Boyle County Births -"W"

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WADDLE, Norman 1, dob 9-29-1912, mother Bessie Hill.

WADE, Annie L., dob 9-7-1920, mother Florence Alford.

WADE, John C., dob 8-13-1916, mother Nancy Nield.

WADE, Lee S., dob 2-27-1917, mother Sadie Campbell.

WADE, Martin T., dob 10-6-1913, mother Mattie Wade.

WADE, Nancy, dob 9-29-1915, mother Mattie Riddle.

WADE, Nancy M., dob 9-5-1918, mother Nancy Nield.

WADE, William 2, dob 3-10-1912, mother Mattie Riddles.

WADE, William G., dob 3-17-1920, mother Mattie Riddle.


WAFFORD, Margaret L., dob 11-26-1911, mother Nellie Justus.

WAFFORD, Mary L., dob 8-28-1919, mother Essie Gray.


WAGONER, Annie M., dob 8-5-1920, mother Sidney Pawar.

WAGONER, Mabel J., dob 10-30-1918, mother Sidney Powar.

WAGONER, Raymon S., dob 6-17-1913, mother Ida Poynter.


WAITES, Ira, dob 7-20-1915, mother Florence Chambers.


WALDRIGE, Hattie, dob 8-14-1916, mother Mary Swearinger.

WALKER, Carlisle, dob 11-3-1919, mother Ella Walker.

WALKER, Edna M., dob 9-23-1912, mother Virginia Walters.

WALKER, George F., dob 1-1-1916, mother Sue Grey.

WALKER, George M., dob 12-21-1918, mother Susie Doueghy.

WALKER, Grace, dob 3-22-1918, mother Mary Higgins.

WALKER, Harold W., dob 3-8-1915, mother Algerina Smith.

WALKER, Hubert 1, dob 6-8-1917, mother Katherine Caldwell.

WALKER, Louise D., dob 9-11-1911, mother Annie Walker.

WALKER, Margaret, dob 5-23-1912, mother Mary Rosenauer.

WALKER, Mary E., dob 10-31-1911, mother Mary Higgins.

WALKER, Mary I., dob 5-25-1912, mother Virginia Walters.

WALKER, Robert W., dob 7-16-1920, mother Sally May.

WALKER, Sara F., dob 5-2-1913, mother Susie Gray.

WALKER, William 2, dob 2-28-1912, mother Ora Jewell.

WALKER, William J., dob 3-8-1914, mother Dela Cowan.

WALL, David P., dob 1-7-1920, mother Nannie Crutcher.

WALL, Roberta A., dob 12-26-1916, mother Nannie Leagde.

WALLIN, Clyde V., dob 8-11-1914, mother Clyde Wilmott.

WALLIN, Mary L., dob 9-12-1914, mother Georgie Tucker.

WALLIN, Samuel K., dob 3-10-1917, mother Georgia Tucker.

WALLS, Charles R., dob 9-5-1919, mother Nannie League.

WALLS, Claria P., dob 4-16-1916, mother Clida Lawson.

WALLS, Hazell E., dob 9-15-1918, mother Pearl Lawson.

WALLS, John F., dob 3-31-1912, mother Nannie League.

WALLS, Joseph, dob 12-15-1913, mother Alia Lawson.

WALLS, Royl G., dob 4-10-1919, mother Elizabeth Walls.

WALLS, Walter C., dob 12-19-1916, mother Lizzie Walls.

WALTER, Edward H., dob 11-12-1913, mother Daisy Collier.


WARD, Valentine L., dob 2-14-1888, parents John William & Lydia Schutter Ward.

WARD, William T., dob 6-9-1917, mother Susie Green.

WAREN, Dasy M., dob 12-23-1919, mother Alive Boughman.

WARNER, Willie 1, dob 11-8-1920, mother Jane Brown.

WARREN, Birtha, dob 3-17-1913, mother Lettie Claxton.

WARREN, Elsie H., dob 8-25-1912, mother Ida Chambers.

WARREN, Millard B., dob 9-4-1914, mother Benta Mercy.

WARREN, William 2, dob 8-14-1912, mother Cora Buchanan.


WASKOM, Paul J., dob 8-31-1911, mother Mary Garr.


WATERS, Joseph H., dob 9-1-1919, mother Josephine Harlan.

WATHINS, James 1, dob 7-14-1914, mother Annie Alcorn.

WATKINS, Alberta, dob 11-14-1920, mother Anna Elcorn.

WATKINS, Flora M., dob 7-2-1918, mother Anna Allcorn.

WATKINS, James M., dob 5-24-1912, mother Vista Carstensen.

WATKINS, Lillian B., dob 5-16-1915, mother Vesta Carstensen.

WATKINS, Louise S., dob 12-25-1917, mother Nina Carpenter.

WATKINS, Widian H., dob 9-15-1919, mother Mattie Baker.

WATSON, Clifford O., dob 10-26-1911, mother Sarrah Fuewl.

WATTS, Hazel V., dob 12-22-1918, mother Nevada Green.

WATTS, Joseph F., dob 1-29-1917, mother Emma Chatham.

WATTS, Pleasant, dob 4-14-1890.

WATTS, Rena M., dob 3-13-1913, mother Ella Harmon.

WATTS, Thomas C., dob 2-26-1917, mother Vesta Campbell.


WAYNE, Ophelia B., dob 8-1-1918, mother Hazel Rawlings.


WEATHERS, Nannie B., dob 1-20-1918, mother Mary Harris.

WEAVER, Jamie M., dob 9-4-1916, mother Minerva Pulliam.

WEAVER, Nancy Jane, dob 12-1-1871, parents James Weaver and Margaret Elliston.

WEAVER, Sara E., dob 8-10-1914, mother Minnie Pulliam.


WEBB, Alvin E., dob 9-16-1912, mother Zora Hall.

WEBB, Beatrice M., dob 4-3-1916, mother Mary Broyles.

WEBB, Cecil, dob 10-15-1914, mother Phay Pulliam.

WEBB, Dorothy G., dob 12-17-1920, mother Alma Carpenter.

WEBB, Dorothy K., dob 4-16-1919, mother Fay Webb.

WEBB, Edith, dob 8-3-1917, mother Sarah Hall.

WEBB, Garlon W., dob 8-1-1914, mother Nora Bottom.

WEBB, James D., dob 8-27-1919, mother Martha Harmon.

WEBB, James W., dob 1-26-1918, mother Martha King.

WEBB, Jno. B., dob 3-25-1920, mother Mary Broyles.

WEBB, John H., dob 7-19-1912, mother Sarah Elliott.

WEBB, Lewis H., dob 1-21-1911, mother Mary Broyles.

WEBB, Mildred A., dob 6-11-1913, mother Mary Broyles.

WEBB, Minnie F., dob 9-6-1917, mother Viola Sister.

WEBB, Rachel, dob 4-1-1917, mother Sarah Elliott.

WEBB, Senora B., dob 5-4-1918, mother Mary Broyles.

WEBB, Virgie M., dob 1-9-1920, mother Viola Fister.

WEBB, Virginia S., dob 5-26-1916, mother Corah Jones.


WEDDLE, Clifford E., dob 10-27-1912, mother Bonnie Spaw.


WEISSINGER, David, dob 8-17-1916, mother Mary Reynolds.

WEISSINGER, James, dob 7-21-1913, mother Mamie Reynolds.

WEISSINGER, Margaret, dob 11-16-1914, mother Mamie Reynolds.

WEISSINGER, Philip, dob 12-20-1918, mother Mamie Reynolds.

WEISSINGER, Robert, dob 6-9-1912, mother Mamie Reynolds.

WEISSINGER, William T., dob 5-4-1915, mother Fannie Best.


WELCH, Luther M., dob 12-31-1920, mother Emma Messer.

WELCHER, Beulah, dob 8-17-1914, mother Mittie Sutherland.

WELCHER, Lula, dob 8-17-1914, mother Mittie Welcher.


WEST, Edward L., dob 6-10-1916, mother Lee Gaines.

WEST, Frank T., dob 6-14-1913, mother Lee Gaines.

WEST, Geneva F., dob 6-14-1920, mother Addie Ransey.

WEST, J. C., dob 1-23-1916, mother Adie Rousey.

WEST, Leslie F., dob 9-20-1918, mother Cora Ramsey.

WEST, Mary E., dob 11-26-1918, mother Myrtle Jones.

WEST, Mertie L., dob 11-2-1917, mother Addie Rousey.

WEST, Richard, dob 2-15-1913, mother Nancy Sewell.

WEST, Sherly C., dob 6-22-1920, mother Cora Ransey.

WESTERFIELD, Cecil A., dob 4-4-1920, mother Ruth Penn.

WESTERFIELD, Clarence, dob 3-9-1914, mother Bartha Gafney.

WESTERFIELD, Elizabeth, dob 9-29-1920, mother Mary McCowan.

WESTERFIELD, Henry M., dob 12-26-1914, mother Ruth Penn.

WESTERFIELD, Lucy, dob 1-5-1913, mother Lea Strevel.

WESTERFIELD, Lula, dob 5-20-1913, mother Mary Pendygraft.

WESTERFIELD, Pearlie M., dob 8-14-1918, mother Martha Shannon.

WESTERFIELD, Robert C., dob 5-22-1912, mother Barthenia Gafney.

WESTERFIELD, Viola, dob 5-11-1911, mother Mary Pendygraft.

WESTERFIELD, Willie, dob 8-4-1915, mother Lee Streviles.


WHEAT, George E., dob 2-18-1919, mother Mattie Deering.

WHEAT, Morris L., dob 4-2-1913, mother Ella Key.

WHEAT, Thomas W., dob 8-31-1915, mother Ella Key.

WHEATHERS, Gerliam, dob 1-11-1917, mother Martha Scott.

WHEELER, Geneva, dob 9-14-1913, mother Jessie Thompson.

WHEELER, Lela, dob 7-13-1918, mother Jesse Thompson.

WHEELER, Luther 2, dob 10-19-1911, mother Jessie Thompson.


WHITACKER, Lueada M., dob 11-17-1914, mother Bessie Priceston.

WHITAKER, Kagil L., dob 12-14-1916, mother Bessie Ferston.

WHITAKER, Raymond B., dob 3-31-1917, mother Katheryn Boyers.

WHITAKER, Susie M., dob 6-5-1911, mother Bessie Preston.

WHITE, Alma M., dob 5-3-1911, mother Sallie Prather.

WHITE, Archie L., dob 7-19-1913, mother Marshall White.

WHITE, Bessie A., dob 12-19-1919, mother Sadie Hughes.

WHITE, Catherem, dob 1-3-1911, mother Marshel White.

WHITE, Cecil 1, dob 5-28-1915, mother Nannie Dickerson.

WHITE, Elcia P., dob 3-16-1913, mother Mary Boler (or Bolen).

WHITE, Elsie I., dob 6-4-1918, mother Mary Prewitt.

WHITE, Hattie L., dob 5-16-1916, mother Annie Belle.

WHITE, Henry R., dob 6-29-1912, mother Sallie Prather.

WHITE, Jesse, dob 2-22-1917, mother Nannie Dickerson.

WHITE, John L., dob 1-19-1916, mother Mary Prewitt.

WHITE, Lettie L., dob 3-16-1913, mother Mary Bolen.

WHITE, Lillian P., dob 6-1-1916, mother Lillie White.

WHITE, Nathan L., dob 8-20-1920, mother Lener Cowan.

WHITE, Nina E., dob 1-28-1919, mother Nannie Dickerson.

WHITE, Nova L., dob 8-10-1913, mother Nannie Dickerson.

WHITE, Samuel, dob 12-24-1915, mother Mary Ballen.

WHITE, Sarah M., dob 7-23-1920, mother Samantha Carpenter.

WHITE, Susan B., dob 8-7-1917, mother Lillie WHite.

WHITE, Virginia M., dob 11-9-1912, mother Lillie Walker.

WHITEHOUSE, Alma M., dob 11-11-1915, mother Elizabeth Wade.

WHITEHOUSE, Ethel 2, dob 10-21-1912, mother Alice Rupert.

WHITEHOUSE, Evelyn, dob 2-2-1914, other Mary Lingle.

WHITEHOUSE, J. C., dob 12-8-1914, mother Delia Hogan.

WHITEHOUSE, Lena, dob 10-29-1915, mother Delia Hogan.

WHITEHOUSE, Lucien A., dob 9-29-1917, mother Elizabeth Wade.

WHITEHOUSE, Margaret A., dob 12-25-1920, mother Lena Dunagan.

WHITEHOUSE, William C., dob 1-15-1916, mother Mattie Gee.

WHITEHOUSE, William W., dob 10-12-1916, mother Ethyl Isaacs.

WHITLOCK, Foster M., dob 12-5-1916, mother Virginia May.

WHITTAKER, Dorothy G., dob 1-12-1915, mother Mary Owens.

WHITTAKER, Jay L., dob 11-22-1920, mother Mary Owens.

WHITTAKER, John H., dob 12-31-1918, mother Bessie Preston.

WHITTAKER, Rose T., dob 4-9-1918, mother Mary Owens.

WHITTAN, Thelmer, dob 9-10-1914, mother Batha Webb.


WICKLIFF, Reedis 2, dob 1-3-1911, mother Eva Harris.


WIGGS, Delila B., dob 8-20-1915, mother Narcisis Burger.

WIGGS, WIlliam A., dob 8-30-1912, mother Narcrisis Burgess.


WIKIRK, Ethel M., dob 3-31-1913, mother Addie Williams.

WILCHER, Geneva M., dob 8-22-1912, mother Mittie Southerlan.

WILCHER, Geo P., dob 5-24-1915, mother Minnie Wilcher.

WILCHER, Joseph, dob 7-2-1912, mother Minnie Wilcher.

WILCHER, Vernal M., dob 7-5-1920, mother Gracie Baugh.

WILCHER, Woodrow, dob 5-1-1917, mother Minnie Wilcher.

WILDER, Lucile, dob 4-3-1920, mother Bettie Messer.

WILDER, Nancy M., dob 7-2-1915, mother Bettie Messer.

WILDER, Virgil, dob 9-28-1911, mother Ida Roas.

WILDER, Virginia, dob 9-28-1911, mother Ida Roso.

WILHAM, Roy E., dob 8-17-1914, mother Pattie Brownfield.

WILHAM, Thos. O., dob 6-21-1918, mother Myrtle Overstreet.

WILIS, Houie 1, dob 10-13-1913, mother Ida Taylor.

WILKERSON, Mary, dob 11-23-1914, mother Mary Brewer.

WILLARD, Lucy M., dob 7-29-1917, mother Bettie Rollen.

WILLHAM, Edward, dob 6-7-1913, mother Amanda Brown.

WILLHAM, W. 1, dob 2-5-1915, mother Lena Purdon.

WILLHONE, Frederick E., dob 10-18-1917, mother Lena Purdon.

WILLIAM, Henry G., dob 9-30-1915, mother Myrtle Oberhart.

WILLIAM, Margrett M., dob 4-27-1912, mother Lena Purdew.

WILLIAM, W. 1, dob 4-28-1920, mother Lena Purdon.

WILLIAMS, Beulah D., dob 5-17-1912, mother Winnie Roberts.

WILLIAMS, Charley A., dob 4-7-1918, mother Mary Hammons.

WILLIAMS, Clara M., dob 8-13-1912, mother Roy Coners.

WILLIAMS, Dorothy V., dob 5-14-1917, mother Pearl Stephens.

WILLIAMS, Edward, dob 12-31-1917, mother Bettie White.

WILLIAMS, Hattie E., dob 8-29-1916, mother Hattie Calvert.

WILLIAMS, Henry 1, dob 1-17-1914, mother Myrtle Overstreet.

WILLIAMS, J. G., dob 9-12-1912, mother Pearl Glasscock.

WILLIAMS, James M., dob 7-13-1914, mother Hattie Calvert.

WILLIAMS, Lawrence B., dob 8-16-1915, mother Pearl Glascock.

WILLIAMS, Lowenia, dob 3-28-1919, mother Pearl Glassoock.

WILLIAMS, Mary L., dob 3-19-1917, mother Mittie Purdam.

WILLIAMS, Ralph C., dob 12-24-1914, mother Winnie Roberts.

WILLIAMS, Ruby, dob 5-29-1914, mother May Conner.

WILLIAMS, Thelma, dob 4-2-1920, mother Bessie Wagner.

WILLIAMS, Virginia C., dob 8-13-1914, mother Bessie Wagoner.

WILLIAMS, Wimmiam D., dob 5-6-1917, mother Bessie Wagoner.

WILLIAMS, Wm 1, dob 8-13-1912, mother May Coners.

WILLIS, Earl G., dob 4-24-1916, mother Lena Gouge.

WILLIS, James L., dob 2-16-1912, mother Lena Gouge.

WILSON, Al, dob 12-12-1912, mother Annie Price.

WILSON, Arnola, dob 4-2-1918, mother Maggie Arnold.

WILSON, Bertie, dob 4-15-1918, mother Bertie Slucher.

WILSON, Eddie L., dob 11-14-1918, mother Katie Harris.

WILSON, Eula F., dob 8-11-1920, mother Eva Wilson.

WILSON, James H., dob 1-2-1915, mother Mary Woford.

WILSON, John, dob 7-5-1918, mother Annie Price.

WILSON, Lincoln A., dob 5-28-1916, mother Emma Ewine.

WILSON, Lucy, dob 5-15-1826, parents Samuel and Mary (Templeton) Wilson.

WILSON, Margurite, dob 6-27-1916, mother Maggie Arnold.

WILSON, Nield, dob 12-12-1916, mother Mary Woford.

WILSON, Rulie, dob 7-9-1915, mother Bertie Slucher.

WILSON, Stella, dob 5-21-1913, mother Lubshie Whitehous.


WINKIRK, Willie, dob 10-28-1915, mother Addie Williams.

WINTERBERG, Elmer J., dob 2-21-1918, mother Dorothy Maber.


WIOKLIFFE, Reedy 1, dob 6-2-1912, mother Eva Harris.


WISE, Dorothy E., dob 4-25-1913, mother Laura Jewell.

WISE, Myrtle R., dob 12-19-1915, mother Martha Crain.


WOFFORD, Alice M., dob 11-24-1917, mother Opell Justus.

WOFFORD, Dollie V., dob 5-31-1920, mother Geneva Moore.

WOFFORD, Joseph Y., dob 5-1-1913, mother Nell Justus.

WOFFORD, Leonard, dob 3-26-1920, mother Nelle Justus.

WOFFORD, Ruth E., dob 4-7-1916, mother Nell Justus.

WOFFORD, Sewell, dob 3-29-1916, mother Emma Prewitt.

WOFFORD, Virgil T., dob 1-16-1916, mother Geneva Moore.

WOFORD, Henry D., dob 10-2-1914, mother Emma Prewitt.

WOFORD, Olin A., dob 6-15-1919, mother Emma Prewitt.


WOLDRIDGE, Louise, dob 2-26-1915, mother Mattie Swearington.

WOLFORD, Haggie P., dob 1-21-1913, mother Eliza Baker.

WOLFORD, Joseph Y., dob 5-1-1913, mother Nell Justus.


WOOD, Mary V., dob 5-17-1913, mother Sara Lynn.

WOODFORD, Emma B., dob 5-20-1917, mother Grace Woodford.

WOODFORD, Mary E., dob 10-11-1914, mother Grace Gayton.

WOODS, Emma C., dob 6-3-1916, mother Susie Washam.

WOODWARD, THurman, dob 1-12-1915, mother Rose Moore.

WOODY, Henry A., dob 11-19-1915, mother Rosa Stephens.

WOOLPERT, Philipp D., dob 12-19-1915, mother Clara Riviker.


WORTHING, William D., dob 10-17-1913, mother Bettie Shannon.

WORTHINGTON, Emily B., dob 10-14-1917, mother Neffie Miller.

WORTHINGTON, James R., dob 1-1-1916, mother Bettie Shannon.

WORTHINGTON, Joseph E., dob 2-28-1915, mother Clara Worthington.

WORTHINGTON, William H., dob 7-22-1918, mother Loris Cox.


WREN, Ella, dob 2-20-1915, mother Nancy Rogers.

WRENN, Henry W, dob 6-16-1917, mother Rogers ROgers.

WRIGHT, Jno E., dob 4-28-1913, mother Davis Merritt.

WRIGHT, Josephine E., dob 1-12-1915, mother Hattie Jones.

WRIGHT, Lucile, dob 6-28-1913, mother Minnie Brown.

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