Boyle County Births -"W"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry

YANDELL, ELizabeth H., dob 11-12-1913, mother ELizabeth Rosford.


YARNELL, Cathine, dob 6-27-1919, mother Lucy Richson.


YAST, Brack, dob 10-7-1914, mother Souie Yast.

YAST, Mary J., dob 9-18-1911, mother Louie Yast.


YATES, Andrew, dob 10-3-1915, mother Bertha Devine.

YATES, Mary A., dob 4-26-1918, mother Josephine Setters.

YATES, Mildred H., dob 11-19-1920, mother Josie Setters.

YATES, Welbern D., dob 8-1-1920, mother Bertha Devine.

YATES, William H., dob 4-24-1916, mother Josephine Setters.

YATES, William R., dob 4-2-1912, mother Lunny Wattson.


YEAGER, Edna C., dob 12-21-1918, mother Ura Pratt.

YEAGER, Fanny A., dob 12-9-1917, mother Cora Pratt.


YEASO, Andrew, dob 10-3-1915, mother Bertha Dennse.


YEISER, David A. (Sr.), dob 10-13-1845.


YELLURAU, John H., dob 7-16-1918, mother Mary Delaway.


YOST, Anna F., dob 9-26-1920, mother Jennie Montgomery.


YOUNG, Bruce G., dob 4-1-1912, mother Stella Arnold.

YOUNG, Charleen, dob 5-16-1916, mother Clara Bosler.

YOUNG, Charles T., dob 3-29-1920, mother Bertha Bodener.

YOUNG, Dorothy, dob 11-24-1912, mother Annie Wrenn.

YOUNG, Dorothy P., dob 6-19-1920, mother Bertha Bodener.

YOUNG, Francis S., dob 10-16-1915, mother Minnie Doley.

YOUNG, Hubert R., dob 9-13-1913, mother Lettie Coyle.

YOUNG, Luther, dob 12-22-1913, mother Lola Lanham.

YOUNG, Martin D., dob 10-16-1915, mother Ila Lanham.

YOUNG, Mary A., dob 2-1-1912, mother Althea Bradley.

YOUNG, Oscar, dob 7-20-1916, mother Elsie Bradley.

YOUNG, Raymond S., dob 12-5-1918, mother Eva Young.

YOUNG, Robert E., dob 4-11-1919, mother Sallie Mayes.

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