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This cemetery has been known by several names during its history. Some of the names used have been:

  • French Cemetery
  • McGinnis Farm Cemetery
  • Nield Family Cemetery
  • Former owners of the property have been:

  • Bonta
  • Cocanougher
  • William Sevier
  • Hundley
  • McGinnis
  • The farm is still referred to as the Sevier Farm by some of the "old-timers" in the area, however is now known as the HUNDLEY FARM.

    LOCATION: The farm is located on Quirks Run Road, off Highway 68 southwest of Harrodsburg and south of Nevada, KY.
    The cemetery is located on the private property of Mr. and Mrs. Hundley and is about one mile across pastureland.

    CONDITION: The cemetery is located atop a knoll, surrounded by the remains of a rock fence with a wrought iron gate for entrance to the gravesites.
    Mr. Hundley has installed a barbwire fence outside the rock fence to protect it from grazing cattle.
    The rock fence is deteriorating and falling down in areas, the gravestones are falling down and, in some instances,
    buried, and the area is pretty well covered with trees and tree limbs which have fallen and are rotted.

    Mrs. Margaret Hundley and her son surveyed this cemetery a few years ago and provide the names that were legible at that time and has kindley given her permission to place this list on the internet for use by other persons performing research into their family histories.
    It must be brought to the attention of any researchers using this list that it is only partial and a comparison with other surveys will disclose additional names of persons that were buried in the cemetery. These lists are avialable from the Historical Society in Harrordsburg.


    Birth Date

    Death Date

    Other Information

    Beswick, Elizabeth 12 Aug 1804 17 Jan 1897
    Beswick, Phebe E. 15 Mar 1840 4 Jan 1887
    Beswick, Phillip S. 11 Mar 1833 10 Sept 1864
    Bonta, Elizabeth A. 5 Mar 1819 31 Mar 1895
    Bonta, Perlina A. 27 Mar 1840 28 Feb 1844 Memory of a lovely child
    Bonta, William Henry 2 Dec 1844 1? Oct 1845 Memory of a lovely child
    Braxdale, John A. 9 Oct 1803 10 Apr 1850
    Bull, Jesse 25 Jan 1824 ? Aug 1852
    Bull, Louisa 6 Oct 1801 4 Nov 1840 In Memory of
    Field, James 29 May 1817 20 May 1857 Dear Husband, Thou Hast Left Me
    Here Thy Lost I Deeply Feel
    But Tis God That Has (Bereft Me)
    He Can All My Sorrow Heal
    Fields, Mary Ann 8 July 1852 28 Sept 1853
    Emily, Wife of J. L. Fletcher 8 Jan 1815 5 Mar 1892
    Eddie Ervin, Son of J. E. & E. French 8 Nov 1904 5 Mar 1905 Sweet Eddie, Unto Earth
    A Little While Was Given
    French, Edward 11 Mar 1821 26 Dec 1839 In Memory of
    Elizabeth French
    Consort of Henry French
    Nov ? 22 May 1828 Aged 72 Years
    French, Henry 12 Mar 1755 11 Aug 1821 Memory of
    French, John 12 Nov 1788 18 Apr 1870
    David, Son of J. W. & M. J. Hill 12 Aug 1871 12 Aug 1871
    Johnnie A., Son of J. H.(W?) & M. J. Hill 27 Oct 1862 23 Oct 1866
    Mary J. Wife of J. W. Hill
    and Daughter of D. & E. Bonta
    8 Dec 1839 23 Aug 1871 Farewell
    Ludwick (Stone turned over with name on base) illegible
    Moss, W. S. 30 Nov 1825 12 Aug 1871
    Harriet H.
    Wife of B. (/) Nichols
    Gran Dau of G. E. Nield
    13 Apr 1826 3 Jan 1870
    Baby Nield 8 Apr 1826 6 Oct 1906 Thou Hast Left Us, Baby Dear
    And Our Hearts are Sad and Lonely
    We're Still on Exil Weary
    While Thou Art Safe at Home
    Mother and Aunt
    Nield, Daniel H. 13 May 1828 11 Jan 1883
    Nield, Elizabeth 14 July 1800 14 Aug 1885
    Nield, Mary Lees Borned in England
    8 Apr 1792
    Mary Lee French
    Died in America
    Oct. 24, 1865
    Prewitt, Elizabeth
    Wife of S. S. Prewitt
    15 Dec 1807 13 Nov 1896
    Prewitt, Sidney S. 20 Feb 1806 8 Dec 1881
    Son of L. G. & M. Scanlon ??? 19 July 1840 Our Baby
    Sevier, Elizabeth
    Wife of William Sevier
    20 Feb 1774 4 Feb 1856 (Note: No headstone at the time
    of the survey, added to this list
    because of personal {family} knowledge)
    Sevier, William
    Sacred To The Memory of
    Who Departed This Life
    Jan 1, 1825
    in the 64th Year of His Age
    Smick, Isaac 9 Feb 1822 19 Jan 1899
    Smick, Mary 1 Dec 1776 12 Nov 1858
    David R.
    Son of R. & M. Terhund
    16 Aug 1844 10 Jul 1864 In Memory of George Terhune
    Departed Mar. 9, 184?
    Terhune, Mary
    Wife of R. Terhune
    Daughter of C. Vermillion
    8 ? 1808 1 July 1864
    Terhune, Rulife 25 Jun 1803 15 Jun 1872 Those Who Sleep in Jesus
    Shalt God Bring With Him
    Little Maud
    Daughter of J. H. &
    E. A. Van ArsDall
    17 Oct 1870 23 Dec 1871
    Bernoni, J., Son of
    Reason F. & Odency Vermillion
    3 Jun 1847 19 Jul 1848

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