Boyle County Marriages - "F"

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Records are sorted by the groom's last name. Use the edit/find function of your browser or the site search to search by bride's last name. The letters below link to the first letter of the groom's surname.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Boyle County, KY.

F Surnames

FACKLER, John T. to Jane C. Reed on 5 Jul 1854.

FAIRMAN, John H. to Susan A. Graham on 9 Oct 1856.

FALLOWAY, William to Sarah Campbell on 10 Dec 1856.

FARLEE, David to Caroline Christopher on 17 May 1861.

FARLEE, Smith to Mary Gregory on 4 Feb 1871.

FARLEY, James W. to Ann Banford on 7 Oct 1865.

FARRIS, Henry to Bettie Weisinger on 26 Oct 1871.

FARRIS, Owen to Kitty Gaines on 18 Apr 1872.

FAULCONER, Joseph to Mollie O. Foreman on 20 Dec 1864.

FEENY, Matthew to Nancy Jane Glasscoke on 6 Dec 1875.

FELAND, A. M. to Mollie N. Cooper on 9 Nov 1871.

FELAND, Caleb to Mary Givens on 28 Dec 1871.

FERREL, J. C. to Augusta Joanna Geyer on 9 Feb 1869.

FERREL, John C. to Isabel R. Bottom on 3 Apr 1866.

FIBLE, Micajah to Pattie Batterton on 24 Jul 1862.

FIELDS, C. to Sarah F. Lane on 10 Feb 1873.

FIELDS, Gabriel to Lizzie Prather on 30 Sep 1869.

FIELDS, James to Susan A. Penny on 27 Sep 1851.

FIELDS, Smith L. to Mary F. Monn on 24 Sep 1855.

FIELDS, Z. F. to Elizabeth H. Ludwich on 13 Sep 1869.

FIGG, Russel to Mary E. Shettle on 15 Aug 1872.

FIGG, William to Emily P. Barret on 23 Jun 1856.

FISHBACK, B. Frank to Sophia F. Lee on 18 Feb 1856.

FISHER, Green to Effie Wallace on 11 Oct 1866.

FISHER, Robert to Emma May on 10 May 1866.

FISHER, Wallace to Eliza Jones on 6 Mar 1873.

FISHER, Wilson to Nancy Givens on 9 Mar 1872.

FITZPATRICK, Randall to Victoria Caldwell on 29 Jul 1875.

FLAIG, Edward to Julia T. Young on 13 May 1868.

FLEECE, George to Lizzie Rochester on 15 Jun 1866.

FLEECE, W. P. to Fanny R. Mitchell on 29 Nov 1853.

FLEMING, W. M. to Margaret Ann Swope on 15 Jun 1858.

FLETCHER, Henry J. to Ann M. Wallas on 12 Aug 1852.

FLOURNEY, Michael to Sarah Kimbal on 1 Dec 1873.

FLOYD, Ben to Mary Jenkins on 26 Dec 1867.

FLOYD, S. N. to Martha H. Brinton on 29 Aug 1868.

FLOYD, William to Emelie Engleman on 16 Oct 1871.

FOGARTY, John to Bridget Fox on 13 Jan 1872.

FORBIS, H. K. to S. M. Caldwell on 24 May 1862.

FORSTON, John W. to Emma J. Tucker on 4 Sep 1869.

FORT, Elisha P. to Parthenia B. Williams on 19 Oct 1864.

FOX, D. B. to Rachel Jane Swearingen on 28 Dec 1875.

FOX, Edward H. to Amelia Head on 27 May 1873.

FOX, James to Elizabeth Bolland on 8 Aug 1871.

FRAYNE, Moses to Jane Ridge on 15 Apr 1859.

FRAZER, George to Frances H. Thayer on 7 May 1857.

FRAZIER, Wash to Sarah Craig on 9 Oct 1875.

FRENCH, William H. to Almeta Fields on 4 Sep 1865.

FROMAN, Thomas G. to Sarah Bell Wilson on 23 Jan 1869.

FRY, Cary to Jane Reed on 5 Nov 1868.

FRY, David to Sarah Baker on 8 Aug 1874.

FRY, Huey to Mattie Tribble on 2 Apr 1874.

FRY, Jackson to Maggie Reed on 15 Aug 1872.

FRY, Milford to Ellen Farley on 5 Sep 1867.

FRY, Orange to Mary L. Green on 10 Jul 1867.

FRY, Phillip to Peasley Smith on 15 Jul 1870.

FRY, Phillip to Lottie Smith on 4 Seep 1869.

FRY, Speed S. to Cynthia A. Hope on 20 Oct 1851.

FRY, William W. to Laura E. Davis on 15 Oct 1868.

FUEL, James to Amanda Pike on 18 Apr 1851.

FUEL, John to Susan Ann Jones on 15 Jun 1870.

FUNK, Alonzo to Bettie J. Kimberlin on 2 Nov 1871.

FUNK, Jacob to Mrs. E. A. Burnett on 23 May 1868.

FUNK, John H. to Frances C. Hudson on 9 Jun 1860.

FURGERSON, John to Cordie Fields on 14 Aug 1866.

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