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Boyle County Deaths"P-Q"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry

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PACKSTON, Granderson, black, age 45, born Kentucky, married, occupation, laborer, d. Junk, 1869, cause of death, consumption.

PACKSTON, James, black, age 1, born Kentucky, d. 1870, cause of death, pneumonia.

PARR, George A., age 23, born Lincoln COunty, KY, d. 24 December, 1852.

PECK, Lucinda, age 48, born Mercer COunty, Ky, father Benjamin PECK, d. September, 1855.

PERRY, George H., age 4, born Kentucky, d. June, 1869.

PHILLIPS, Hannah, age 36, born Boyle COunty, KY, father, William PHILLIPS, d. 5 May, 1856.

PHILLIPS, James A., age 19, born Mercer County, Ky, father, James G. PHILLIPS, d. 26 May, 1852.

PHILLIPS, Laura, age 20, d. 20 March, 1852.

PHILLIPS, Letty, age 19, born Mercer County, KY, parents J. & A. PHILLIPS, d. 18 March, 1852.

PHILLIPS, Lucy Ann, age 23, born Garrard County, KY, father Jas. G. PHILLIPS, d. 8 December 1852, cause of death, consumption.

PHILLIPS, Maria, age 17, d. 3 March, 1852.

PIPES, William, age 54, born Mercer County, KY, father, John PIPES, occupation, farmer, d. February, 1855.

PITTMAN, Thomas E., age 26, born Mercer County, Ky, father, Thomas PITTMAN, occupation, farmer, d. 13 June, 1854, cause of death, murdered.

POTTS, Andrew Jackson, dob Oct. 25, 1840, d. July 3, 1895, buried in Bellvue Cemetery.

POWELL, James F., born 22 June 1873 in Mercer County, parents Louis A. & Betsey Ann Powell, died 1 July 1933, cause of death pneumonia, buried in Perryville (cemetery not given).

PRALL, Cluipa, mulano, age 20, free, born Kentucky, d. June, 1859, cause of death, consumption.

PRATHER, W. A., age 32, born Danville, Ky, resident of North Carolina, d. 18 May, 1852.

PRESTON, Alma, age 30, born Kentucky, married, d. July, 1859, cause of death, disease of heart.

PRESTON, David, age 18, born Kentucky, occupation, laborer, d. February, 1860, cause of death, flux.

PRESTON, Elvira, age 27, married, d. 12 July, 1859.

PRESTON, James H., age 4 (?), born Kentucky, d. January, 1860.

PRESTON, William, age 7, born Kentucky, d. January, 1870, cause of deth, unknown.

PREWITT, Catharine, age 51, born Virginia, father James BUCKLEY, d. Sept, 1855.

PREWITT, Mary F., age 22, born Mercer County, KY, parents B. F. & S. EWING, married, d. 15 February, 1852.

PROCTOR, Benj, age 60, born Kentucky, married, occupation, trader, d. March, 1860, cause of death, gun shot wound.

PROCTOR, George, age 3, born Kentucky, d. August, 1859, cause of death, croup.

PURDOM, Allice, age 10, born Kentucky, d. March, 1870, cause of death, consumption.

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