Boyle County Marriages - "M"

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Records are sorted by the groom's last name. Use the edit/find function of your browser or the site search to search by bride's last name. The letters below link to the first letter of the groom's surname.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Boyle County, KY.

M Surnames

MacKNEALLY, M. T. to Nancy J. Lay on 14 Nov 1855.

MADERSON, John to Elizabeth Floyd on 27 Dec 1864.

MAGILL, Evan A. to Elizabeth Doggett on 25 Feb 1868.

MAHAN, James H. to Nancy L. Stevens on 31 Dec 1856.

MAHAN, William to Maria Frances Yates on 20 Nov 1867.

MALTRAVIS, Ernis to Sharlott Reed on 9 Apr 1868.

MAGUIRE, David to Elizabeth Hendren on 4 Aug 1866.

MARET, Smith G. to Flora E. Moore on 8 May 1871.

MARKSBURY, Henry to Maggie Smith on 23 Dec 1861.

MARRS, James R. to Sarah E. Jackson on 2 Nov 1863.

MARS, Robert J. to Sarah Myers on 19 Oct 1852.

MARSHALL, Ephriam to Susan Coulter on 7 Sep 1872.

MARSHALL, Parker to Susan Ann McGinnis on 11 Jun 1859.

MARSHALL, William to Ellen T. Lewis on 15 Mar 1852.

MARTIN, Charles to Nancy E. Russell on 21 Dec 1852.

MARTIN, George to Mrs. Longnecker on 18 Nov 1857.

MARTIN, George C. to Aletha Carpenter on 23 Apr 1857.

MARTIN, James R. to E. M. Cleland on 27 Apr 1868.

MARTIN, John to Emily Lay on 18 Mar 1854.

MARTIN, Micajah to Sarah Isham on 22 Aug 1861.

MARTIN, Samuel to Eliza Crane on 3 Aug 1859.

MARTIN, Samuel to Susan M. Head on 7 Nov 1853.

MARTIN, (or Marvin) William F. to Charlotte Marvin on 3 Sep 1856.

MASON, Thomas to Eliza Powell on 6 Dec 1873.

MASONHEIMER, G. D. to Margaret E. Hughes on 6 Jul 1853.

MASSEY, Harrison to Mary E. Snow on 12 Aug 1874.

MASTERSON, Lee to Harriet Hocker on 4 Feb 1875.

MASTISON, Tim to Lucinda Givins on 7 Oct 1871.

MATHERLY, Anderson to Nettie (or Naettie) Hamblin on 12 Mar 1872.

MAUPIN, John to Ritter Marshall on 3 Jun 1875.

MAXEY, William to Margaret K. Swearingen on 15 Jul 1874.

MAY, Anthony to Elizabeth Wingate on 10 Dec 1855.

MAY, Asbury to Sophenia J. Russell on 29 Oct 1866.

MAY, Christopher to Margaret J. Guthrie on 4 Sep 1860.

MAY, George T. to Ruth G. Dye on 26 Feb 1866.

MAY, John to Sarah S. Penney on 28 Jan 1854.

MAY, John L. to Georgia Penny on 18 Aug 1862.

MAY, William to Nancy J. Crane on 23 Sep 1869.

MAYES, A. T. to Vasttee Gabbert on 11 Jan 1875.

MAYES, James H. to Martha Ann Martin on 10 Feb 1868.

MAYES, Samuel G. to Sallie Martin on 10 Feb 1868.

MAYS, F. M. to Anna E. Cochran on 13 Mar 1860.

MAYS, Henry to Lucy Hays on 2 Oct 1873.

McALISTER, Robert to Mary L. Moore on 22 Feb 1857.

McANELLY, Eli to Margaret E. Wheeler on 29 Jun 1868.

McCORMACK, Julius to Mattie E. Wingate on 7 Sep 1870.

McCORMICK, Green to Sarah Bell Richardson on 13 May 1874.

McCOY, Thomas R. S. to S. M. B. Cummins on 23 Aug 1864.

McDONALD, George to Mary J. Nave on 22 Nov 1871.

McDOWELL, Abraham to Georgie Ann Mitchell on 9 Jun 1866.

McDOWELL, Joseph to Ellen P. Irvine on 16 Jan 1854.

McDURMONT, John to Martha Quinn (or Queen) on 30 Jan 1866.

McELROY, Anthony C. to Mug C. Irvine on 1 Dec 1859.

McFERRAN, Ben to Eliza Shelby on 30 Nov 1867.

McFERRAN, Frank to Clara Williams on 15 Dec 1868.

McFERRAN, Willis to Maria McFerran on 17 Jul 1869.

McGEE, Lee to Ada Bottom on 31 Dec 1884.

McGINNIS, Finlay to Martha Tucker on 15 Dec 1862.

McGINNIS, H. to Eliza Tewmey on 17 Nov 1856.

McGINNIS, Henry to Ellen Caldwell on 25 Feb 1869.

McGINNIS, John B. to Elizabeth A. Pittman on 4 Sep 1865.

McGINNIS, Nelson C. to Mary F. May on 6 Nov 1866.

McGINNIS, Samuel R. to Martha L. Hollan on 8 Nov 1854.

McGINNIS, W. H. to Nancy Johnson on 23 Aug 1856.

McGINNIS, Washington P. to Malinda Jane Rowsey on 25 Jan 1867.

McGINNIS, William W. to Lucretia E. Dye on 22 Oct 1860.

McGOODWIN, Eugene to Elizabeth B. Ware on 23 Jun 1868.

McGOODWIN, R. P. to Lula Ware on 3 Apr 1872.

McINTIRE, Dallas to Almedia Cannon on 20 Sep 1873.

McKAY, John C. to Martha McNeill on 23 Apr 1853.

McKEE, Ed to Lizzie Washington on 30 Jan 1868.

McKEE, James F. to Margaret A. Speak on 28 Sep 1854.

McKENNA, James to Ann Dougherty on 9 Feb 1861.

McKNIGHT, Milton to Mary H. Breckenridge on 24 Oct 1866.

McKNIGHT, W. J. to Susan Hann on 20 Nov 1855.

McKNIGHT, W. V. to Martha F. Jones on 21 Mar 1865.

McNAIR, Evander to Jennie Stodghill on 17 Oct 1865.

McNEILL, Joseph to Mrs. Phebe Mitchell on 26 Jun 1860.

McREYNOLDS, B. O. to T. Ann Hutchison on 16 Feb 1864.

McROBERTS, A. J. to Mary A. Fisher on 6 Jun 1860.

McVAY, J. A. to N. J. Crane on 12 Sep 1854.

MEADOWS, Jacob to Louisa Graves on 3 Mar 1870.

MEAUX, Bacon to Emily J. Hickman on 19 Apr 1854.

MEAUX, James B. to Sally Gunn on 21 Jun 1860.

MEAUX, Patrick H. to Mary Eliza Doram on 15 May 1860.

MEAUX, R. Thomas to Diadamia E. Doram on 20 Dec 1865.

MEAUX, Smith to China Welsh on 11 Feb 1873.

MEAUX, William B. to Mary Ann Davis on 25 Oct 1870.

MEIGS, R. H. to Maria B. Nichols on 20 Jun 1861.

MERRIDY, Andy to Margaret Vaught on 23 Dec 1871.

MERRILL, Micajah to Polly Christeson on 26 Mar 1866.

MERRIMAN, Harvey to Maggie Gorley on 22 Apr 1875.

MERRITT, J. to Mary Rainey on 11 Jan 1854.

MERRYMAN, Harvey to Dicie Ann Hale on 27 Jan 1857.

METCALFE, Camillus W. to Elizabeth B. Welsh on 23 Apr 1856.

MEYER, Jacob to Martha Parks on 30 Dec 1865.

MEYER, John to Maria Gregory on 13 Jun 1872.

MEYER, John M. to Mary F. English on 22 Oct 1866.

MEYER, Richard to Amanda Graham on 12 Apr 1875.

MEYERS, Hans to Jennie Weatherford on 1 May 1872.

MIDDLETON, William O. to Nannie J. Hutchings on 15 Feb 1868.

MILBURN, A. J. to Emily Tyre on 23 Jan 1862.

MILBURN, C. to Alvira Holland on 21 Jan 1858.

MILBURN, John to Ann Scantlan on 3 Apr 1871.

MILBURN, William to Mary Swearingian on 1 Nov 1866.

MILBURN, William to Louisa Maxey on 6 Apr 1874.

MILLER, Daniel to Amarilla Goode on 9 Oct 1856.

MILLER, Eugene W. to Mattie A. Mize on 12 Sep 1866.

MILLER, London to Sarrina Boggs on 29 Oct 1868.

MILLER, Willis to Susan Burditt on 12 Jun 1867.

MILLS, John F. to Frances Guthrie on 22 Mar 1865.

MILTON, Henry to Nancy J. Butler (or Burtler) on 20 Jun 1860.

MINICK, Henry P. to Priscilla F. Bennington on 24 Dec 1859.

MINOR, William to Martha Taylor on 18 Aug 1860.

MINOR, William H. to Minerva P. Philips on 12 Jul 1859.

MITCHELL, A. S. to Mary Brent Talbott on 25 Sep 1851.

MITCHELL, Alex to Mary Wade on 14 Jan 1871.

MITCHELL, Alex to Ann Alford on 20 May 1875.

MITCHELL, Edmond to Mary Coulter on 26 Nov 1873.

MITCHELL, Ellis to Martha Brooks on 27 Jul 1871.

MITCHELL, Hervey N. to Sarah F. Crawford on 10 Jan 1853.

MITCHELL, James H. to Pheby Nevius on 25 May 1857.

MITCHELL, John to Mattie B. McGinnis on 12 May 1873.

MITCHELL, Jordan to Nelly Leach on 7 Nov 1868.

MITCHELL, Joseph to Mattie Mitchell on 22 Jan 1873.

MITCHELL, Lewis D. to Sarah E. Ewing on 22 Feb 1859.

MITCHELL, R. H. C. to Sallie L. Caldwell on 19 Dec 1872.

MITCHELL, R. H. C. to E. H. Harberson on 11 Dec 1851.

MITCHELL, Rice to Mahala Harbison on 30 Nov 1866.

MITCHELL, Robert to Bell Fry on 18 Feb 1873.

MITCHELL, W. G. to Maggie Spears on 12 Oct 1870.

MITCHELL, William to Maggie Carrick on 29 Sep 1874.

MITCHELL, William to Mary J. Walker on 24 Jul 1869.

MITCHELL, William L. to M. B. Mutchmore on 3 May 1858.

MOCK, Lewis to Sallie M. Cochran on 9 Nov 1857.

MONTGOMERY, Isaac T. to Elsinda West on 30 Oct 1855.

MONTGOMERY, Isham to Narcissa Pendagraft on 4 Feb 1871.

MONTGOMERY, John to Clema J. Pendygraft on 16 Jan 1867.

MONTGOMERY, John L. to Lizzie F. Survant on 17 Nov 1873.

MONTGOMERY, Samuel to Lucinda F. Overstreet on 5 Jan 1861.

MONTGOMERY, Smith to Susan Brennan on 28 May 1861.

MONTGOMERY, Thomas to Maria Pendegraft on 8 Feb 1866.

MONTGOMERY, Thomas to Josephine Pendergraff on 16 Oct 1854.

MONTGOMERY, William to Agnes L. Moorman on 5 Oct 1857.

MONTGOMERY, William H. to Adda S. Karrick on 27 Oct 1875.

MONTGOMERY, William H. to Mrs. Ellen Swearingen on 18 Jun 1856.

MOORE, George M. to Sallie J. Sneed on 19 Apr 1870.

MOORE, J. H. to S. F. Franklin on 9 May 1854.

MOORE, Joe to Martha Fry on 4 Nov 1875.

MOORE, John S. to Emma Young on 25 Sep 1871.

MOORE, Joseph S. to Nancy F. Peavler on 22 Nov 1869.

MOORE, Lawson A. to Bettie F. Mason on 27 Jan 1864.

MOORE, Monroe to June Grimes on 27 Jun 1874.

MOORE, Richard to Mary Cable on 17 Jan 1870.

MOORE, Robert to Carrie Marshall on 22 Dec 1874.

MOORE, Samuel A. to Mary B. Stewart on 8 Nov 1869.

MOORE, Simon to Martha Welsh on 8 Sep 1867.

MOORE, Thomas J. to Kate Harris on 9 Oct 1875.

MOORE, William F. to Mary A. Hughes on 26 Sep 1855.

MOOREMAN, Jacob to Caroline Reed on 10 Apr 1972.

MOORMAN, Jesse W. to M. D. Dye on 20 Dec 1858.

MOORMAN, John A. to Amanda Moorman on 21 Dec 1857.

MORAN, Daniel to Selia Cornelius on 2 Dec 1868.

MORAN, Dr. to Margaret Cowan on 1 Sep 1875.

MORGAN, Joseph to Martha A. F. Dye on 2 Apr 1866.

MORGAN, Thomas J. to Sarah Bentley on 30 Aug 1865.

MORGAN, W. B. to Josephene K. Wallack on 15 Jul 1867.

MORTON, Joseph to Mary Ellen Crane on 29 Jan 1855.

MOSBY, David to Dicie Gash on 30 Jul 1875.

MOSBY, Jack to Jane Boling on 25 Dec 1865.

MOSBY, R. M. to ANne J. Pent on 16 Oct 1874.

MOSEBY, James to Susan Walker on 1 Jan 1868.

MOSLAY, William to Mary C. Meyer on 27 Dec 1869.

MOSLEY, William to J. Nancy Smith on 11 Sep 1875.

MOSS, Henry C. to Mary Jane Parker on 9 Nov 1852.

MOSS, Thomas L. to Lydia Jane Rainey on 15 Aug 1856.

MOSS, William to Mary Preston on 10 Feb 1865.

MOSS, William S. to Elizabeth Vermillion on 17 Feb 1860.

MOTON, Joseph to Alice Webb on 13 Nov 1873.

MOUNTAINE, Thomas to Rosie A. English on 3 Oct 1874.

MULLEN, James H. to Mollie Holmes on 8 Sep 1873

MULLINS, James H. to Mollie Holmes on 8 Sep 1873.

MULLINS, William H. to Sarah Seiber on 5 Sep 1865.

MURPHY, Fleming to Julia F. Rowe on 7 Feb 1866.

MURPHY, I. L. to Amanda Taylor on 1 Nov 1855.

MURPHY, James to Matilda Young on 21 Sep 1854.

MURPHY, Michael to Johann Cotney on 29 Jan 1869.

MURPHY, Patrick to Joanna Tracy on 12 May 1864.

MURPHY, William to S. A. McGraw on 5 Jul 1865.

MUSCROFT, George J. to Martha L. Runyon on 3 May 1858.

MYER, Charles to Bridget Sullivan on 9 Feb 1863.

MYER, Hans to Elizabeth kAllen on 25 Dec 1867.

MYERS, J. D. to F. J. Shackelford on 19 Dec 1866.

MYERS, Moses to Caroline Smith on 20 Mar 1862.

MYERS, Strother to Mrs. Malevia Simpson on 31 Mar 1866.

MYERS, William R. to Sarah A. Watkins on 8 Jan 1866.

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