Boyle County Marriages - "D"

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NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Boyle County, KY.

D Surnames

DANSON, Matthew to Sarah Adams on 13 Apr 1870.

DAUGHTERY, Randal to Martha Helm on 24 Jul 1873.

DAUGHTERY, W. G. to Mollie Sumpter on 23 Jun 1875.

DAVIDSON, William to Eliza Denton on 24 AUg 1875.

DAVIS, Alexander to Ellen Alford on 5 Sep 1872.

DAVIS, George R. to Maggie Davis on 16 Nov 1874.

DAVIS, George W. to Ellen E. Walden on 18 Sep 1854.

DAVIS, Henry to Mary Fry on 3 Jun 1874.

DAVIS, J. F. to Matilda A. Rucker on 12 Mar 1851.

DAVIS, James to Hester M. Crawford on 29 Jan 1856.

DAVIS, James S. to Nancy Jane Dooley on 31 Oct 1872.

DAVIS, Joel to Mary M. Randeyls on 21 Mar 1866.

DAVIS, John M. to Bettie Paxton Talbott on 29 Aug 1859.

DAVIS, John W. to Mrs. P. A. Mosley on 7 Oct 1853.

DAVIS, Lewis to Sarah Slaughter on 29 Aug 1866.

DAVIS, S. B. to Mrs. Mary Worsham on 31 Oct 1871.

DAVIS, Samuel to Susan Penman on 30 Jan 1868.

DAVIS, Walter B. to Jennie Owsley on 16 Jan 1873.

DEAN, Henry to Mary Whitenhill on 12 Feb 1857.

DEAN, Monroe to Eliza Whitenhile on 30 Apr 1859.

DEATHERAGE, Allen to Ann Eliza Colson on 11 Sep 1856.

DEBAUM, WIlliam J. to Bettie K. Praither on 31 Aug 1872.

DEBAUN, Iverson L. B. to Dorinda Tewmey on 12 Apr 1851.

DECKER, Joseph to Maggie Gilkerson on 20 Oct 1869.

DELONG, E. S. to Fanny H. Lucas on 22 Jun 1869.

DENNY, Clayton to Louisa Denny on 7 May 1870.

DENNY, Quinn to Celie Gillispie on 15 Apr 1869.

DENTON, George to Mary Ann Matherly on 25 Aug 1875.

DEPAUW, Charles to Nanie (or Nannie) Marrs on 20 Jan 1869.

DICKERSON, George to Julia Works on 16 May 1872.

DICKERSON, Henry to Mahala Russel on 27 Jun 1871.

DICKERSON, W. H. to Rosa B. Praigg on 23 Jul 1867.

DILLEHAY, J. T. to Jennie C. Russel on 4 Feb 1869.

DIMMITT, L. to Elizabeth Fuller on 8 Aug 1857.

DISHMAN, Harvey to Millie Caldwell on 11 Mar 1872.

DIVINE, WIlliam to Sarah C. Cook on 30 May 1865.

DODD, James to Cynthia Garvin on 2 Jan 1867.

DODDS, James R. to Lizzie L. McDonald on 10 Feb 1868.

DODDS, W. T. to Clara Lane on 25 Nov 1871.

DOKE, Thomas J. to Martha Bouce on 21 Nov 1853.

DOLLINS, R. H. to Mary E. Springer on 26 Dec 1853.

DOLLINS, William H. to Mrs. Malinda Nash on 10 Aug 1857.

DONEGHY, George to Eliza Goins on 6 Feb 1860.

DONEGHY, George W> to Lizzie S. Lang on 24 Nov 1868.

DONEGHY, Isaac to Sally Goins on 4 Oct 1861.

DONEGHY, John T. to Almeda O. Burton on 5 May 1856.

DONEGHY, Paul J. to Mrs. Mary E. Martin on 11 Oct 1852.

DOOLEY, George to Susan Green on 9 Jan 1855.

DOOLEY, John to Eliza Jane Green on 10 Jun 1862.

DORAM, Gideon J. to Ann J. Roe on 21 Dec 1853.

DORAM, Thomas A. to Susan Catherine Rowe on 12 Mar 1862.

DOSS, George to Ella Parsons on 3 May 1900 in Livingston, Rockcastle County, KY.

DOSS, Thomas to Mary Temple on 5 May 1866.

DOSS, William to Sarah C. Holley on 6 Feb 1875.

DOUGLAS, Green to Lizzie Givens on 19 Oct 1872.

DOUGLAS, H. C. to Sarah Harley on 9 Nov 1870.

DOUGLAS, Thomas to Maria Walker on 20 Aug 1874.

DOUGLAS, Wallace to Laura Phillips on 18 Sep 1873.

DOUGLAS, William A. to Mary ELizabeth Crane on 10 Oct 1853.

DOUGLAS, Woodson to Mary Garr on 25 Dec 1872.

DOUGLASS, Rutherford to Caroline J. Young on 22 Apr 1857.

DRAKE, W. M. to Martha Crozier on 21 Jan 1858.

DRYE, Jacob to Jerrie Ann Weatherford on 7 Nov 1867.

DUDLEY, Howard to Martha Thurman on 17 Jul 1869.

DUGAN, George to Emma Mitchell on 24 Jun 1857.

DUGLAS, Jerry to Emily Garr on 20 Jul 1870.

DUNCAN, Charles to George Ann Willis on 25 Jul 1868.

DUNCAN, G. B. to Minerva L. Caldwell on 14 Mar 1865.

DUNCAN, G. B. to Jemima K. West on 24 Dec 1853.

DUNCAN, Isaac to Sarah Martin on 15 Feb 1868.

DUNCAN, Isaac to Louisa I. Shettles on 19 Dec 1863.

DUNCAN, Isaac W. to Susie W. Lee on 1 Feb 1859.

DUNCAN, James T. to Mary Susan Kelly on 31 Oct 1865.

DUNCAN, James to Margaret Duncan on 28 Feb 1869.

DUNCAN, Joseph to Elizabeth Phillips on 11 Apr 1860.

DUNCAN, William W. to Martha F. Polk on 11 Feb 1852.

DUNLAP, W. G. to Katie L. Robertson on 29 Oct 1874.

DUNN, C. D. to Maria E. Talbott on 10 Feb 1874.

DUNN, D. W. to Parthenia Young on 12 Feb 1873.

DUNN, George M. to Martha Harley on 11 Sep 1872.

DUNN, Isaac M. to Calrissa A. Harlan on 17 Aug 1865.

DUNN, J. H. to Sallie A. L. Durham on 15 Jul 1861.

DUNN, James H. to Sarah Gooch on 22 Sep 1875.

DUNN, John to Nancy J. Hawkins on 26 Aug 1869.

DUNN, John W. to Eliza Coffee on 18 Sep 1873.

DUNN, R. W. to Fannie E. Sandidge on 31 Aug 1874.

DURHAM, Addison to Martha Mahan on 3 Dec 1861.

DURHAM, Charles W. to Sarah F. Wingate on 7 Jan 1868.

DURHAM, George to Sarah Scott on 26 Nov 1874.

DURHAM, J. S. to Media Mahan on 25 Oct 1866.

DURHAM, L. H. to Sallie M. Nichols on 1 Jun 1875.

DURHAM, William to Maria Crawford on 18 Sep 1868.

DURKEE, Henry M. to Maria Ball on 5 Jun 1865.

DYE, James M. to Nannie D. Gray on 23 Feb 1874.

DYE, Robert C. to Emeline A. May on 26 Dec 1871.

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