Boyle County Births -"W"

This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, and I hope it will be of benefit to you in your research. If you know of additional information (or corrections) to these records, or additional records that you would like to see included, please drop me a note Brenda HumeEmail Registry

VANDERPOOL, James A., dob 11-4-1916, mother Nettie Ware.

VANDIRIFE, Amelia L., dob 2-20-1917, mother Virgie Tharf.

VANHOOK, Anna P., dob 4-3-1919, mother Esther Price.

VANHOOK, Joseph C., dob 10-12-1920, mother Esther Price.

VANHOOK, Mary K., dob 2-19-1914, mother Lula Sutton.

VANHOOK, Thelma L., dob 9-9-1916, mother Lula Sutton.

VANONSDALL, Leon E., dob 2-10-1914, mother Carrie Fields.

VANWINKLE, Ellen C., dob 10-7-1913, mother Ruth Watson.

VANWINKLE, Louise D., dob 3-7-1916, mother Ruth Watson.

VANWINKLE, Ruth W., dob 9-11-1917, mother Ruth Watson.


VAUANDALL, Edna C., dob 7-26-1913, mother Lilian Bottom.

VAUGHT, Cecil L., dob 3-11-1912, mother Minnie Kurtz.

VAUGHT, Frances E., dob 1-5-1914, mother Lou Vaught.

VAUGHT, Geneva, dob 10-3-1914, mother Mary Morris.

VAUGHT, Irene, dob 11-27-1916, mother Minnie Kurtz.

VAUGHT, James E., dob 1-21-1914, mother Minnie Kurtz.

VAUGHT, Owen M., dob 9-2-1918, mother Mary Morris.

VAUGHT, Ruth E., dob 8-23-1916, mother Mary Morris.


VEIBE, Fred H., dob 8-23-1915, mother Ella Preston.

VEIHL, Frank W., dob 1-29-1919, mother Ella Preston.

VEIHL, Joseph E., dob 7-16-1913, mother Ethel Eads.


VERMILLION, Bertha M., dob 3-25-1914, mother Pearl Case.

VERMILLION, Evelyn M., dob 3-4-1920, mother Florence Greer.

VERMILLION, Lucian C., dob 9-29-1917, mother Pearl Case.

VERMILLION, Martin G., dob 10-12-1914, mother Adie Case.

VERMILLION, William L., dob 2-7-1920, mother Emorine Rogers.

VERNILLION, Edgar H., dob 9-17-1919, mother Vashie Webb.


VINYARD, Ruby F., dob 5-29-1916, mother Mary Merrman.


VOLAN, Sam 2, dob 5-31-1911, mother Lottie Sambilt.

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