Boyle County Marriages - "C"

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Records are sorted by the groom's last name. Use the edit/find function of your browser or the site search to search by bride's last name. The letters below link to the first letter of the groom's surname.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Boyle County, KY.

C Surnames

CALDWELL, Ben to Mary Mitchell on 28 Nov 1868.

CALDWELL, David K. to Elizabeth Jane Crawford on 10 Jan 1853.

CALDWELL, Dennis to Delphy Duncan on 11 Jul 1868.

CALDWELL, Frank to Alice Carter on 31 Oct 1873.

CALDWELL, Harrison to Harriet Taylor on 28 Dec 1865.

CALDWELL, Harrison to Maggie Yocum on 4 Nov 1869.

CALDWELL, Harrison to Sylvia Pope on 3 Oct 1871.

CALDWELL, Harvey to Sarah Thomas on 4 Mar 1867.

CALDWELL, J. C. to Annie Pello Fox on 17 May 1875.

CALDWELL, J. C. to Lizzie E. Dugan on 20 Dec 1875.

CALDWELL, Julius to George Ann Jones on 23 Dec 1873.

CALDWELL, Junius (or Julius) to Henrietta Rochester on 11 Oct 1864.

CALDWELL, Martin to Lammus Williams on 27 Apr 1871.

CALDWELL, Robert Henderson to Rachel A. Harberson on 30 Mar 1847.

CALDWELL, Robert Henderson to Lecy E. Irvine in Dec 1849.

CALDWELL, S. B. to Elizabeth I. Napier on 11 Mar 1856.

CALDWELL, Sisdney S. to Margaret E. Cozatt on 29 Nov 1855.

CALDWELL, Stephen to Gaseda Burnsides on 21 Oct 1868.

CALVERT, A. P. to M. B. Gray on 28 Aug 1867.

CALVERT, A. P. to Sarah W. Gray on 28 Sep 1863.

CALVERT, John to Mary Frances Goodknight on 29 Jul 1858.

CAMDEN, James to Elizabeth J. Rousey on 20 Apr 1866.

CAMP, M. A. to R. J. McAfee on 12 Nov 1853.

CAMPBELL, George B. to Elizabeth T. Bottom on 2 Dec 1871.

CAMPBELL, John to Sopha Barbous on 15 Aug 1868.

CAMPBELL, Joseph J. to Maria D. McGinnis on 8 Nov 1862.

CAMPBELL, P. O. to Amanda Frances Brinton on 1 Feb 1858.

CANE, Pat to Annie Sherdom on 24 Jun 1874.

CARDAN, Robert to Rachel P. Shannon on 20 Nov 1867.

CARLE, Daniel P. to Catherine J. Shaw on 16 Sep 1854.

CARMON, James H. to Sarah A. Bratton on 17 Aug 1864.

CARNAHAN, Cornelus to Mary Burks on 31 May 1856.

CARPENTER, D. S. to Sophia Weatherford on 5 Feb 1874.

CARPENTER, Elijah to Cinthia Williams on 20 Feb 1867.

CARPENTER, F. M. to Samantha Carpenter on 14 Mar 1866.

CARPENTER, G.A. to Lucy F. Morton on 6 Sep 1877.

CARPENTER, G. G. to N. A. Hudson on 19 Sep 1853.

CARPENTER, George to Mrs. Minerva Longnecker on 18 Nov 1857.

CARPENTER, George to Sarah Slaughter on 21 Apr 1866.

CARPENTER, George C. to Bettie B. Linney on 14 Apr 1887.

CARPENTER, J.A. to Lee Guthrie on 11 Jun 1882.

CARPENTER, J.F. to Chestine B. May on 13 Mar 1883.

CARPENTER, James B. to Augusta Critchfield on 26 Jan 1874.

CARPENTER, Shaderick to Rose Ball on 18 Dec 1873.

CARPENTER, Stephen to Bettie Owsley on 18 AApr 1867.

CARPENTER, William F. to Sarah M. Gibson on 4 May 1858.

CARPENTER, Zack to Jane Helm on 10 Sep 1874.

CARR, Charles to Mary Alice Logan on 6 Jul 1867.

CARR, Michael to Mary E. Daugherty on 31 Oct 1870.

CARRIGAN, J. R. R. to Sarah A. Carman on 3 Oct 1855.

CARROL, George to Susan West on 17 Dec 1874.

CARSON, Robert to Eliza Jane Penington on 12 May 1866.

CARTER, Enos to Mary Ann Milner on 11 Feb 1871.

CARTER, G. A. to Susan E. Martin on 6 Apr 1852.

CARTER, George to Paulina Mann on 26 Dec 1870.

CARTER, George to Perlina Griffin on 28 Dec 1867.

CARTER, George H. to Nicy N. Snow on 8 OCt 1875.

CARTER, Harvey to Sarah Overstreet on 13 Feb 1867.

CARTER, J. E. to Joanna C. Raines on 20 Oct 1864.

CARTER, John E. to Melissa Wilson on 10 Nov 1863.

CARTER, John H. to Mary E. Armstrong on 25 Mar 1871.

CARTER, Miles F. to Julia A. Robinson on 29 Jul 1874.

CARTER, Thomas B. to Jennie B. Moore on 10 Oct 1867.

CARTER, Van Buren to Mollie E. Ellis on 9 Oct 1856.

CARTER, WIlliam H. to Sarah M. Linthicun on 19 Sep 1870.

CARTWRIGHT, Harry to Elizabeth F. Smiley on 30 Nov 1875.

CASEY, Joseph J. to Sue G. Mahan on 31 Oct 1859.

CATLIN, C. P. to Nancy A. Harmon on 11 Feb 1861.

CATRON, Michael to Nancy Wyrick on 15 Aug 1854.

CECIL, Granville to Emma Talbott on 22 Jan 1872.

CECIL, William to Elizabeth W. Bottom on 17 Dec 1860.

CHAMBERLAIN, Hiram to Mattie G. Weisiger on 16 Dec 1874.

CHAMBERS, W. H. to Mary Holley on 1 Jan 1869.

CHANCE, Anthony to Sarah Salmonds on 18 Oct 1858.

CHAPMAN, W. to Susannah Wade on 27 Mar 1858.

CHATHAM, A. T. to Susan T. Webb on 20 Aug 1855.

CHATHAM, Ben F. to Georgia A. Walker on 15 Dec 1863.

CHATHAM, Henry to Lucy Tevis on 12 Aug 1873.

CHEEK, Samuel B. to Ann Frances Jacobs on 19 Jun 1851.

CHENAULT, George to Mima Proctor on 8 Sep 1866.

CHENAULT, Henry to Martha Johnson on 3 Sep 1870.

CHENAULT, Jack to Menerva Cowan on 19 Nov 1868.

CHILES, Elijah to Eliza Waiker on 26 Sep 1855.

CHINN, James B. to Mary E. Cecil on 30 Oct 1865.

CHRISMAN, G. L. to Lottie S. Duke on 25 Nov 1872.

CHRIST, Eugene to Ememie Christ on 9 May 1873.

CHRISTERSON, Evan to Sarah D. Clark on 8 Feb 1873.

CHRISTESON, George A. to Lucinda Edwards on 18 Oct 1865.

CHRISTISON, Evin to Mary J. Duncan on 20 May 1867.

CHURCHWELL, Henry to America Pope on 23 Dec 1875.

CLARK, Alfred to Belle Proctor on 3 Jan 1866.

CLARK, Amos to Clary Rochester on 8 Feb 1866.

CLARK, Charles E. to Maggie Harris on 17 Mar 1875.

CLARK, James to Pamelia Cornelius on 2 Dec 1873.

CLARK, James F. to Maria L. Webb on 28 Nov 1865.

CLARK, Jno. W. to Laura B. Durham on 29 Sep 1874.

CLARK, John P. to Elizabeth Ksimmerhorn on 24 May 1864.

CLARK, Milton to Mary Lackey on 27 Jun 1874.

CLARK, Orange to Lucy Caldwell on 11 Jun 1873.

CLARK, William to Martha E. Smith on 20 Jan 1870.

CLARKE, D. M. to Susan H. Clarke on 10 Apr 1854.

CLARKE, Henry to Martha Caldwell on 5 Mar 1870.

CLARKE, Richard T. to Josephine Saranay on 4 Jul 1861.

CLARKSON, Thomas M. to Martha Guthrie on a27 Oct 1869.

CLARKSON, W. D. (or W. C.) to Elmira Mussel on 2 Oct 1873.

CLAY, Henry to Maria Dunn on 14 Aug 1867.

CLELAND, Thomas H. Jr. to Lou Mitchel (or Mitchell) on 24 Oct 1866.

CLEMENS, Alfred to Jane Preston on 17 May 1852.

CLEMMONS, Alfred to Mary Ann Nixon on 9 June 1845.

CLEMMONS, Alfred to Nancy Ann Crawford on 15 Mar 1865.

CLEMMONS, T. J. to Margaret Fuller on 20 Feb 1854.

CLEMONS, Adam to Margaret Jane Good on 27 Oct 1852.

CLEMONS, William to Lizzie Owens on 12 May 1875.

CLOYD, Stephen W. to Harriet Jackson on 28 Jan 1857.

COLE, William to Eliza Brown on 11 Oct 1852.

COLEMAN, Chapman to Margaret J. Waters on 24 Nov 1869.

COLEMAN, George to Catherine Hines on 4 Dec 1873.

COLEMAN, James M. to Margaret West on 11 Oct 1859.

COLEMAN, Meredith R. Jr. to Corey C. Bowman on 12 Mar 1867.

COLLIER, Daniel R. to Mittie E. Hoskins on 20 Dec 1865.

COLLEIR, James S. to Elizabeth Blankenship on 26 Mar 1867.

COLLIER, Thomas to Julia Randels on 25 Jun 1864.

COMINGO, James to Martha Ann McGinnis on 18 Sep 1875.

COMINGO, John B. to Tabitha Jane Jennings on 20 Sep 1852.

COMPTON, William C. to Georgette Watkins on 16 Mar 1863.

COMPTON, WIlliam C. to Mary Watkins on 14 Sep 1858.

CONDER, James to Loisa Jane McAnelly on 30 Jan 1866.

CONDER, Martin to Rachel Ann Gray on 21 Jan 1852.

CONDER, P. M. to Clary McAnely on 20 Dec 1870.

CONN, James to Martha Grant on 19 Dec 1853.

CONNER, J. O. to Mary Jane Houtchins on 10 Aug 1857.

COOK, Archabal (or Archer) to Melia Brown on 31 Aug 1867.

COOK, Archabal to Permelia Smith on 31 Aug 1867.

COOK, George to Cassa Carter on 16 Dec 1875.

COOK, John B. to Martha J. James on 31 Oct 1871.

COOK, Simeon (or Simon) L. to Elizabeth Mary Myers on 4 Dec 1871.

COOKE, James F. to Amelia Bottom on 7 Feb 1888.

COOKE, John J. to Ellen S. Graham on 29 Sep 1859.

COOLEY, A. H. to Sarah T. Hasaer on 24 Dec 1866.

COOMER, F. L. to Eliza Jane Sweeney on 29 Sep 1874.

COOPER, J. M. To Mary E. Hutchison on 27 Jun 1854.

COOPER, John Lee to Mary R. Rowe on 21 Dec 1865.

COPPAGE, Joseph to Fannie Street on 5 Oct 1869.

COPPAGE, (or Coopage) Merritt (or Marett) to Lucebra Purdam on 24 Aug 1866.

CORBA, Franklin to Mary ELizabeth Trisler on 16 Sep 1862.

CORLEY, John W. to Mary J. Gregory on 28 Apr 1865.

CORN, James to Martha Grant on 19 Dec 1853.

COSBY, Sam to Sallie Taylor on 26 Oct 1875.

COTTON, Ruben to Serilda G. Preston on 23 Apr 1874.

COTTON, Thomas Gess to Lucy Wilson on 17 Sep 1848.

COULTER, Charles K. to Patsey McGinnis on 20 Sep 1852.

COULTER, T. M. to Martha S. Davis on 28 Sep 1852.

COWAN, Adam to Maria Wilkerson on 6 Apr 1854.

COWAN, Allen to Millie Braxdel on 15 Aug 1868.

COWAN, Charles to Jane Green on 12 Oct 1872.

COWAN, Edward to Margaret Vaughn on 21 Jun 1866.

COWAN, Evan to Mary E. Hocker on 28 Oct 1873.

COWAN, Evan to Rebecca Conover on 25 Dec 1867.

COWAN, George to Lettie Craig on 13 Dec 1860.

COWAN, George to Sarah W. Taylor on 30 Nov 1864.

COWAN, George Smith to Elvy James on 20 Jan 1874.

COWAN, Henry to Ann Shad on 4 Oct 1866.

COWAN, Isiah to Sarah Rogers on 6 May 1875.

COWAN, James to Almety Woods on 2 Sep 1867.

COWAN, John to Carrie B. Anderson on 17 Nov 1857.

COWAN, John to L. V. Downs on 3 Apr 1872.

COWAN, John to Seena Williams on 1 Oct 1856.

COWAN, Stephen to Matilda Akin in 6 May 1869.

COWAN, Taylor to Nannie Thompson on 13 Aug 1868.

COWAN, Thomas to Belle Marshall on 28 Dec 1869.

COWAN, William to Margaret Hart (or Hash) on 12 Dec 1854.

COWAN, William T. to Mary E. Owens on 24 Dec 1866.

COWAN, William to Martha Ann Robertson on 16 Sep 1871.

COWHERD, Hugh M. to Mary Cotton on 24 Nov 1874.

COX, Abner to Rebecca C. Frazier on 31 Aug 1853.

COX, Andrew J. to Mary Johnson on 11 Sep 1855.

COX, Archie to Lucy Bates on 5 Sep 1854.

COX, Bartlett to Caroline Layne on 22 May 1862.

COX, George to Elizabeth Johnson on 26 Feb 1861.

COX, James L. to Martha Bugg on 10 Aug 1854.

COX, Lewis P. to Rachel Bell on 8 Mar 1865.

COX, Richard to Mary Ann COx on 25 May 1852.

COX, Richard M. J. to Martha E. Holland on 11 Nov 1863.

COX, Thomas to Nannie Cecil on 17 Nov 1875.

COYLE, James T. to Mary Jane Russell on 5 Jul 1854.

COYLE, Martin H. to Josephine Carpenter on 3 Jan 1860.

COZATT, H. C. to Mattie E. Walker on 24 Nov 1875.

COZATT, Jordan D. to Elizabeth Ann Young on 26 Jul 1858.

COZATT, W. T. to Rachel C. Culton on 4 Nov 1874.

CRAFT, Addison to Frances B. Young on 18 Nov 1857.

CRAFT, Heber to Mary E. Bowman on 24 Mar 1859.

CRAIG, Gabriel to Betsy Mosby on 10 Aug 1867 (or 1857).

CRAIG, George to George Ann Caldwell on 26 Mar 1872.

CRAIG, Jerry to Vina Sneed on 10 May 1872.

CRAIG, John J. to Amanda R. Goodloe on 18 Dec 1855.

CRAIG, Samuel to Lucinda Burke on 7 Feb 1867.

CRAIN, Calvin W. to Catherine O. Crain on 25 Oct 1851.

CRAIN, David P. to Margaret L. Crain on 31 Oct 1870.

CRAIN, E. B. to Lizzie M. Gray on 22 Feb 1871.

CRAINE, Samuel I. to Sarah F. Holland on 26 Jun 1856.

CRANE, Beverly W. to Lizzie Calvery (or Calvert) on 28 Dec 1874.

CRANE, George W. to Eliza A. Walden on 24 Mar 1852.

CRANE, George W. to Nancy Arnold on 19 Aug 1857.

CRANE, H. H. to Lucy Crane on 7 Mar 1873.

CRANE, Isaih to Sarah Jane Myers on 10 Jun 1858.

CRANE, James L. to Mary A. Potts on 14 Jan 1874.

CRANE, James S. to Mary A. Potts on 14 Jan 1874.

CRANE, John D. to Elizabeth Crain on 15 Dec 1861.

CRANE, John W. to Mary B. Harmon on 16 Jun 1873.

CRANE, Tarleton L. to Geneva Carpenter on 5 Sep 1868.

CRANE, William H. to Elizabeth J. Broyles on 13 May 1856.

CRAWFORD, A. J. to Sarah E. Searcy on 14 Apr 1865.

CRAWFORD, George W. to Sallie A. Duncan on 10 Jan 1866.

CRAWFORD, Isaiah to Kitty Clark on 13 Jan 1867.

CRAWFORD, Isiah to Mary Ellen Patten on 13 Jul 1867.

CRAWFORD, John C. to Mary Cowan Caldwell on 19 Feb 1873.

CRAWFORD, Thomas J. to Margaret Ann Mitchell on 14 Nov 1852.

CREAGER, John A. to Minerva J. Durham on 25 Apr 1863.

CROW, Benjamin to Jane Davis on 18 Jun 1870.

CROW, William to Lizzie McFerron on 14 Sep 1860.

CROWDER, H. A. B. to Maggie Rains on 20 Feb 1865.

CROWDER, Hamilton to Maria Owens on 2 Oct 1854.

CROWDER, Hamilton to Phebe E. Caldwell on 18 Nov 1862.

CROWDIS, John B. to Nancy J. Harmon on 18 Feb 1861.

CROWLEY, James A. to Mary A. Reynierson on 19 Mar 1853.

CRUM, William H. to Sallie E. Chambers on 23 Dec 1867.

CRUTCHFIELD, Amos to Sarah Crain on 25 Oct 1851.

CULLAN, Daniel to Bridget Cody on 12 Nov 1874.

CUMMIN, J. Holmes to Mary S. Chapens on 27 May 1868.

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