Boyle County Deaths - "E-F"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry

FARRAN, Sarah I., age 2, born Kentucky, d. April, 1860, cause of death, infection of brain.

FAULK, Maria, age 2, born Kentucky, d. March, 1860, cause of death, whooping cough.

FIELDS, Anna, black, age 65, born Kentucky, widowed, occupation, domestic servant, d. May 1870, cause of death, unknown.

FIELDS, Annie, black, age 10, born Kentucky, d. September, 1869, cause of death, fever.

FIELDS, Jefferson, age 27, born Mercer County, father, James FIELDS, d. June, 1852.

FISHER, Mary, black, age 2 months, born Kentucky, d. 1870, cause of death, pneumonia.

FISHER, Mary E., black, age 4 months, born Kentucky, d. Marcy, 1870, cause of death, dysentery.

FLUIGG, Magdalina, age 32, born Baden, father of foreign birth, mother of foreign birth, married, occupation, keeping house, d. March, 1870, cause of death, apoplexy.

FOGARTY, Bridget Fox, born 12 Feb 1848 in Ireland, father William Fox, mother Bridget Tracey Fox, d. 9 Jan 1929, cause of death, diabetes melitus, buried Danville, KY.

FOX, Bridget Tracey, born 6 Jun 1811 in Ireland, d. Mar 23 1909, buried St. Rose's Cemetery, Springfield, Washington County, KY.

FOX, Lucretia, age 4 months, born Kentucky, d. January, 1870, cause of death, whooping cough.

FOX, Sophie, black, age 78, born Kentucky, widowed, d. July, 1869, cause of death, unknown.

FRENCH, John, age 82, born Kentucky, widowed, occupation, farmer, d. April, 1870.

FROST, Eliza A., age 47, born Virginia, residence Danville, KY, married, d. 3 November, 1858.

FRY, Charles, black, age 8, born Kentucky, d. May, 1870, cause of death, brain infection.

FRY, Mary W., age 1, born Kentucky, d. June, 1859, cause of death, convulsions.

FRY, Samuel, black, age 48, born Kentucky, married, occupation, laborer, d. October, 1869, cause of death, consumtion.

FRY, Theresa, black, age 42, born Kentucky, married, occupation, keeping house, d. April, 1870, cause of death, consumption.

FULKERSON, Margaret, age 65, born Virginia, married, d. 10 June, 1857.

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