Cook-Girdler Cemetery

The information on this cemetery was submitted by Virgie Shannon Johnson
for posting on the Boyle County, KY website.

LOCATION: Located on the Cook farm on the west side of Medlock Branch Road, Boyle County, KY

Graves with Markers:

  b. 1850
  d. 1943
b. 14 Apr 1922
d. 10 Apr 1926
COOK, Nancy Jane
  b. 25 May 1854
  d. 28 Nov 1928
GIRDLER, Richard Samuel
  b. 5 May 1908
  d. 24 Jan 1931
  b. 1877
  d. 1958
  b. 1876
  d. 1943
  b. 1873
  d. 1953
ROLLER, Virgie Cook
  b. 1885
  d. 1967

Persons known to be buried here, but there are no markers:
(Information from family members.)

ADAMS, Sammy
  b. 1917
  d. 26 Nov 1919
COOK, Leva Mae
  b. 25 Jun 1916
  d. 25 Jun 1916
  Infant of Clint & Ethel Crowe Cook
ADAMS, Homer B.
  b. 1921
  d. 1942
COOK, Ovie Lee
  b. 22 Nov 1914
  d. 14 Feb. 1919
  Infant of Clint & Ethel Crowe Cook
ADAMS, Marion
  No dates available
CROWE, Christine
  b. 11 Jul 1939
  d. 13 Aug 1939
  Infant of Norman & Nora Girdler Crowe
ADAMS, Celia Bell Cook
  b. 16 May 1890
  d. 21 Jan 1934
GIRTLEY, Margaret
  No dates available
ADAMS, Marvin
  b. 1925
GIRTLEY, Barbara Jean
  b. 19 Aug 1941
  d. 19 Aug 1941
  Infant of Estel B. &
      Catherine Cook Girtley
BAUGH, Harrison
  b. 19 Dec 1898
  d. 9 Nov 1934
GIRTLEY, Catherine Cook
  No dates available
  b. 1919
  d. 15 July 1943
  Also buried are 2 infant children of
      Nancy Clarkson

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