Boyle County Marriages - "B"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry

Records are sorted by the groom's last name. Use the edit/find function of your browser or the site search to search by bride's last name. The letters below link to the first letter of the groom's surname.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Boyle County, KY.

B Surnames

BADGETT, John W. to Permelia J. Gibbs on 2 Jun 1853.

BADGETT, Logan to Letitia Barker on 15 Apr 1851.

BAILEY, J. W. to Maria Walker on 27 Feb 1867.

BAILEY, James Henry to Ellen Chinn on 31 Oct 1867.

BAILEY, Lewis to Mary Wooldridge on 24 Mar 1869.

BAKER, Adison to Annie Tarkington on 2 Oct 1868.

BAKER, John W. to Mary E. Wallace on 13 Nov 1867.

BAKER, L. B. to S. B. (hitehead (or Whiteheard) on 30 Sep 1867.

BAKER, Robert to Rebecca Crum on 31 Oct 1865.

BAKER, Thomas to Ann W. Kennedy on 27 Oct 1851.

BAKER, Thomas F. to Susan M. Shelton on 22 Sep 1875.

BAKER, Tumber (or Tumbler) to Julia Ann Bright on 23 Jul 1867.

BALDEN, James to Burnetta M. Preston on 9 Jan 1868.

BALL, Eli to Elizabeth Haefley on 24 Apr 1866.

BALL, Joseph to Ellen Givens on 8 Sep 1868.

BALLARD, David to Mary Jams on 28 Jan 1851.

BARBEE, Essex to Mary Wilson on 11 Apr 1866.

BARBEE, Henry to Martha Fox on 13 Jun 1867.

BARBEE, James W. to Mary E. Sandifer on 16 Apr 1872.

BARBEE, Moses to Catherine Bell Carr on 15 Mar 1866.

BARBEE, Sam to Nancy Ellen Bauley on 27 Apr 1871.

BARBEE, Willis to Mary Jane Shipman on 3 Oct 1867.

BARBER, Moses to Permelia Russell on 1 APr 1854.

BARBER, Timothy to Julia Purdom on 7 Nov 1868.

BARBOUR, Frank S. to Annie S. Clelland on 31 Dec 1867.

BARBOUR, Lewis G. to Elizabeth A. Ford on 19 Jun 1854.

BARBOUR, Sherod to Susan Briscoe to 25 Dec 1869.

BARFIELD, Castillo to Martha W. Russell on 4 Apr 1867.

BARNS, George O. To Jane S. Cowan on 20 Jul 1854.

BARRET, John G. to Ann E. Rodes on 3 May 1855.

BARRICK, George to Caroline Crane on 19 Nov 1860.

BASH, Ambrose to Mary Clarke on 14 Dec 1857.

BATEY, Phillip M. to Mary F. Duggins on 21 Nov 1867.

BATTERTON, Jackson to Terissa Craig on 10 Jul 1869.

BAUGH, John to Susan Conder on 20 Jul 1870.

BAUGHMAN, James H. to Maria J. Harlan on 17 Aug 1865.

BAUGHMAN, Joel T. to Sallie Dunn on July 19, 1849.

BAUGHMAN, John W. to Rosie Wilson on 18 Nov 1873.

BAUGHMAN, Monroe to Fanny Robinson to 10 Jun 1870.

BAXTER, Edward Briscoe. to Mary E. Gregory on 17 Oct 1874.

BAXTER, William A. to Martha J. Gregory on 18 Jun 1866.

BAYNE, A. J. to Nancy J. Brinton on 26 Feb 1861.

BEADLES, WIlliam to Eliza A. Bottom on 28 Feb 1866.

BEAM, William to Mary E. Robbins on 25 Jan 1854.

BEATTY (or Beattie), George to Susan A. Rowe on 8 Dec 1869.

BECK, Edward to Ellen Neal on 12 Dec 1868.

BECK, John K. to Mattie Davis on 22 Oct 1866.

BECKETT, James to Nancy J. Stephens on 15 Apr 1867.

BECKNER, W. M. to Hettie B. Smith on 25 Nov 1868.

BEDDOW, James N. to Virginia A. Webb on 30 Oct 1856.

BEDDOW, James N. to Elizabeth Hathman on 24 Nov 1864.

BEDDOW, James P. to Martha A. Sweeney on 30 Jun 1852.

BELDEN, Samuel to Annie Smith on 15 Jul 1872.

BELL, John H. to P. F. Vanarsdall on 24 Sep 1867.

BELL, Richard to Susan Meaux on 25 Aug 1871.

BELL, Thomas Helm to Lucy Lee on 27 Oct 1869.

BENEDICT, J. H. to Sarah E. Terry on 6 Oct 1851.

BENEDICT, Presley to Rachell Burchell on 24 Sep 1860.

BENEDICT, WIlliam to Sarah J. Preston on 30 Dec 1875.

BENNINGTON, John H. to Nancy A. Whittaker (or Whitterker) on 27 Aug 1853.

BERGER, Harrison to Narcissa Laws on 21 Apr 1865.

BERRY, Moses to Sarah Moore on 31 Dec 1865.

BERTHOLF, Frank to Peacy M. Curtis on 2 Jul 1866.

BEST, Howard to Mahala Coulter on 18 Sep 1875.

BEST, Isaac R. to Sallie Barbee on 20 Nov 1867.

BEYBIE, Charles A. to Ellen WIlson on 6 Jul 1852.

BEYLAND, E. A. H. to Clara W. C. Sommerville on 26 Jul 1866.

BICKETTS, John to Belle Segar on 26 Mar 1874.

BICKETTS, John to Bettie Cigar on 26 Mar 1874.

BIGGER, J. T. to Mollie W. Tewney on 31 Oct 1870.

BLACK, Joseph M. to Rachel W. Crane on 11 Aug 1863.

BLACKBURN, J. C. S. to Theresa Graham on 16 Feb 1858.

BLACKETER, James K. to Rohoda S. Durham on 27 Dec 1858.

BLACKETER, S. Burrel to Lucy J. Crain on 21 Mar 1865.

BLACKHEART, Jeremiah to Mary E. Durham on 25 Aug 1856.

BLANTON, Lindsay Hughes to Lizzie M. Irvine on 31 Oct 1857.

BLEDSOE, W. H. to Mary Braxdel on 18 Nov 1857.

BOAGY, Howard to Laura Thompson on 16 Jul 1868.

BOARD, Charles to Bell Proctor on 4 Aug 1868.

BOARD, Thomas to Lucy B. Sweeney on 31 Aug 1865.

BOBBITT, Solomon to Agnes Pelman on 12 Sep 1857.

BOLEN, Lemuel D. to Amanda E. Bennington on 12 Jun 1866.

BOLING, J. W. to Sue M. Henderson on 25 Feb 1873.

BOLING, William to Isaphenia Wilcher on 30 Dec 1873.

BOLLING, A. J. to Margaret L. Wheat (or Wheet) on 18 Oct 1867.

BOLLING, Evan to Martha Francis on 31 Aug 1870.

BOLLING, James H. to Sarah E. Dorsey on 21 Sep 1868.

BONER, Alfred to Josephine Welsh on 3 Dec 1862.

BONER, John C. to Georgia Kersey on 29 Oct 1866.

BONTA, John to Nancy Prewitt on 18 Jan 1858.

BONTA, Samuel to Maggie McGinnis on 30 Cec 1866.

BOOK, William S. to Nancy Lee Crane on 21 Apr 1859.

BOOKER, David to Rachel Booker on 6 Jun 1870.

BOONE, Daniel to Rachel Ray on 28 Feb 1868.

BOONE, Samuel M. to Mary W. Caldwell on 19 Aug 1857.

BOTTOM, Alexander P. to Lucy Jane Campbell on 22 Dec 1854.

BOTTOM, Andrew to Frances Martin on 28 Jul 1874.

BOTTOM, Fidellar S. to Rachel A. Bolling on 28 Sep 1867.

BOTTOM, Henry to Nancy C. Carpenter on 8 Aug 1878.

BOTTOM, Jacob to Amanda Mitchell on 28 Nov 1868.

BOTTOM, James to Suasan C. Sandefer on 19 May 1855.

BOTTOM, Nelson Green to Lucinda C. Russell on 1 Jul 1863.

BOTTOM, Rowan B. to Nannie Board on 3 Sep 1869.

BOTTOM, S.N. to Sarah M. Marlin on 17 Oct 1887.

BOTTOM, Thomas G. to Sarah Crain (Crane) on 3 May 1860.

BOTTOM, W.H. to Salley A. Whitehouse on 29 May 1878.

BOTTOM, Wilkerson to Mary T. Crain on 28 Apr 1852.

BOWER, Francis M. to Mary F. Cozatt on 24 Dec 1867.

BOWLES, James N. to Susan Martin on 3 Jan 1867.

BOWMAN, Ben F. to Amanda O. Moore on 24 Jun 1868.

BOWMAN, Ezra J. to Louisa M. Smith on 1 Jun 1859.

BOWMAN, Floyd to Belle Fry on 28 May 1868.

BOWMAN, James N. to Sallie E. Yates on 16 Dec 1861.

BOWMAN, Owen to Eliza Coffee on 19 May 1866.

BOYD, Elisha R. to Nancy Ann Broyles on 31 Oct 1854.

BOYER, Alfred to Evaline Davis on 22 Aug 1865.

BOYLE, Robert to Elizabeth Morton on 21 Jan 1873.

BRACKEN, C. F. to Nancy E. Nield on 18 Oct 1861.

BRACKEN, J. G. to All Holland on 29 Jun 1852.

BRACKSTON, Smith to Bell Cowan on 24 Feb 1869.

BRADLEY, J. T. to Sarah J. Carpenter on 29 Nov 1853.

BRADSHAW, John E. to Mary Bell Coleman on 5 Feb 1867.

BRADY, James to Mary Claunce on 27 Aug 1869.

BRASHEAR, Walter C. to Martha Crutchfield in 1847.

BRAXDALL, James W. to Mattie Westerfield on 1 Nov 1867.

BRECKENRIDGE, George to Martha Lewis on 30 Mar 1867.

BRECKINRIDGE, R. J. to Margaret F. White on 5 Nov 1868.

BREEDING, Preston N. to Jane D. McGinis (or McGinnis) on 21 Jan 1867.

BRENEN, James to Delphia Evans on 3 Jul 1871.

BRENT, H. L to C. A. Russel on 27 Jun 1855.

BREWER, James to Catherine Penman on 26 Jan 1875.

BRIGHT, Marshall to Maggie Walker on 9 Oct 1873.

BRIGHT, Wiliam M. to Mary E. Bruce on 11 Jan 1864.

BRISCOE, Samuel H. to Margaret S. Bailey on 14 Oct 1868.

BRISCO, Thomas to Bille Boone on 18 Jul 1868.

BRISKO, Larkin to Georgia Ann Gray (or Gary) on 2 Oct 1868.

BRISTOW, James H. to Frances C. Coolidge on 6 May 1852.

BRISTOW, James H. to Sarah W. G. Robertson on 4 Oct 1836.

BROADY, John D. to Rebecca Jane Wade on 5 Dec 1853.

BROILES, Walter A. to Lucy A. Bottom on 4 Feb 1846.

BROWN, David to Martha J. Cecil on 14 Mar 1870.

BROWN, Edward W. to Amanda J. Russell on 16 Dec 1863.

BROWN, Harvey to Lucy Carr on 8 Dec 1874.

BROWN, John Q. to Lizzie C. Gregory on 18 Jun 1866.

BROWN, John Young to Lucy Barbee on 23 Apr 1857.

BROWN, R. H. to Susette Ellis on 18 Nov 1858.

BROWN, Samuel to Amanda Miller on 9 Dec 1869.

BROWN, Thomas R. to R. Ardie Meyer on 25 Apr 1860.

BROWN, W. G. to Susan Bentley on 11 Nov 1861.

BROWN, W. R. to Mary J. Barclay on 23 Apr 1866.

BROWN, William to Elizabeth Gordon on 21 Jul 1853.

BROWN, WIlliam to Hettie Barbee on 8 May 1874.

BROYLES, Christopher to Elizabeth McCormack on 10 Mar 1855.

BROYLES, G. A. to Ann Harris on 27 Dec 1870.

BROYLES, George to Maria Walker on 28 Dec 1870.

BROYLES, George T. to Saluda Ann Overstreet on 15 May 1858.

BROYLES, Henry L. to Elizabeth A. McGinnis on 12 Jan 1858.

BROYLES, John to Elizabeth McGinnis on 19 Sep 1820 in Mercer Co.

BROYLES, John W. to Drusie Karrick on 2 Feb 1875.

BROYLES, William H. to Annie Pope on 27 Oct 1870.

BRUCE, A. P. to Mary Harlan (or Harolan) on 10 Apr 1869.

BRUCE, J. L. to Lizzie Baughman on 3 Oct 1868.

BRUCE, Simon to Mary Owsley on 26 Dec 1872.

BRUMFIELD, Obediah to Phebe A. Caldwell on 20 Nov 1867.

BUCHANAN, Lewis to Mahala Mitchell on 20 Nov 1875.

BUGG, James to Mary Jane Taylor on 9 Jan 1865.

BULL, Jarrett to Mary E. Hope on 14 Feb 1856.

BULL, William to Amanda Beswick on 25 Jul 1865.

BULL, Willy to Ann Alford on 19 Sep 1866.

BURBANK, Austin to L. Reed Irvine on 28 Oct 1858.

BURCHELL, Charles to Mary D. Helm on 9 Sep 1875.

BURGER, Peter to Hannah Rousey on 6 Mar 1875.

BURK, Adonis C. to Mollie H. Leatherman on 9 Dec 1868.

BURNETT, Isaac to Hettie Grant on 31 Dec 1874.

BURNETT, Thomas to Mrs. Jane Frain on 29 Dec 1875.

BURNS, Manzer to Emily Talbott on 29 Aug 1860.

BURNSIDES, A. to Bettie Smith on 8 Jan 1875.

BURT, Nash H. to Eliza H. Middleton on 14 Jun 1866.

BURTON, Aaron to Alzina S. Slaughter on 21 Sep 1875.

BURTON, Isaac to Margaret Fisher on 25 Dec 1868.

BURTON, John to Mrs. Nancy Kenley on 18 Jun 1857.

BURTON, S. A. Peters on 10 May 1852.

BURTON, S. P. to Mrs. Sarah E. Lee on 24 Mar 1857.

BURTON, WIlliam to Rachael Vincent on 23 Oct 1873.

BUSH, R. H. C. to Tillie Smith on 14 Jul 1862.

BUTLER, John to Lizzie Gentry on 9 Jan 1873.

BUTLER, William H. to Martha Ludwick on 28 Sep 1865.

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