Boyle County Marriages - "G"

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Records are sorted by the groom's last name. Use the edit/find function of your browser or the site search to search by bride's last name. The letters below link to the first letter of the groom's surname.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Boyle County, KY.

G Surnames

GABHART, Peter to M. F. Russell on 3 Sep 1859.

GADDIS, Daniel to Catherine Hall on 15 Sep 1855.

GAINES, Benjamin W. to Mary E. Slaughter on 15 Jun 1852.

GAINES, Louis to Ev Ann Penman on 17 Mar 1869.

GAMBLE, John to Ellen Brenen on 19 Apr 1859.

GANN, John to Sarah Engram on 6 Sep 1869.

GARDNER, Albert to Mary Davenport on 3 Jun 1868.

GARRETT, Benton to Mrs. Mary Carpenter on 15 Jun 1882.

GARRETT, (or Garett) D. A. to Sarah J. Rogers on 24 Jun 1858.

GARRETT, William to Mary Campbell on 10 Dec 1856.

GARVIN, Green to Maria Garvin on 30 Jul 1869.

GARRIS, Benjamin W. to Mary E. Slaughter on 15 Jun 1852.

GASH, Losson to Jane Quinn on 5 Dec 1855.

GASH, Jeff to Willin Burton on 22 Jan 1873.

GASH, Wilson to Vena Ann Dodd on 27 Dec 1871.

GATES, David to Hannah Lee on 3 Dec 1867.

GEISER, Samuel to Bettie Craig on 20 Feb 1868.

GENTRY, Overton H. to Josephine Wood on 7 Jul 1858.

GEORGE, Samuel to Belle Fisher on 28 Dec 1868.

GEORGE, William to Mary Norvell on 10 Jan 1859.

GEORGE, Ralph to Richard Ann Crutchfield on 5 Jun 1860.

GERHARD, Jacob to Elizabeth Markham on 26 Dec 1853.

GHAM, Wesley to Winnie Maho on 1 Jul 1872.

GIBSON, Alfred to Elizabeth Yadon on 17 Jan 1868.

GIBSON, Jerry to Almeda White on 23 Feb 1870.

GIBSON, Milton to Mary Jane Bottom on 17 Oct 1843.

GILL, Thomas to Betty Breckenrige on 25 Dec 1866.

GILLERLAN, Thomas to Millie Hicks on 8 Jun 1869.

GILLILAND, James M. to Addieline Rogers on 8 Aug 1870.

GILPIN, Ernest Williamson to Carrie Jane Reardon on 17 Oct 1959 at Faith Chapel Church with Mrs. L.M. Omer officiating.

GILPIN, George W. to Jane Johnson on 8 Apr 1867.

GINN, Henry to Elizabeth Fields on 2 Nov 1870.

GIVENS, Ben to Hettie Yeiser on 23 Jul 1869.

GIVENS, James to Helen Richardson on 20 Jun 1868.

GIVENS, Jno to Mary Yeager on 9 Dec 1875.

GIVENS, Reed to Permelia Johnson on 15 May 1869.

GIVENS, Richard to Sallie Middleton on 16 Dec 1874.

GIVENS, William to Mollie Taylor on 10 Jul 1875.

GLASS, Harvey to Susan Downtown on 11 May 1869.

GLASSCOCK, H. S. to Mahala Anne Rector on 1 Sep 1873.

GODBEY, W. B. to America E. Durham on 2 Jun 1869.

GOFF, James M. to Martha Berger on 19 May 1866.

GOOCH, Elias to Enidy J. Robinson on 1 Feb 1869.

GOOD, Alexander to Margaret Warford on 18 Oct 1866.

GOODE, George S. to Sarah E. Bottom on 10 Aug 1861.

GOODE, John to Martha Simpson on 23 Mar 1864.

GOODE, John to Nancy Shearin on 3 Jan 1859.

GOODE, Joshua to Synthia Burger on 25 Jul 1870.

GOODE, Samuel to Julia Ann Waters on 10 Jun 1875.

GOODE, William G. to Sarah J. Shiron on 5 Aug 1862.

GOODE, William S. to Mary Houge on 12 Jun 1875.

GOODKNIGHT, Henry to Clamense Tewmey on 11 Feb 1863.

GOODKNIGHT, M. R. to Sallie C. Williams on 28 May 1872.

GOODLOE, Abraham to Tenrainy Hart on 6 Jul 1867.

GOODLOE, Alex to Harriet Christopher on 27 Aug 1873.

GOODLOE, Duncan to Virginia M. Jones on 5 Dec 1866.

GOODLOE, John d. to Jennie White on 18 Feb 1873.

GOODLOE, Squire to Ella Green on 3 Oct 1868.

GOODLOE, William O. to Ema H. Bent on 30 Jun 1873.

GORDON, Herbert Allen to Rosalie Von Todenwarth on 11 May 1929.

GORDON, John L. to Mary Ann McAnelly on 24 Mar 1858.

GORMAN, J. F. to Annie C. Dollins on 19 May 1874.

GOSS, John to Martha Coleman on 26 Nov 1851.

GRAHAM, Gabriel to Emily Graham on 25 Jan 1869.

GRAHAM, George to Elizabeth Penington on 5 May 1866.

GRAHAM, John to Nancy E. Bottom on 6 Dec 1852.

GRANT, William to Fannie H. Walker on 13 Jul 1874.

GRANTLAND, John W. to Louisa Calvert on 15 May 1865.

GRAVES, Edmond to Nancy Graves on 23 Nov 1868.

GRAVES, Edmund to Emily Colman on 27 Dec 1870.

GRAVES, Henry to Catherine Meaux on 9 Mar 1871.

GRAY, Isaac M. to Mary Figg on 6 Nov 1867.

GRAY, James P. to Elizabeth Hocker on 16 Jun 1869.

GRAY, James M. to Kate H. Tilford on 21 Jan 1852.

GRAY, James M. to Sarah Tadlock on 27 Mar 1855.

GRAY, James M. Jr., to Lucy A. Peters on 16 Nov 1857.

GRAY, J. W. to Margaret Muir on 19 Mar 1874.

GRAY, Milford to Jane Stubbs on 29 Aug 1873.

GRAY, Samuel to Elizabeth McKee on 30 Aug 1869.

GRAY, W. H. to Phoebe E. Caldwell on 13 Sep 1871.

GREEN, George R. to E. O. Talbott on 30 May 1853.

GREEN, Henry to Sidney Thompson on 11 Sep 1852.

GREEN, L. G. to Caroline M. Walker on 3 Jul 1851.

GREEN, Richard to Trysee E. Thomas on 21 Mar 1861.

GREEN, Samuel to Jane Courtney on 6 Dec 1866.

GREEN, Thomas W. to elma Ryerson on 26 Nov 1862.

GREEN, Wallace to Harriet Karrick on 20 Nov 1866.

GREEN, William to Eliza Hickman on 18 Feb 1868.

GREEN, Wilson to Hester A. Davis on 6 Oct 1853.

GREENWAY, John M. to Lou Welsh on 28 Apr 1870.

GREENWOOD, George A. to Mary F. Stephens on 8 Mar 1858.

GREGORY, A. K. to Maria B. Eastland on 17 Feb 1862.

GREGORY, James W. to Emma G. Goodloe on 8 Oct 1861.

GREGORY, Steve to Annie Penick on 28 Feb 1873.

GRESHAM, Phillip to Lou Welsh on 28 Apr 1870.

GRESHAM, Phillip to Rebecca J. Scott on 28 Nov 1866.

GRIER, Columbus to Georgie Keeley on 9 Dec 1872.

GRIFFIN, Gerald to Johann Ryan on 11 Oct 1875.

GRIFFIN, Richard to Frances Garrett on 27 Feb 1875.

GRIFFIN, Spencer to Bettie Tucker on 22 Sep 1875.

GRIFFY, Frank to Mary Grigsby on 17 Oct 1868.

GRIGSBY, Alex to Susan Davis on 1 Apr 1871.

GRINSTEAD, W. C. to Lucinda E. Caldwell on 9 Oct 1872.

GRUBB, Alfred B. to Ann E. Spears on 17 Aug 1852 (or 1858).

GRUBBS, William E. to Desdimonia Young on 13 Dec 1867.

GUASH, A. to Ann Tevis on 18 Oct 1867.

GUERRANT, R. P. to Anna R. Davis on 6 OCt 1875.

GUNN, Elijah to Mattie Taylor on 13 Aug 1873.

GUNN, George to Margaret Davis on 18 Jan 1867.

GUNTER, Uriah to Delila Wilsher on 27 Nov 1865.

GUTHERY, Green to Betty Phillips on 26 Nov 1866.

GUTHRIE, Aquilla to Betty Burton on 26 Nov 1866.

GUTHRIE, J. B. to Emma McAfee on 4 Sep 1869.

GUTHRIE, John W. to Nancy J. Hope on 23 Dec 1869.

GUTHRIE, Richard Hope to Sarah Ellen Stewart on 10 Oct 1842.

GUYER, William A. to Martha Jane Chamberson 1 Jan 1869.

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