Boyle County Marriages - "H"

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NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Boyle County, KY.

H Surnames

HACKNEY, John M. to Martha Scott on 4 Dec 1872.

HACKNEY, John M. to Martha S. Webb on 27 Mar 1853.

HAFLEY, Joseph, to Frances A. Bottom on 12 Mar 1853.

HAFLEY, Richard to Mary Tillitha Shannon on 13 Dec 1866.

HAGAN, James to Elizabeth Whitehouse on 28 Oct 1873.

HAGGAN, John W. to Fanny V. Harlan on 19 Oct 1873.

HALE, George to Mollie Hope on 24 Dec 1872.

HALL, William to Martha Jane Temple on 13 Feb 1852.

HALL, William B. to Mary Ann Kincaid on 24 Dec 1824 Dec 1855.

HAMILTON, James W. to Azaretta May on 30 Aug 1865.

HAMILTON, John W. to Mary Harmon on 1 Nov 1871.

HAMILTON, Samuel to Maggie Hope on 10 Nov 1875.

HAMILTON, Samuel L. to Chestine P. Powell on 11 Apr 1864.

HAMMON, John R. to Lucy Hughes on 25 May 1864.

HAMNER, Guy to Margaret White on 5 Mary 1873.

HAMNER, Wilson to Amanda McGinnis on 7 Jan 1862.

HANCOCK, George to Elizabeth Hocker on 16 Jan 1854.

HANKLA, George C. to Elizabeth Malone on 25 Apr 1853.

HANKLA, L. G. to Nannie Williams on 8 Dec 1875.

HANKLA, M. F. to Martha J. Landcart (or Lankart) on 1 Nov 1869.

HANNAFORD, James M. to Sarah Elizabeth Baldwin on 15 Oct 1860.

HANRAHAN, Conrad to Mary T. Burke on 1 Jun 1856 (submitted by Maureen Cullivan, source Kentucky Marriage Records 1852-1914, Ancestry.)

HANSFORD, Monroe to Sarah C. Doram on 2 Oct 1873.

HARBERSON, R. A. to Keturah M. Briscoe on 27 Apr 1857.

HARBERSON, Thomas J. to Margaret E. Crow on 21 Dec 1852.

HARDIN, Morica (or Mordica) to Lucy P. Goodloe on 20 Nov 1855.

HARDIN, Nick F. to Mary E. Clemmons on 6 Mar 1872.

HARDIN, Samuel to ELizabeth Friderici on 13 May 1863.

HARLAN, Andrew to Martha Parks on 2 Jul 1872.

HARLAN, Anthony to George Ann Myers on 25 Nov 1869.

HARLAN, Armistead M. to Mary E. Pope on 1 Nov 1852.

HARLAN, Ben to Charlotte Caldwell on 1 Jan 1872.

HARLAN, Harrison to Fanny Walker on 29 Nov 1871.

HARLAN, Henry to Delila Pipes on 24 Sep 1851.

HARLAN, J. G. to Jane S. Evans on 14 Jun 1852.

HARLAN, Jacob to Louisa T. Roberts on 5 Nov 1857.

HARLAN, James to Rachel S. Nichols on 12 Jul 1859.

HARLAN, Jeremiah to Sarah J. Hutchings on 6 Sep 1865.

HARLAN, John to Eliza W. Clements on 21 May 1851.

HARLAN, Richard to Mary Jane Mason on14 Jul 1869.

HARLAN, Richard to Lettie James on 28 Sep 1871.

HARLAN, Willis to Adline Dillehay on 7 Jan 1869.

HARLAN, Wiliam to C. Lewis on 24 Aug 1867.

HARM, Robert to Margaret Shackelford on 18 Feb 1868.

HARMAN, Elias to Margaret F. Conder on 16 Oct 1865.

HARMAN, Elias to Clara Montgomery on 23 Feb 1874.

HARMAN, George to Nancy Jane Critchfield on 1 Nov 1875.

HARMAN, Jefferson T. to Kiziah B. Whitehouse on 29 Jul 1865.

HARMON, Rice H. to Nancy E. Gray on 30 Jan 1867.

HARMON, Samuel to Mary Arnold on 5 Nov 1851.

HARMON, William to Clemantine Bottom on 11 Jan 1847.

HARMON, William H. to Lucrecia Pope on 20 Jan 1873.

HARMON, W. T. to Margaret Pipe on 4 Oct 1875.

HARNESS, C. F. to Frances C. Brown on 7 Jul 1852.

HARNESS, Thomas to Mary Jane Brown on 18 Jun 1851.

HARNESS, W. A. ato Serenia I. Bruce on 3 Nov 1851.

HARREL, James to Mary Williams on 2 Oct 1867.

HARRIFORD, Moses to Alice Burton on 10 Nov 1869.

HARRIS, Burl Jr., to Lucy Clark on 30 Dec 1874.

HARRIS, D. D. to Mary Elizabeth Fletcher on 12 Oct 1857.

HARRIS, J. W. to Sallie A> Gregory on 3 Feb 1866.

HARRIS, J. W. to Mrs. Fanny Gregory on 22 Jun 1872.

HARRIS, John to Louisa Baker on 9 Oct 1875.

HARRIS, John H. to Margaret H. Brown on 21 Oct 1868.

HARRIS, Overton to Ella Metcalfe on 13 Oct 1874.

HARRIS, Samuel to Emily B. Thompson on 27 Jul 1871.

HARRIS, W. H. to Mary E. Akin on 11 Dec 1867.

HARRISON, Thomas to Mrs. Virginia Noel on 22 Aug 1868.

HART, Abraham to Hannah Moore on 23 Sep 1867.

HART, Jacob to Martha Sweeney on 27 Aug 1870.

HARVEY, John to Nancy J. McCarty on 5 Jun 1860.

HASELDEN, J. S. to Mary B. Raymond on 26 Feb 1873.

HATCH, William H. to Jenny L. Smith on 22 Sep 1855.

HATCHEL, Henry H. to Elizabeth Martin on 10 May 1865.

HATCHETT, Edward B. to Milly Bottom on 17 May 1848.

HATCHETT, William to Catherine Bottom on 13 Sep 1845.

HAWKINS, Jno. to Loutishea Cloyd on 31 Mar 1870.

HAWKINS, THomas to Belle Griffiny on 28 Feb 1873.

HAY, H. K. to Maggie Gregory on 14 Jan 1875.

HAY, John to Barbara Thurman on 26 Dec 1870.

HAY, Joseph to Nannie J. Rochester on 8 Oct 1857.

HAYES, James C. to Sarah E. Gray on 15 Sep 1869.

HAYES, William to Mary Jane Gash on 19 Mar 1855.

HAYS, Andy to Mary Borwn on 3 May 1875.

HAYS, James C. to Sarah E. Gray on 15 Sep 1869.

HEAD, Robert F. to Joe A. Randles on 23 May 1871.

HEARMS, (or Herms) Frederick to Mary E. Vermillion on 11 Dec 1866.

HEARTMAN, James F. to Lizzie Waters on 7 Sep 1869.

HEATH, Calvin to Patsy Crawford on 25 Sep 1871.

HEATH, Gilbert to Eliza Patterson on 17 Feb 1869.

HELM, Abe to Rebecca Helm on 16 Jun 1869.

HELM, George to Jennie Cowan on 12 Apr 1875.

HELM, John T. to Martha E. Whitehouse on 25 Oct 1852.

HELM, Marquis to Isaphena Briscoe on 17 Sep 1855.

HELM, Thomas to Emily Paxton on 1 Jan 1868.

HELMS, Thomas to Martha Lackey on 24 Jul 1869.

HENDERSON, Jessy to Sarah Amanda Guthrie on 23 Dec 1869.

HENDERSON, William W. to Jane S. Harlan on 4 Feb 1863.

HENLEY, Thomas to Mary T. Fagundus on 3 Dec 1867.

HERON, Sam to E. Julia Jacobs on 17 Nov 1853.

HENRY, (or Hervey) John C. to Ruth Ann Gill on 27 Dec 1852.

HERRING, Hiram to Nora Riley on May 10, 1906.

HICKMAN, Anderson to Permalia Glassgow on 14 Dec 1865.

HICKMAN, James L. to Eliza Duncan on 29 Jan 1852.

HICKMAN, Wallace to Kitty Cowan on 7 Sep 1867.

HICKS, Benjamin to Mary Dudley on 31 Jul 1871.

HICKS, Charles to Julia Harris on 30 Jan 1873.

HICKS, CHarles H. to Lucy Ramsey on 7 Nov 1865.

HICKS, Joseph to Martha M. Ramsel (or Ramsey) on 8 Feb 1864.

HICKS, William to Narcissa Cox on 21 Aug 1867.

HIGGINS, Smith to Emma Goodloe on 23 Aug 1871.

HIGGINS, Spencer to Patty Berch on 21 Dec 1867.

HIGHNIGHT, Wesley to Susan Temple on 25 Sep 1854.

HILL, Charles to Kate A. Pawling on 17 Oct 1866.

HILL, Richard to Elizabeth Dergin on 8 Jun 1872.

HILL, Thomas P. to Mrs. Frances Fowler on 15 Oct 1867.

HILL, W. W. to Martha Jane Smith on 21 Jan 1858.

HINES, Henry to Malinda Williams on 17 Nov 1865.

HINKLEY, William B. to Mrs. Anna Burns on 23 Dec 1867.

HINMAN, David S. to Susan C. Jackson on 24 Nov 1868.

HOBBS, W. K. to Susie W. Smiley on 18 Jul 1872.

HOCH, William F. to Fannie Green on 25 Nov 1867.

HOCKER, Benkamin D. to Julia A. Dunn on 20 Oct 1856.

HOCKER, Edward to Lizzie Pennman (or Penman) on 30 Dec 1871.

HOCKER, Elisha to Mary Jane Proctor on 16 Jan 1868.

HOCKER, Harry to Rachel Walker on 8 Jun 1867.

HOCKER, Lewis to Susan Mary Hicks on 6 Jun 1868.

HOCKER, Nicholas to Mary Lee on 20 Mar 1855.

HOCKER, Owen to Lucinda Henderson on 3 Mar 1855.

HOCKER, Reed to Elizabeth Scott on 27 Dec 1869.

HOCKER, Samuel to Elvira Powell on 17 Oct 1872.

HODGES, (or Hodgen) A. C. to Mary H. Thomas on 28 Oct 1873.

HODGES, J. O. to Mary Messick on 19 Feb 1857.

HOGUE, F. H. to Sarah J. Harris on 5 Aug 1875.

HOGUE, John Alfred to Sarah Elizabeth Duncan on 17 Feb 1873.

HOLLAND, Robert to Martha Arnold on 25 Nov 1857.

HOLLON, James T. to Lizzie S. Gray on 19 Oct 1872.

HOLLOWAY, James M. to Annie L. Warren on 8 Mar 1858.

HOLLY, Austin to Sarah Preston on 21 Aug 1875.

HOLMES, James P. to Nannie A. Robertson on 7 Jan 1869.

HOLMES, Joseph to Margaret Williams on 28 Jun 1871.

HOLMES, Spencer to Eliza Green on 17 Nov 1869.

HOLMES, W. B. to Nannie J. Moore on 20 Nov 1865.

HOLMES, William T. to Martha B. Hughes on 19 Sep 1855.

HOLT, William M. to E. M. Davenport on 25 May 1870.

HOLTBY, George to Patsey A. Coffman on 4 Aug 1874.

HOOD, Robert to Ellen Dunn on 7 Mar 1867.

HOPKINS, E. S. to Mary O. Scrogham on 27 Dec 1873.

HOPKINS, Jeremiah to Louise Yadon on 7 Dec 1868.

HOPKINS, Ned to Jennie Alford on 10 Jan 1867.

HOPPER, Joseph H. to Mary B. Mitchell on 10 Jan 1853.

HOPPER, R. A. to Eva E. Logan on 24 May 1869.

HOPPER, William D. to Martha A. Stodghill on 21 Nov 1862.

HOSKINS, John G. to Maggie Terry on 12 Oct 1875.

HOUBERY, James to Sarilda Bottom on 18 Jul 1853.

HOURIGAN, Appollos to Nancy Margaret Clarkson on 19 Sep 1860.

HOURIGAN, James M. to Mary E. Guthrie on 29 Mar 1858.

HOUSTON, Samuel to C. H. Mason on 24 Sep 1867.

HOWARD, Monroe to Mary Cowan on 9 Mar 1871.

HUBBLE, H. M. o Emma Spoonamore on 2 Feb 1874.

HUDSON, Charles L. to Martha E. Stewart on 3 May 1870.

HUDSON, Jack to Maria Harrison on 16 Nov 1867.

HUDSON, Joseph F. to Amanda E. Russell on 23 Aug 1866.

HUDSON, Simon to Mellissa Powell on 11 Nov 1871.

HUDSON, Thomas J. to Mary E. Huntington on 17 May 1864.

HUFFMAN, William to Mary Givens on 11 Oct 1867.

HUGHES, Thomas J. to Henrietta Beswick on 18 Oct 1866.

HUGHES, (or Hughs) William to Mary Elizabeth Marksbury on 24 Dec 1861.

HUMBLE, D. F. to Susan E. Gregory on 29 Oct 1860.

HUMPHREY, Edward W. C. to Jessie Barkley on 21 Oct 1867.

HUNDLEY, Henry to Mary E. Weatherford on 6 Nov 1863.

HUNDLEY, J. S. to Victoria Logan on 7 Jan 1861.

HUNT, William W. to Mary Evans on 4 Oct 1856.

HUSSING, John to Mary SHoffen on 18 May 1872.

HUSTON, Sam to Bettie Irvine on 26 Mar 1874.

HYDE, Humphrey to Mary E. Taylor on 7 Sep 1853.

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