Shannon on 14 Aug 1856.

PHILLIPS, James M. to Lucinda T. McGinnis on 15 Dec 1856.

PHILLIPS, Robert W. to Martha Burton on 4 Aug 1869.

PHILLIPS, William H. to Selina Spears on 5 Apr 1859.

PIGG, Allen to Alice McMurtry on 9 Apr 1868.

PIPES, Levi A. to Mattie A. Gray on 24 Jan 1866.

PIPES, O. B. to Josie Edwards on 3 Mar 1869.

PIPES, S. M. to Sarah E. Rice on 26 May 1869.

PIPES, Samuel to Corinne Hall on 30 Jul 1874.

PIPES, W. H. Sr. to Cynthia Ellin Ellis on 5 Jan 1857.

PITMAN, Christopher J. to Susan J. Hensley on 31 Jul 1855.

PLUNKET, J. D. to Jamie E. Swope on 18 Nov 1872.

POLK, John M. to Mary S. Telford on 13 Dec 1871.

POLK, Josephus to Rachael Spalding on 5 Jun 1869.

POLK, William T. to Margaret A. Briscoe on 17 Dec 1851.

POPE, George R. to Maria A. Baughman on 25 Apr 1870.

POPE, Isaih to Margaret Gregory on 6 Dec 1871.

POPE, James H. to Bettie A. Hutchings on 13 Jun 1870.

POPE, John L. to Katie Cowans on 27 Nov 1872.

POPE, John W. to Nancy E. Pipes on 28 Feb 1856.

POPE, Jorden to Kittie Duncan on 8 May 1867.

POPE, Joseph to Francis Graves on 30 May 1871.

POPE, Marion Johnson to Ann Rogers on 9 Sep 1875.

POPE, Monroe to Bettie Walker on 29 Aug 1874.

POTTS, Henry to Alice Worsham on 1 Jan 1873.

POTTS, James W. to Martha Lawrence on 18 Aug 1853.

POWAR, Emit M. to Lettis M. Hollan on 4 Oct 1865.

POWELL, Charles to Mary A. (or H.) Marlin on 14 Dec 1871.

POWELL, E. S. to Mrs. Kate Suutle on 2 Sep 1873.

POWELL, J. B. to Desie Terhune on 29 Sep 1873.

POWELL, Lewis A. to Elizabeth A. Powell on 10 Sep 1867.

POWELL, W. J. to Nannie B. Carpenter on 31 Jul 1871.

PRALL, Richard to Clarissa Meaux on 3 Nov 1857.

PRATHER, William to Kate Penney on 21 Feb 1873.

PRESLOW, Joseph to Martha Carpenter on 22 Jan 1857.

PRESTON, A. J. to Margaret A. Adams on 17 Jun 1867.

PRESTON, Gratton to Elizabeth M. Overstreet on 1 Dec 1868.

PRESTON, Joseph to Martha Carpenter on 22 Jan 1857.

PRESTON, Willis G. to Emily Rogers on 16 Aug 1869.

PREWETT, John N. to M. E. G. Tarkington on 9 Dec 1867.

PREWITT, D. N. to Jennie Logan on 21 Dec 1870.

PREWITT, Eli to Minerva Taylor on 26 Oct 1858.

PREWITT, Isham to Hanah Epps on 20 Nov 1869.

PREWITT, James H. to Pauline A. French on 1 Jul 1862.

PREWITT, John A. to Eliza Daviess on 10 Jan 1853.

PREWITT, Joseph S. to Elizabeth Nield on 5 Aug 1851.

PREWITT, Thomas C. to Kate H. Gray on 20 Nov 1860.

PRICE, L. R. to Elizabeth Wilkerson on 19 Jan 1859.

PROVINE, J. C. to M. K. Weldin on 24 Feb 1858.

PULLIAM, Samuel to Nancy Cowan on 26 Feb 1856.

PURDOM, Alonzo B. to Nancy M. Conder on 22 Oct 1874.

PURDOM, Clinton K. to Amanda F. Minor on 2 Dec 1865.

PURDOM, Hardin to Susan May on 11 Mar 1861.

PURDOM, Hardin to Susan Minor on 16 Oct 1871.

PURDOM, John F. to Julie Ann Moorman on 6 May 1852.

PURDOM, McClen to Bune V. Bottom on 3 Jan 1871.

PURDOM, Thomas to Eliza Jane Pond on 22 Aug 1849.

PURDOM, Wesley to Mrs. Delia P. Holon on 10 Sep 1855.

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